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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Whole Shabang

TFS aka The Future Sound
First Group Produced By Damon Dash

Much Slept on

Funky Beat
Conscious Rhymes
By The Superman Himself aka Clark Kent
Jazz samples
In The Vein of Original Flavor
"This is How We Do It" album
that it will post later on

this guys dissed the brand nubians on "Star Struck"
and got whipped back on "punks jump up to get beat down":
i saw this two kids talking about the nubian reign has fallen

worth the download

lay Back and...

Dead Link You Slept On This One!

The B.I.Z

First E.P. from the biz mark Back in 1986
with his man T.J. Swan
it sounds like recorded in the kitchen
maybe it was
But... not Any Kitchen
Marley Marl's Kitchen

Sounds D.O.P.E.
plus Dub Versions and Shit

Dope Tracks That Guarantee to Rock the party

Nodge your head to this
Sit Back Relax and...

Dead Link You Slept On This One!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Likwit Junkies Instrumentals

Instrumentals Album Promo Only
made for hip-hop site
Defari and Babu Bring you 16 off the Hook instrumentals

for your listening pleasure

Dead Link You Slept On This One!

Escape from Monsta Island

Monsters Island Czars
The highly anticipated debut full-length from MF DOOM & MF Grimm super crew Monster Island Czars.
Made up of Gigan, Jet Jaguar (aka MF Grimm), Kamackeris,
Kong, King Cesar, Spiega, Megalon,
Rodan & King Ghidra
(aka MF DOOM).

20 Tracks of raw gritty underground hip hop
at it's finest produced by X-Ray and MF DOOM.

Dead Link You Slept On This One!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Attitude A Hip-Hop RAPsody

She brings us Back in THE 90's
1990 to be more precise
she's not THE dope female mc
but the album is entirely produced by SD50
the producers behind kmd"mr hood" and brand nubian "one for all
i think it's worth the download
just to listen to the dope tracks behind shazzy

Dead Link You Slept On This One!

Addictive Hip Hop Muzick

First Post
The First Kokane Album 1991
guess he didn't have the right to be called kokane... yet
so he was "Who Am I"
this album is bomb
produced by above the law
mixed by dre
i ve seen it nowhere else
so i decided to put it here for my first post
more to come

Dead Link You Slept On This One

It Only Just Begun

I'm Brand new to this but after leekin so many blogs
i think it's time to give back so from this week i will try to post two or three or even more albums to download
hard to find hip hop,classics souls,rare groove,that's what i'm about
music for your mind
See You soon

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