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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let Me Burn Your Brain...
NICE & Slow

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Ok So Here Are Two Mixes By My All Time favorite Dj

Mr N.I.C.E.

The Man Is THE True Definition Of Hip Hop

He've Been There For Ever

He ve Been Workin With Legends

He's Super Low Profile

He Don't Wear No Doo-Rags And Grillz

He Still Pushing Some Hot To Death Mixes

If You Don't Know About Paul

Then You Don't Know SHIT About Hip Hop

Those Gems Have Been Requested
By My Man Who Likes To Swim In Dirty Waters
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One Of The Super Few Bloggers With Great Taste

Those Mixes are Super Well Cooked
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And Are Perfect Introduction To Elevate Your Mind

Put Your Soul On Grill
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Chopped And Cutted With Finesse
Either You Like It
Well Done
Raw with Spices
(You'll Definitly Need To Put Spices To Enjoy Raw Meat For Your Soul)

Enjoy Your Meal

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mass Education For Your Ears Vol.1
Preached By The Great Reverend Shines
Is Comin'

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I've Just Received Today
The Rough Mix Of
Mass Education For Your Ears Vol.1
Preached By The Great Reverend Shines
Unmastered And Without Shoutout

But Damn I'm Tellin You This One Is a Killer
Jay dee,Native Tongues,Beatnuts and Golden Years Addicts
You Gonna Beg For This Mix

It Will Be Released
Approximatly in a Month

And Don't Sleep On The Super Limited Edition (100 Pieces)
One Exclusive Eat™ Tee Shirt
One Key Ring
Or Neck Lace
Comin' In A Superb Bag Hand Numbered

This Is A Gem You Got To Have

This Will Be Sold
Exclusively At Colette™

And A Super Few Here
Of Course

Rev Shines™ X MassCorporation™ X Eat™

Comin' at You
Watch Your EarDrums Pop
Stay Tuned

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ultimate Fighting:Final Rounds
Let's Get Ready To Rumble
Show What You Got

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You Wanna Get On The Ring
And Fight One On One

You've Been Prepared This Time
You Can't Loose

6 More Rounds To Go
Round 20 & 21
Round 22 & 23
Round 24 & 25

So Now Your Fighting Skillz
Have Been Over Improved

Keep On Practising Those 25 Secrets Moves
Then You'll Be Undefeatable



If Any Serato Dj
Want To Make A Mix With Those Gems
It's Your Time To shine

The Idea Is To Put A 30 Mns
Super Skilled Mix
Using Only The Ultimates

No Hold Barrel

Winner Get A Super Exclusive Mass Price
-MF DOOM Limited Edition MM FOOD CD Sealed
-MM FOOD Super Exclusive T Shirt
-Mf Doom Throw-Up Sticker And Exclusive Limited Poster
-Today Good News Volume One And Two
-SmashBredrens Porn 2 Rock
-1 Eat Exclusive Belt
Sent For Free
In His Mailbox

And His Mix Got Published At The Corporation

Anyone Who wanna Subscribe
Write A Comment On This Post
Or Mail Me

Final Call Is October The 30th
So Will There Only Be Leechers
Or Somebody Is strong Enough To Stand and Challenge



Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yard Sales Season One
Don't Hate The Player,
Hate The Game

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For Those Of You who Don't Like The Fact
(Actually way Too Many To Be Counted)
That I Don 't Exactly Explain What It's All About

This Is The Ultimate Post To Make You
Hate Me A Little Bit More
(You Can Manifest Your Love For Me By Voting On The Doyoulike Test)

Here Are The Mass™ Yard Sales

So You Can Get With
This Magnificent Demo Tape
This Incredible Disco Mix
Or maybe
This Raw Buddha Blessed Hip Hop Mix

But You Don't Wanna Miss
This Mainstream Hip Hop Mix Neither

Oh And If You Get Them All
You Can Get This Clever Mash Up For Free,
And You Definitly Don't Wanna Miss That One

Enjoy The Yard Sales
It's Messy
But It's Definitly Quality

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ultimate Fighting:Battle 3
Rules Of The Mass Club

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1st RULE:
You have to talk about MASS CLUB.

2nd RULE:
You HAVE TO talk about MASS CLUB.

3rd RULE:
If someone says "password" or download just one part,
the 'Massquerade' is over.

4th RULE:
Only one way to download a mix.

5th RULE:
One mix at a time.

6th RULE:
No shit, no hoes.

7th RULE:
Beats will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE:
If this is your first night at MASS CLUB, you HAVE to DIG.

So Here Are Some More Rounds Of The Remastered Collection

Round 14 & 15
Round 16 & 17
Round 18 & 19

Plus, As A Huge Bonus,
The Part One of a TRILOGY
Made By dj U-Tern Of One Day Later
It's A One Hour Killer Mix
That's Done Only Using The Ultimate Beats And Breaks Serie

Battle's On
One Day Later Vs. Ubb-Round One
Who'll Be The Winner?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Jag älskar IKEA,
Jag älskar COSMO BAKER

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This Week,
I Was Lucky Enough
To Spend A Whole Day
Takin' Care Of A Few IKEA Furnitures,
You Don't Wanna Know About

So I Decided To Make It A Happy Day
And Believe me,
It's Not That Easy To Make A IKEA Day,
A Happy One!

But With A Little Help
From My Friend SuperRasta,
I Lighted A Huge One...

And Then Press Play
On Those Feelin' Good Mixes
By The Great Cosmo Baker
Damn,That was Definitly The Best Day Of My Week...

So If You Need To Fix Somethin In Your House
Or You're Just Havin A Bad Day At Work

Here Are Two Pure Doses Of Hapiness
This Are Free Mixes That Cosmo Have Puted Online
So Some Of You Might Have It,
While Some Of You Don't,
Sleepers, Run for Happiness!

As Usual Track Listing And Artwork Are Included

Jag Mår God

En Andring Till Det Bättre

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