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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 3 :
For Your Listening Pleasure

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A Little More Than 90 mns
Again With This Original
Number 34 straight from 2002
how many original records ken have
this is never over
Part One
Part Two
You MUST Download The Two Parts To Get The Whole Cassette

More Tomorrow
and ken sport interview should be online at the end of the week
for those of you who still don't get it you'll see how much hip hop means to the original shogun
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ask bobbito aka mister cucumber slice,
the man who defines hip hop by himself
or any hip hop activist of new york in the 90's

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 2 :
Do You Know What Is A Mixtape?

In The Term Mixtape
You Can Find the term MIX which means it's mixed
most often by a Disc Jockey

and the Word TAPE
which means it's on tape, on cassette
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yes before cds there was tape,
everywhere tapes tapes tapes,
even before people start thinkin "i could get money out of this tape",
Djs Used to do tapes for their friends,
Friends who may spread them to their block
then their friend's block copy those tapes to other friend's block and so on
so some tapes could spread real fast like virus
no proper artwork or design
just an old recordable tape with
sometimes something written on it
sometimes a graffiti from a friend of the dj
but definitly no cover
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and at that time nobody was concerned about
what's the name of this track
who's playing this one
it was just for listening pleasure
enjoying music with your ears
cause you don't have enough money to buy records
or you don't know which records to buy

so a good mixtape is all about the taste
of the dj who precisely made that tape

Ken Sport is a man of great taste for sure
this guy loves to play the originals
strictly the originals
only the originals
and he got tons of originals

so like anyone else he used to do tapes for his friends only
who copy them to some friends ...
then everybody was asking him tapes
more tapes,
we need your tapes,
we want your tapes!

that's when he hooked up
with the legendary Union shop in SoHo,
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The Now Closed 'bobbito's footwork' in the East Village
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Cisco Records In Shibuya
the district of tokyo where you can get all the records you re dreamin' of
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and Staple design
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where he will later produce a serie of mixtape and cds
for the super hype brand

Some Places definitly affiliated with hip hop
those shops are HIP HOP actually

then others shops wanted to get their hands on those precious tapes
but ken didn't do this for the love of cash like many others
so he gently said something like
'fuck off I'm Only Selllin' to my people'

Limited is the best way
I mean,Hip Hop Is All About limited edition
limited sneakers
limited gears
limited give you the feeling that you're part of something

That's Why Those Tapes Are in a way Legendary...

So Now That You Know A Little Bit more about the Original Shogun Assassin
You get blessed with original number 33 released in 2002
1 h 30 of Pure Originals buddah blessed Tracks
Part One
Part Two
You MUST Download The Two Parts To Get The Whole Cassette

Monday, October 29, 2007

'Ken Sport' Week
Aka Mister Original

This whole entire week is dedicated to
Mr Ken Sport
Aka The Original Shogun Assassin
Aka Kenneth de Wolfe

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So You'll Get Blessed By One Of His Original Serie Tapes Every Day
And You'll Even Get Blessed with an exclusive interview by Mister misterious Sport himself
like I Say It's All About Education

Most Of You, Youngsters
don't know shit about Ken Sport
Damn Kids, You Got To Know Your Classics
Open Your Books
It's Time To Learn

The Man Is A True Underground Legend
And Definitly part of Hip Hop Culture
And original funk breaks Mixtape game

Stay Tuned For More Info About the original shogun assassin
The Man with way too many records
the Man who has never been about makin' money
but more about sellin' tapes to good peoples only

But For now Enjoy Original mixtape Number 24 release in 1998
(Yes 1998! where were you at that time?)
Part One
Part Two
You MUST Download The Two Parts To Get The Whole File

More than 90 minutes of incredible original funk, soul and jazz
for your listening pleasure

no tracklist, who need names anyway!
either you want to impress your friends
by doin' name dropping
or just enjoy dope music

The Choice Is Yours

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jump On The SoundWagon

Comin' Soon'
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This Are Not The Definitive Covers
Just Some Pleasure For Your Eyes Only

Also Comin' Soon
Jake One 'Ar Serie'
All Four Volumes Signed By Jake Himself
Super Ultra Limited

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mass™ Road Book

Today I Won't Post any Mixes
I Will Do Much Better

I will Give You Keys to hours and hours of music
You'll definitly need to buy a New Hard Drive

First Place
Is The Best Streaming Radio Available
You Got Shows From everyone
from ?uestlove,to Kon And Amir
passin' By Dj Red Alert,Aloe Blacc,chairman mao,cut chemist
to name a few
This is THE Academy
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Provided By The energy Drink That Matches So Nice with Vodka
Just Hit The Bull if you dare

And The Second One
Is To Me The Best Place On Earth Actually
For Gettin' Tons And Tons Of Podcast
From The Best Djs Availble In Brooklyn and around

The 1980 session came from there
The Ubb Mix Came From There

You ll Find Soul,Reggae,Hip Hop,Electronic
from peoples like
The Rub Aka Ayres, Cosmo and Eleven
Dj Conquerrah
Dj Emskee
Turntable Lab
and many more
extra prolific djs

This Place is Brooklyn's Best Kept Secret
And Now It's Time For The World To Know
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Just Hit The Road To Brooklyn Baby

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Comin' To Break You Off Again

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In Case Some Of You still Don't Get It
And I'm Sure You're A Lot
The Ultimates Serie Is The Shiznit

Those 25 Volumes Now 26 (some of you should get a special link for this one)
Are to Hip Hop And Approximatly all musics based on sampling
The Foundation

So Here The Part 2 Of The Supa Dope Mix From Mister U-Tern Aka One Day Later
The Mix Is Super Protoolized
But Damn I Got To Confess It's Dope
So Don't Sleep On This One
Get Educated
This Is Round Two

and for those of you who don't scroll and look on the archives,
you're way too many missing precious gems by the way,
Here is Round One

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Got To Check'em Out Vs Ecology
Aka The Parallel Post
Aka Sama Same But Different

Today's A Special Day
On One Side It's The BIrthday
Of Martini And Jopparelli's Blog
Check'Em Out
They've Got So Much Taste, So Much Crates
Here Or On The Too Many Links I've Posted On This Post

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So Mass Wants To Wish An Happy Blogday
To Two Kids With Great Taste
The Mighty Infamous

It's Been A Year Now
A Year Of Dope Music
A Year Of Diversity
A Year Of Nice Pictures
A Year Of Proper Education

You Got To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

It's Been A Great Year

So here's My Gift
But As Usual
I'm Gonna Do It The Mass™ Way
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A Surprise Package
A Fresh Brand New Mix
By One Of The Greatest New Yorican Dj
A Master...

1 Hour 15 mns Of Pure Food For Soul

This Man Got
So Much Style,
So Much Crates,
A Genius ...At Work

Oh And By The Way He's Givin Shoutouts
On The Forthcoming Release:
Mass Education For You Ears Volume.1
Preached By The Holy Reverend Shines

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday
We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

So Come Fly With Us

Enjoy The Ride

Slept on That One

You Get Nuthin' You're Late

The Owner Of This Mix,
The Man,
The Genius,
Gently Ask Me To Take This Down,
So Since I'm A Gentleman
I Got It Made

But On The Other Side
The Blog Federation Ask Us To Post Anything About Ecology Today
So I'm Not A Talker Or A Writer
I Definitly Love The Power Of Images
And I'm One Hell Of A traveller

So Here Are Some Pictures
Of what You Miss
And Of What You Should Think Of Everyday
Preserve Earth
Do Somethin For Your Planet Everyday

Don't Forget The Auto-Promotion
But Be Careful Cause You're About To Get Done By The Forces Of Nature
One The Best Clever Hip Hop Album Ever
Straight Outta 1989
Back In The Day When Hip Hop Was Conscious,Funky And Way More Better Than Now

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Southern Comfort
This Is Not Your Average Post

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Mr Mass Ridin' Dirty?
What The F*%k is That?
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Don't Get Me Wrong,
I Don't Feel Crunk Juice And Shit

But When A Dj...
Excuse My French,
A Musical Genius
(Yes That What He Is To Me)
Like A-Trak
Decide To Put Out A Special Mix
In Association
With Another Genius
The Master Of Propaganda Himself
Shepard Fairey

Then You Know It's Got To Be
Some Hot Soul Food For Your Ears And Eyes
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This Is The Mix I Wish I could Have Done
The Guy Blends Crunk,
With Hard Electronic Stuff
and A Little Zest Of rock n' Roll

But Still It's definitly a Pure Hip Hop Banger

Play This At A Party
You ll Get Instant Fame Guaranteed
and Everybody immediatly Shake Their Asses On The Floor

This Mix Makes Me Wanna
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On And On And On

Don't Sleep On That Crazy Drunk Bomb
This Is A Proper Rip From My Own Personal Cd
(Actually I've got Ten Of Those)
Not The Crappy One You Can Find
Here And There On The Internet
With The Tracks That Keep Skippin on And On

oh and for those of you who needs proper explanation
here is what you can find about this mix on ttl

Woah, is this A-Trak's first "real" mixtape? (The pair of mixes that came out last year were both from live shows, so I'm not counting those.) Regardless, it's a stunna: co-released by Obey with eye-catching artwork from Shepherd Fairey himself, Dirty South Dance is 18 tracks and 50+ minutes of Southern rap laid carefully over electro and dance joints ("new disco," if you will). In the hands of just any bozo DJ, this could be a total disaster, but A-Trak pulls it off with much aplomb. Yung Joc's "It's Goin' Down" over Soulwax's "E Talking?" Rick Ross' "Hustlin'" over Simian Mobile Disco's "Hustler?" They shouldn't work, but goddamn they do. Also features remixes of "Throw Some D's," "Wamp Wamp," "Bojangles," "Stuntin' Like My Daddy," "My Love" and a ton more. Loving the new M.I.A. ("XR2") over the Moroder track, and the XXXchange-produced Kid Sister joint, too. This is the best mixtape I've heard this year, no joke. Be on the lookout for the Dirty South Dance 12" with unmixed tracks, coming this spring from Fool's Gold. Comes on a real deal CD (no CDR!) in a full-color digipak. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rev Shines X Mass™
On Your Marks,
Get Set,

Just To Make Some Of You Wait A Little Bit More
I m Gonna Do A Little Contest
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Here Is The Track Listing
The Mass Education For Your Ears Vol.1 Preached By The Great Reverend Shines

2.Tribal Era
3.Let the Bass Go
5.Cypher Sound
6.Official Love
7.Big Booties
8.Minor Beat
9.Sanctified Soul
10. Dudley Gras
11.Still Shinin'
12.Quannum Leap
13.The Madd Stripper
14.Common Thread pt.4
15.Common Thread pt.5
16.From the Depths of my soul
17.Chamber Music pt.1
18.Chamber Music pt.2
19.More Mixed Nuts
20.Jay on Jazz
21. And We Outta Here...

Wooh 21 Tracks
All Hot To Death

If Anyone Is Able
To Think Of What Hip Hop Artist Is Hidden Behind Each Track
Then You'll Win A free Copy Of This Killer Mix

Excluvisely On
And Nowhere Else
Of Course

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