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Monday, January 14, 2008

Bollywood And Mustaches
The Secret Formula For Funk

Yes You Heard It Right
Bollywood Plus Moustache Equal A Raw Dose Of Funk

Today Sup My Man From Poland
Hit Me With Those Two Mxes
From Mr Thes One Ot The West Coast Tres Label/ Family
And Half Of 'People Under The Stairs'

Thes He's A Great Producer and A True Hip Hop Lover

So Like Any Real Producer/Digger is Musical Quest is Endless
He is a Man of Taste

First Let's Take The Stairs Up to Bollywood

This album is very special.
Guests at Thes One's wedding in May 2004 were given a copy of this mix-CD (only 500 copies produced).
The CD celebrates the couple and their relationship from 1998 to the present
and is a combination of both of their musical interests.
It includes tracks important to them and uses music from
Prince, The Carpenters and O.C. Smith
as well as various Bollywood,
Soul and Jazz tracks.

Long Time Sold Out
This Mix is Sweet,Surprising and Funky Indian Spice Flavored
Get The Two Parts To Get It All

On Your Way Out To Bollywood
Get Your Mustaches On
And Let's Go Crazy Funky

With This Second Super Limited Mix
Thes One of People Under The Stairs Hits You With
'Mustache Soul. 6:00 - 7:00 PM.'
A60 Minute Mustache Mix.
A collection of Private Press and Demo Soul Music from 1975-1985

500 Copies Pressed And Gone
Now You're Lucky enlugh To Get Your Hands on This!
Get The Two Parts To Get It All

Props again To My Man Supa Sup For Those Pearls


hooray said...

Damn, real great stuff!!! Thes One is King!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this man, much appreciated

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