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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You Know What I'm About!

Thanx To Y'All
And It Won't Stop

Monday, May 28, 2007

Part Five:
The Beginning Of A New era

1983 Not Just Another Year
I'm Ten Years Old
And I'm about To know Everything about "Smurfin"
that's the Wack Term They Use In France For Break-Dancin'?!?!?

Press Is Talkin' About This New Grafitti Phenomena
And Unluckily for My Parents
I Find This Very interesting.

This Culture
And The Strong Image
That Goes With,
Starts Fascinating Me
It Only Just Begun!

1983 is ALSO the YEAR Who Introduce Us
To This New Virus That Would Destroy Many Of Us

But In 1983,
This Man,
The Gipper

Decide To Celebrate
The Birth Of Martin Luther King
And Make It A Special Day,
A Holly Day
It Would Be Done Finally In 1986

"We will not resort to violence.
We will not degrade ourselves with hatred.
Love will not be returned with hate."

The Gods Must Be Crazy Is The Funniest Movie Of The Year
And This Bushman Become A Huge Star For A minute

1983 is Also The Year
Where You Get
Two James Bonds
For The Price Of One!

Never Say Never
That Sean Connery Would Not Come Back
And Introduces The World
To A Young Beauty Named
Kim Basinger
Who Would Turned Out To Be...
Eminem's Mum In The Future,Weirdo!

But Roger Hits You With His Octopussy Squad

The Force Is Back
As The Jedi Returns

Brian De Palma
Oliver Stone
Al Pacino
Michelle Pfeiffer
Are About To Change Hip Hop Game For EVER
With This Movie SCARFACE.

A Lot Of People
Glorify His Way Of Livin',
I Guess They Don't See The Way
Tony Ends In This Movie!

I Mean,Damn, I Don't Wanna Be No Tony Montana For Sure

Fame Is Everywhere
On Tv, Big Screen And Broadway

Everybody Wanna Be
In Leroy Flashy Pants

On The Other Side
You Got This Great
White Trash Gay Version Of Fame:
Staying Alive

with The Noneless Great John Travolta
Who Is Probably Not Yet Introduce To Scientology
But Who Is definitly Introduce In A Way...
Let's Get Physical

But In 1983
The Hip Hop World Enter A New Era,

Three Guys,
Comin' Out Of Hollis Queens,
Wearing Black Wears,
Hittin' You
With Supa Strong Beats,
Supa Dupa Strong Rhymes,
Hold No Hostage...


Blast You Off With Timeless Hits Like:
Jam Master Jay,
Sucker MCs,
It's Like That,
Hard Times...

Hardcore Hip Hop Has Finally Landed On Planet Earth
1983 is Definitly The Year of RUN DMC

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Part Four:
It's Like A Jungle Sometimes

I m Nine Years Old
And I Still Don't Anything About Hip Hop

What I Do Know Is That It's The Soccer World Cup
It's Goin' On In Spain

is the guy you love to hate in France

The Man You definitly Love To Hate
Is One Sick Bastard
Who Goes By The Name of
John Ross Ewing

E.T. Needs To Phone Home
and that makes cry like a Little Bitch

I Pity The Fool Rocky Balboa
Who Dares To Go Against Mister T
The Man With The Eyes Of The Tiger

Melle Mel Delivers Us A Timeless Message
And introduces the world to Reality Rap

Afrika Bambaataa Is Diggin' ELECTRO STUFF
on The Planet Rock,
And As He's Lookin' For the Perfect Beat,
He's About To Change The Game Of Mixin'

Malcom Mc Laren,
After discovering
The Sex Pistols And The Punk Rock movement,
Moves From London To The Big Apple
And Decides To Let Us All Know About
This New Culture Called Hip Hop,
In A Buffalo Stance.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Part Three:
Raiders Of The Lost Art

I'm 8 Years Old
And I Still Don't Know Nothing About Hip Hop

But Something Big Is Goin'To Happen...

In 1981,
America Was About To Have An Actor For President

Steven Spielberg Was Surely Hittin' a Theater Near You
With Indiana Jones Lookin' For The Lost Ark

The New Funk Soul Sensation of The Moment
Was Still Called

That Year,Also,
A Young Unknown Director,
Named Sam Raimi would Introduce The World
To A Brand New Type Of Horror Movie

Evil Dead

And Bruce Lee Was The Big Boss You Didn't Wanna Mess With

Grand Master Flash Was About To Release
His Adventures on the Wheels of Steel
And Let The Word Know The Importance Of The DJ
and still D.O.P.E. On 2007,
26 Years Later!!!

Kool Moe Dee Almost Invented Beef
By Squashing Busy B Live On Stage

Hip Hop Was About To Become
Something Else,
Something Big.
Not Just Rockin' The Crowd
But Give Them Lyrics and Skillz

Stop Fakin' The Funk

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Mass Strikes Back

So Now That You Know It All About 1979,
It's Time To Dive Deep Into The Eighties

So Let's Start With 1980
I Was Seven
And I Still Didn't Know Anything
About Hip Hop At The Time

The Olympic Games Were Takin' Place In Moscow

Roger Moore Was Playin' For Your Eyes Only
Introducin' The World To Young Carole Bouquet

The Force Was Gettin Darker Than Ever
As The Empire Strikes Back

And Damn,
John Travolta Wasn't Scientologist Yet
But He Was Surely Gay
and Playin' In The Crapy Urban Cowboy

It Was All About
Spoonie G
Treacherous Three
Grand Master Flash And His Furious Five
Kurtis Was About To Blow
Sugarhill Was The gang You Don't Want To Fuck With

I Was Seven
And At That Time
I Didn't Knew That Hip Hop Would Change My Life For Ever

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Let's Get Back,
Back Into Time

Let's Get Back To School
From Now On, It's History Class

I'm Gonna Teach You In Ten Lessons
The Fondamentals Of Hip Hop

With Our Teachers
The Rub
We Start From Scratch

Apocalypse Now was On The Air

Rocky Was Back To Kick The Shit Out Of Apollo Creed

And Oj Was On Air On This Incredibly Wack Movie Called FirePower With None Other Than Sophia Loren

Hip Hop Was On The Beginning of Something Big,
Something Huge
That Would Change My Life For Ever

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Class Dismissed

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going Back To Bali

But I Won't Be Gone 'Till November

So Don't Expect Nothing From Me For The Next Two Weeks

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Be Down
You Must Appeal

The Man Is A True King
He Did Five Legendary Mixtapes That Change The Game For Ever

All Times Classics
Beatnuts,Showbiz,large pro,and many more
all the original breaks from the golden years of hip hop...

For Now Here Is The Legendary Volume...

That Some Of You Have Been Waitin' For ...

The True King

Le Roi Est Mort et Enterré, Vive Le Roi Quand Même

So You're Down With The King,Four Time ! And You Still Didn't Show Me Love?

You Should Have Already Join Us At The Great White Castle !

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