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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Between A Rocc And A Hard Rocc
Hip Hop Hooray

Today Is Hooray Day
He Blessed Up
With Not One,
Not Two,
Not Three,
But Four Off The Hook mixtapes By Grandmaster

J and Rhettmatic Are The Dynamic Duo Of '97
J and Truly Odd Are
The Bum Rush Brothers Hit You With Their World Famous Joints
And Last But Not Least,
Least But Not Last
Get Deep, Deeper Into the Jazzy Grooves
With The Volume 6

Four Killers For Your Ears From Hooray Personal Tapes Box
And All Artworks Are Included High Definition

Do I Need To Say Something Else...

So You Got Enough Music For The Next Month
Thanks To Hooray
We Live And die For Hip Hop
This Is Hip Hop For Today
So Hip Hop Hooray

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

good mass

Kickin' It Old School

Here Is The First Request 
From My Man Supa Dupa Dj Nes 
From Dirty Waters Fame

The Classic Mixtape From 1995 
Which Will Take You Back Into Time
Way Back, When We Were All Nerds

The Legend Says That ThisMixtape Has Been So Much Bootleged 
That It Should Be Wriitten Somewhere On Guinness Book

Anyway Get This Incredible 80's Feeling
Mixed By Razor Sharped Dj Spinbad
 Timeless Mix Who ll Get The Older Of Y'all A Bit Nostalgic
Get Your Mullet On And Enjoy The Gem

Go 80's And Rock That Motherfuckin' Casbah

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Is A Re-Up

Ok Since I'm Super Busy Workin On Too Many Projects Right Now
I'm Not In The Mood To Take Care Of This Place Like I Wish I Would
So Here Is The Re-Up / Request Month
We Start With A Request From The Geek Master/Lord Of Beer/
Nfl Broncos Number One Supporter , 
The Infamous Travis From Ground Breaking Blog WYDU

The Re-Up Of The Extraordinaire Mixtape
Tokyo Side From Legendary Muro The Shibuya Master
Bronx Side From Legendary Lord Finesse The Original King Of Diggin'
This Tape Is Off The Hook

So For Those Of You Who Missed This Gem
Go Ahead

(As Usual Get The Two Parts)

And If You Got Any Re-up/Request
Just Post A Comment And I'll See If You Deserve It
Go Ahead Try Me

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Syndromes Of A Classic

A Long Time Request By This Guy Named Guess What: Net 19 Raida
That's His Name, He Choose It, Don't Blame Him...
Anyway, Kid Got Taste And Request A Great Mixtape,
Syndrome From None Else Than Incredible J-Rocc from Beat Junkies Fame
Raw Classic...

You All Know How Much I'm A Mixtape Lover
And To Me, J-Rocc Got The Perfect Class
Technical But Supa Smooth as The Same Time
Here Is The Follow Up To The 1995 Supa Classic"syndromes" 
That You Might Get Your Hands On Later On
"Syndromes Remix" 
Quality To Get You High

Comes In Three Parts This Time

The Crew Is Called Beat Junkies

And If You Wanna Test ...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Eh Yo Eh Yo Namasté
I'm Baaaaack

Back From One The Poorest Part Of India
Deep Trip Indeed
Here Is a Part Of My Trip in Pictures

Right Now I'm Very Busy So I Won't Be As Present As I Should Be

But Here You Go with The Pete Rock Live Mix On radio One

Pete Rock Got Too Much Crates (Thanks To His Daddy)
Even Though I Think His Last Album Is A Huge Piece Of Crap
(Go Ahead Hate Me,I feel Like Everybody's On Pete's Dick But The Guy Has Done His Time In My Opinion.I'm A Huge Fan Of His Past Work With C.L, But Then I'm Also A Huge Fan Of Public Enemy Three First Album And It definitly Doesn't Mean That They're Still Makin Good Albums,Anyway...)

This Mix In Two Parts Is Bangin'
One and Two

I'll Be Back With More And More Hits Pretty Soon Hopefully

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