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Friday, August 31, 2007

As Seen On TV
Aka Two Thumbs Up!

Today I Introduce You To The Best Movie Ever Made About Turntablism
Scratch Is The Documentary That YOU Got To See
And If You Already It Then You Got To Watch Over Again
And Again And Again And Again...
Sit Back Relax And Enjoy The Show

I Hope You Have A Rs Account
Otherwise It's Gonna Take Days To Get This One

What Is A Dj If He Can't Scratch On TV

Monday, August 27, 2007

Like Dancin' I Feel
Aka Rj Goes Disco

When An Underground Producer Like RjD2
Decides To Take Your Ass To The Floor
You Can Expect Somethin' Good...

It's Live And
The Little Jedi Need To Work His Mixin' Skillz A Little Bit More
Sometimes The Beat Are Not Super Synchronized
But The Tracklist Is Dope

And Since I've Watched A Documentary About Disco Last Night
Mr Mass™ Feels Super Disco Funk Today

This Is A 30 Minutes Mix Made By The Philly Party Animal
That He Did Exclusively For Spinner On February

You'll Go From Raw Silk To Justice
Passin' By Sebastian And Rjd2 Himself

Get Ready For Some Intergalactic Disco
Your Ass On The Floor Get, Little Jedi

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ultimate Fighting:Battle 2

The Battle For The Ultimate Break Supremacy Is Not Finished Yet
So Put Your Gloves On And Get In The Cage If You Dare

7 More Rounds To Go
Round 7
Round 8 & 9
Round 10 & 11
Round 12 & 13
Are You Sure You Will Survive

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Work Of A Genius

This Is A Promo Mix That Was Put Out By BBE
To Pay Tribute To One Of The Greatest Musicians Ever
Jay Dee

The Mix Is Called:
The Past Work Of Jay Dee

This Is More Than One Hour Long
And For Those Of You Who Slept On Dilla
(Is There Anyone Sleepin' On The Man Anyway?)
You'll Hear What A Genius He Was

You Can Also Hear On The Tape At The Top Of The Page
The J Dilla R.I.P. Tribute Flipped By My Man Shines On Today Good News Volume 1

More Of This To Come Very Soon
With The MassCorporation Mix Volume 1:
Education For Your Ears
Preached By The Reverend Shines

Get Ready For This
Cause It Should Be Devastatin' To Your Ears

For Now Enjoy This Tribute To A True Genius At Work

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ultimate Fighting:Battle 1

Let The Battle Begin,
This Is The Ultimate Classics Fighting Championship,
The Breaks That Inspired All Hip Hop,
Remastered For Your Listening Pleasure.

And If You Are A Serato User
You're Gonna Love Me Just A Little Bit More

This Is A Six Round Match
Let's Get Ready To Rumble
Round 1 & 2
Round 3 & 4
Round 5 & 6

More Fights To Come
Keep On Training

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Bests Things In Life Are Free

Even Though You Should definitly Go And Buy Those Cds!
Free Things Are Always A Great Pleasure
So Here Is Your Coupon To Great Music
A One Hour Mix By The King Of Minneapolis
Hip Hop, Funk, Soul And Scratch
What Else Do You Want
What Else Do You Need
Go Ahead It's Free

Friday, August 03, 2007

Not Available!

Mister Mass,Miss Mass And Mini Mass Are Goin' On Holidays
We'll Be Back On The 13th

As You Can See Super Whitey Mini Mass Needs To Feel The Sun

So Any Cds order Placed Before That Will Be Post Then
There's Not That Much Left So Don't Sleep

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