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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy End Of The Year

Don't Drink Too Much

If you Drive
Drive Slow Homie

See You Next Year
Have A Nice Time

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Drugs Are Dangerous...

New Year's Eve Is Comin' Through
Lots Of You are Gonna Get High

So Here Is A Tape
From The Soulman
Simply Intitled Drugs

These Guy Have Sold Records To Everyone
From Large Pro To The Beatnuts Including Lord finesse

So In Case You Don't Know the man got tons of records
and on this tape you ll here original breaks,
too many breaks and beats being cut up nicely,
plus a few original Soulman beats!

Featuring originals sampled by Hi-Tek, J-Live, Jay-Z, Jurrasic 5
and many more.

Is this mix about drugs or records?
Or ARE records drugs??
You be the judge!

Soul! + Drugs!
=Drugs Are Bad For Your Brain
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get High Instantantly...)

Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm Going Down 'Cause He Ain't Around

Mr Dynamite is Gone

Here Is One Of His Most Unknown Facet
The Jazzy One
Recorded Between 1968 and 1969

Most people knew James Brown as the Godfather of Soul.
But Brown has also long had a taste for jazz.
Inspired by the music of Frank Sinatra,
Brown teamed up with the Dee Felice Trio
to record his own unique versions of Sinatra-associated standards
like “Strangers in the Night” and “All the Way,”
along with jazzed-up renditions of his hits
“Cold Sweat” and “There Was a Time.”
The intimately swinging results revealed
a little-known facet of Brown’s funky self

All Others Albums Are Easy To Find
Even Though You Should Get Them All
Here is My Gem
To Pay Respect To The Godfather

Dynamite... Jazz!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Know Your Classics Is A Must

When Kanye's Dj
A-Trak Plays The Tracks
Kanye Host Him on The Mic
Playin Nothin' But The Originals
You Just Got To Have It

Classic is A Must!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry X-Mass From The Bronx

Get This Gem Now
It Won't Be Here In 2007
and For My Japanese Friends It' s Subtitled

Sit Back Relax And Enjoy The Show

South! + Bronx! + Santa!
=Santa Mass Is In Your Town
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Three Parts To Get The Surprise...)

Leave Me A comment It's Christmas Damn

Bad Xmas Gift From Mister Dynamite

Sunday, December 24, 2006

King Meet King

When One Of The King Of Graffiti,
New York Pioneer Haze
Open A Store In Tokyo
He Give You A Free Mixtape Made By
None Other Than The King Of Diggin'
Mr Muro Himself

Playing Def Jam Golden Years
Beastie,Run Dmc,LL Cool J,EPMD

Merry Xmas To Y'all
Back To The Hip Hop!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Get On The Soul Train

Get On Board
Get On The Tracks
Know Your Classics
All! + Aboard!
=A Train
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

All! + Aboard!
=B Train
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

All! + Aboard!
=C Train
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

All! + Aboard!
=D Train
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

All Aboard E Train!
=E Train

Take The Trip To The Holy Graal Of Crate Diggin'

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not From Concentrate

Another Request
More By Ken
This Time Playin' Soul Crates
Can You Dig It
Original! + Soul!
=Go Sporty
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

That Kid Is Nice

You Requested Some
So Here Are Some...

Dayz And Dayz !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Portrait Of Some Masterpieces

Two Masterpieces

One Mixed By The Lord Himself

Master! + Piece!
=Classic Ish For Your Ears
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

And The Other By None Other Than The Chocolate Boy Wonder

Soul Brother!

Straight Classics
Japan Only Released

Nuff Said

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ken Get Sporty Part Two

Once again, Ken Sport rummaged through his vaults
and found more hidden gems.
This will take you on some jazzy,
Back to the Future ish.
Breaks for days.
Cop it to make you the envy of all your producer friends...
63 Sick Beats Straight From The Crates

Future! + Tracks!
=Get Futuristic
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

And For Those Of You Who Where Sleepin Here Is The Link Of The Volume 1 I've Posted A While Ago

Back To The Future!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jah Wise, Jah Funk, Jah Pan, Jah Breaks

When The Auto-Proclamed King Of Diggin'
Decide To Dig In His Reggae Crates
Be Sure To Get Wise
90 Minutes Of Rare Reggae Orientated Breaks
By The Japanese Digger You Love To Hate
(Cause He Got More Records Than You!!!)

Props To Janko On This One Again

Jah! + Rastafari!
=Funky ,Funky Reggae
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Janko, You're The Hero Of The Day

When You Release a Very Underground Mix
And You Got Comments Like:

"The Bomb Squad of the cut 'n' paste game.
One of the only CDs I got sent this year
that didn't become a drink coaster!"
- J-Zone (Old Maid Entertainment)

"Good shit, the evil shit -
when u did my shit,
that was the best part of ya CD!"

"Like a hot chasson pomme
when you're starving at 11am"
- Bobbito (Fruit Meat Records/the late great Fondle 'em Records)

I think I Have Nothing Else To Say
Except That They Are : Pro Celebrity Golf & Jay Glaze
And That,This Mix Is Incredibly Smart
And Provide you some Original Samples
Of The Raw Underground Independant Hip Hop Scene
and That This Should Be The Most Downloaded post Ever In My Page
If Not... You're Sleepin'

Props To Janko For Hittin' Me With This Sick Sh**

All Hail To Janko !

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The Lord Is Back Again
and This Time He Get Blue

This is The Post That I Forgot To Do

By The Way This My 101 Post on this Blog
Wich means That You Have More Than 100 Albums To Download From The ARCHIVES
and that All MY Links
Run Run Run

This Time It's Lord Finesse Diggin The Blue Note Catalogue
For This 1999 Mixtape
Made For Japan

Better Than The Pete Rock And Biz Markie In My Opinion
Lord Blue !

Monday, December 04, 2006

They Got So Much Soul

Promo Mixtape From De La Dj Maseo
Released On The October Issue Of Mixmag
UK and Us Hip Hop
Camp Lo
De La Soul
Butta Verses
And More

The Mixing Skillz Of Maseo Are (Definitely) Not Top Notch On This Tape
But It's A Promo Mixtape UK only With Nice Tracks On It

De La Cassette !

The Pizza Re-Up

For Those Of You Who Have Digestion Problems With This Slice On The Last Pizza Post
Here is The Nicest Slice... Again
RE-Eat It Up Like It's 1989 !

You Got To Chill

Someone Ask It
So Here You Go
90's R&B
"Cheap Movie with Halle Berry" Soundtrack
way Before That Scene...But Already Bad Haircut

Includin' Exclusive Tracks By
Grand Puba
Leaders Of The New School
Heavy D
Nice And Smooth
L.L.Cool J
Nice n Smooth
Stephanie Mills
Mary J Blige

I Used To Love This Shit In 1991

Since I UP It
I Share It With The Rest Of The World

You Got To Chill,Go R&B,Move Your Body On The DanceFloor !

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Get Your Sneakers On !

Given out freely and massively in stores and revues in 1997
This Cd Given with a inner booklet
displaying seven type of Nike trainers
and an individual Mo'Wax music track for each trainer.

No artists or tracks are mentioned
just "All music written and produced by Mo'Wax (c) 1997",

it's thought that the tracks were written by Richard File and Ils.

Each track is talked about by a Sports person
who wears the type of trainer
over the top of the Mo'Wax instrumental track.

Mo Wax Trip Hop Shit
with Guest Appearance By:

David Robinson
Jason Kidd
André Agassi
Monica Seles
Giacomo Leone
Anita Weyermann

Get Sporty !

Best Slice of 89

1989 A Number, Another Summer...
Get Down,Sound Of The Funky Drummer
Music In Your Heart Cause I Know You Got Soul...
Brothers And Sisters

This One I Forgot To Share With All Yours

The Cool V/Biz Markie Track is Incredible
and you find it anywhere Else But On This Tape

And The 11 Minutes Blend With stephanie Mills
Is Still Perfect To Rock The Crowd 17 Years After!!!

One of My Favorite Mixtape Ever

You Got To Do The Right Thing
10! + 9!
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Friday, December 01, 2006

20000 Miles And Runnin'

Thanx To The Visitors Who Keep Comin' To My Blog
Even If I Do Know
That 20000 Hits
Don't Mean
20000 Visitors

It Could Be Just Five Psychotic Nerds
Who Keep On Checkin' and Checkin'

December Is A Busy Month For Me In My Other Life
Cause I Just Don't spend My Time Takin Care Of My sweet Blog

So I Will Post Just Few Things I Think

But I'll Be Back, Yep I'll Be Back

And For tHose Of You Who Didn't Already
Looks In The Archive
All My Links Are Active
And I Have Posted A Lot

Go Ahead Dig Dig Dig

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three Slices Of Old School Pizza

Kid Capri The King Of Mixtapes

In the early 70's, within the urban enclave known as the South Bronx,
rap music was just getting noticed by its disenfranchised citizens.
It was during this same time,
that an 8-year-old by the name of
David Anthony Love
received his first mixer.

With youth on his side coupled with the determination to succeed,
he began to hone his skills
by DJ'ing at block parties and hitting the local club circuit.

It wasn't long before others took notice.
Relying on his entrepreneurial skills to keep up with the demand,
led him to record his live sets on tape and sell them on 145th Street in Harlem.

Thus began one of the pioneers of the modern day mixtape.

This Kid Was Kid Capri
Here Are Three Classics Mixtapes From 1989
that he is still Selling Nowadays!!!

Old! + School!
=Old School Volume 1
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Old! + school!
=Old School Volume 2
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Old! + School!
=Old School Volume 3
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

This Are Cd reissues Version So It Only Goes 74 Mns Long instead Of The Original Tapes
(If Anyone Has The Tape Versions Feel Free To Holla At Me)
Volume 1 & 2 Are Funk orientated
Volume 3 Is Old School Hip Hop
By The Way on Volume 3
The Track 19 Is interpreted by the Cold Crush Brothers (My Mistake)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Know Your Classics

Afrika Bambaataa's Death Mix.
Kid Capri's 52 Beats.
Various recorded performances at the T-Connection.
All of them, among ones infinitely more obscure,
are revered and fetishized among obsessive hip-hop mixtape connoisseurs.
While a few of these tapes sound fresh and relevant today,
the vast majority are trumpeted solely
for their historical significance and collectible nature,
furthering one's credibility in the never-ending authenticity debate.
None of these mixtapes are ones you would, in good conscience, give to your curious friend and say,
"If you still don't care for hip-hop mixtapes after this, I doubt anything would change your mind."
Enter DJ Q-Bert...

It's Time To Look At The Classics
when It Comes To Mixtapes
You Must Have Those Three

First is the Death Mix By Afrika Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay

Issued on 1981 on Paul Winley Records
and recorded Live @ James Monroe High School, Bronx

Afrika Bambaataa isThe Founder of The Mighty Zulu Nation
And Dj Jazzy Jay Is One of The Pioneer Of The bronx
Who Inspired Showbiz,Lord Finesse And The All DITC

You Got Two Mixes From Those Cats,
It's All About Education!

Then You Got This "52 Beats" Tapes from 1988

90 Minutes Of Classics Breaks
(All Taken From The Ultimate Breaks and Beats Series)
Flipped ,Scratched and Cut By The King of Mixtapes, Kid Capri

Almost Made 20 Years Ago And Still A Bomb
Timeless! + Breaks!
=90 minutes For 52 Beats
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

And Then In 1999

Q Bert Came Out With The Unforgettable
Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik/A Preskool Breakmix
Wich Is A Kind of new definition of The Kid Capri Tape
by the True Hip Hop revolutionary Q-Bert
Killin' The Classics!

Those Three Tapes(well The First One Is Not a Tape But...)
Are major parts of the Hip Hop History

You Got To Give The Credit
Where The Credit is due

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Do You Know How To Make A Nice Mayonnaise

Here Is The World Reknown Mixtape/Concept Album From 1999
"55 Stories"
From Dj Mayonnaise Of The 1200 Hobos/Anticon Crews
Abstract Hip Hop,
Ill Scratchin' & Dirty Beats
One of My All Time Favorite Go for It
Nuff Said

Way Better Than Ketchup!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Easy Education For Your Ears

2/28/04 DJ Easy Mo Bee Kicks in The Door Of
The WBAI Underground RailRoad Show
The legendary producer of everyone
from Biggie to Miles Davis
drops 52 minutes of his favorite breaks.

And The Man Sure Got Great Taste
If you think of all the bomb tracks he produced through all these years
you can be sure that Mo Bee got deeper crates than you

Now, When it Comes To Dj Skills,
He's Not Killing It (definitly not!)
On The One And Two

But For Those Of You Who Still Doubt
that Good hip hop
is all about samplin'
Now You Know

Easy As It Is!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Diggin' In The Crates

NY Theory - Classic Hip Hop and Breaks
For those that don't know Lord Finesse as a DJ...
One of New York's most respected figures in Hip Hop
graced the decks at WBAI Underground Railroad Show

aired on the 1/14/06
with an absolute classic run of true NY-style Breaks & Beats,
cut up with nothing less than finesse.
Class is now in session...

It's The Bomb!

Meet John Doe

OOOOH isn't He Cute Little Dj John Doe From The 1200 Hobos

Ok Here Are Some Mixtapes From Him
Posted By My Man Peleliu AKA The Fox From Berlin
You Got No cover and No Password
But You Got A Bunch Of Dope Mixtapes
Here You Go

Introducing Reuben StarBucks!
Bedroom Empires! (not a john doe mix though,if anyone knows who did it?)
A.M. Sessions(While You Were Sleeping)!
Kjeldahl Determinations:1200 Hamburgers!

All Those Links Are Dope Mixtapes
And If Anyone Feel Like Contribuing
by postin' links
for the covers of those mixes
You're Highly Welcome

Mad Props For Those... Mr Fox The Berliner

and for those who slept on the
breakin codes post you should go after
the illest mix by my man john doe
"Popullar Fallacies"
Here Is The Link
On Another Level!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

You Won't Find It Anywhere... It's Already Christmas For Turntable Junkies

This Are Live Sets From
Rob Swift
Prime Cuts
Dj Noize
And The 3 Together

They Went On The ITF French championship For Demo Sets
It Was On The First Of June 2000
I Was The Sound Engineer
So I Got This "Straight From Console" Rip Mix
That I Swear You Won't Find Anywhere But Here

Those Guys Know How To Rock The Bells

Plus The First Track Is A Stupid 30" Intro Beat
That I Did For The Show At That Time

World Premiere Exclusive!

Shame On You... Again

Shame is Back for this Second Part of his Travelin' Through Sampleland

The First Side was Made On february 98
The Second One On March 2004

This Dude Got Crates
and Still Loves To Play Original Samples

As Good As It Gets

Ain't No Shame In My Game!

Friday, November 17, 2006

At The Beginning There Was Shame

The Crate Diggin'-I Play Original samples-Mixtape Type Of S***t
Which seems To Be Everywhere right now,
Began with Kid Capri "52 beats" MixTape
Where He Flip The Ultimate Breaks & Beats Serie
Who've Been Sampled So Many Time
That it Feels Like He's Playin Original Sample
But I Think He Was Just Mixing Breaks

But Then There Was Dj Shame
Who Gave Birth On April 93
To A new kind Of Tape
My Favorite Kind By The Way
Playin short Part Of Original Records
That Make You Instantly Think
Of The Hip Hop Song
Who Ripped The Sound
And In 93'
It Was All About Samplin'

Ken Sport
Kon & Amir...

Before all of them
There Was This
Travelin' Through+Sampleland!
= 'The Beginning Of Learnin'


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mad Scientist

Mista Sinista (Ex X-Ecutioners) Again!!!
and DJ CrossPhader from the Photosynthesis crew
mix Extra P's album:First Class
with old school classics
Main Source,
Kool G Rap,
Roxanne Shante,
Leaders of the New School,
Slick Rick
And Many More

This Mix Is Way Better Than Extra P's Album By The Way

As Usual Get It All Or Get Nothing

=The Bomb

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