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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Live Long And Prosper
We're Holdin' It Strong

This Time it's All About The M.C.

L.I.F.E Long

From The Stronghold Legendary Crew

Stronghold Consists Of


Poison Pen,

Breez EvahFlowin',
C-Rayz Walz,


Mic Terror

Immortal Technique
Dj Static

Damn You Don't Wanna Battle This Cats

L.I.F.E long Album Untitled Longevity Volume 1.5
Is One Hell Of An Album With Guest Appearance From
Apani, Poison Pen, Mista Sinista, Iomos Marad, U.G. Of The Cella Dwellas, Grand Fortune
And Others
A True Conscious Album That You Should Definitly Buy
Cause Even If I Know That's It's All About Downloading And Leechin'
From Time To Time You GOT to Support Hip Hop Art By Buying
Give Money To Keep Our Great Culture Alive

Anyway Here Is An Interview With L.i.f.e Long
L.I.F.E Brings Food To The Table
Don't Sleep Buy Your Copy Of
Longevity Volume 1.5


Genesis of your crew Stronghold ?

Stronghold was an idea that Breez evahflowin had in 1997. We were all emcees that would just keep seeing each other at different hip-hop functions going on in n.y., At a legendary spot that everyone used to meet at 88 hip-hop was where stronghold formed.. Breez thought it would be a good idea for some of the best emcees in n.y. to form a crew and basicly spark a movement. Hence stronghold was formed!

Stronghold and New-York Underground ?

I mean its all true Stronghold basicly is the foundation of
that raw independent n.y. hip-hop. during the beginning stronghold was everywhere we put it down at alot of places wether it was on record in the battles or on stage. Stronghold is worldwide baby!!!

Feedback about each member of your crew

I think each member of stronghold play's there part. Technique and C-Rayz get a little bit more shine then other's
however we all have put out releases that were well supported,
were all different emcees with different styles i think that's what makes things so dope about my crew, no one is alike. Breez crayz and i put out releases actually before Technique if you look back at the history of our releases. Breez was the first to drop an album, then walz and then me!

Collaborations and featurings on masterpieces of the independant hip-hop

Most of the projects i was featured on were basicly because of my N.Y. Hip-hop connections. I knew Antipop or actually Beans and High Priest I met Saiid later before they were a group the same as Vast and vordule those are peeps from way back atoms fam and stronghold were runnin around for years together so the colaborations were bound to happen!

Boom Bap Influences

My influences for longevity vol 1.5 is just being around
that real raw original boom-bap i wanted to create a feeling that has been lost for quite some time as well as take it back to the golden era of hip-hop of originality and creativity! I grew up in that native tounge era plus i'm from n.y. so the sound i guess the feeling of this record is just a representation from what i have been surrounded around all my life that raw N.Y. boom-bap raw beats and rhymes!

Collaborations on your album

I have U.g. from the legendary group cella dwellas, Iomos Marad from Chicago, Apani, poison pen, Spier 1200, Donan Links, Mista sinista ..s ,Dysh, Gran fortune these are all peeps I'm cool with i never met dysh that was through the label but i was connected to his beats and new they would be a good fit for the project. I wanted to do something different with the features and showcase rare artists either not heard before or not heard in a while. I basicly wanted to keep this project exclusive and different from anything out now!

Longevity vol 1.5 : the meaning

I named the project longevity vol 1.5 because of my length in the industry. The vol 1.5 has many different rerasons it was a year and a half in the making and also not the first album but its like my first album since my e.p. struggler's paradise released in 2003. plus i have been doing music for over a decade. It has a lot of meanings to me not just one. Longevity,
meaning also my music is timeless..

Few words :

I alway's sound different on every song that i do. If you listen to any L.i.f.e. long song they never sound the same, i guess i vibe differently with people so when i do my solo stuff your getting the real life. My features is me fitting with the song and the person i'm featured with. I have my own style so if your looking for what i did on someone else's record you won't hear that cause my style is that raw N.Y.C. 90's hip-hop. I'm old school however i can rock with anyone!

Here Are Two Tracks From Longevity LP

First One Featuring U.G Of The Cella Dwellas

And Another One With Iomos Marad Of All Natural Inc.

You Got to hear the crew ripping the radio station
Provided By Man 


Funkwell said...

Thanks so much for featuring Life! One of the illest emcees in the world! Hopefully a few more people will see how nasty he is - along with the whole stronghold crew! Peace and blessings.....1

Dirty Waters said...

Stronghold Freestyles WNYU 1999

Swann said...

Did someone say L.I.F.E. Long?

This ish is ridiculous

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