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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Step Up If You Wanna Get Hurt
More Money,More Power

So You Want Some More
Here Is The Way More Hard To Find Old School · Need Ta Learn'o · Plot I

my bad I messed up in my too many files 
this one is still the part two
don't know where i put the volume one 
so if anyone have it and wanna get at me hit my mail
Once Again Incredibly Executed By Legendary Dj Ca$h Money
You Will Hear Him Flip The Script On Classics Tracks From The Like Of
Run DMC,LL Cool J,Stetsasonics,Schooly D,The Biz,NWA, P.E. and Many More
So If You STILL Don't Get It
Ca$h Money Is An Incredible Dj
So Learn, Learn, You Need To Learn

Also On Sunday Be Sure To Go And Check The I-Hook-A-Beat-Up Contest Blog
Which Happened To Be A great Idea Of Creativity
In This Sometimes Very Tired Blogosphere
Now We Can Just Pray That The Producers Are Gonna Be Hot
And Not Just I wanna Be The Next Diddy
Here Is The Resumé
We're starting a new beat battle site at
starting Sunday, February 3rd.
Basically, a song is provided
(from the likes of Mr Mass from Mass Corporation, Dr OK from And It Don't Stop, DJ Nes from Dirty Waters, or Scholar from Souled On)
then several producers will take the song and sample it and flip it the way they want over the next week.
The beats are then posted and a panel
(including Travis from WYDU, Eric from WTR, Max from Hip Hop Isn't Dead, Mike Dikk from Dumpin.Net, Andrew from Strictly Beats and King E from the Justus League boards)
will discuss what they liked and/or didn't like and then it goes to a public vote.

By The Way Go Visit Biff Hop Blog Before It's Too Late
They Got Tired Of All This
And By Reading Them I definitly Understand Their Point Of View
Even Tough They re A Bit Ahead Of All The Other Biters That You Can Find Here And There
Anyway R.I.P. Biff's Hip-Hop Section


JC said...

Mr. Mass. You ARE the MAN> Thank You.

Tom said...

thats great but can you tell me -who- rapped 'step up if you wanna get hurt?'

Mr Mass™ said...

step up if you wanna get hurt is from audio two classic top billin'
you should know that
learn your classics mr tom

Tom said...

yes, i should, but one way to learn is to be taught, thank you for my lesson. Audi 5000

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