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Monday, March 26, 2007

Damn,I am A Busy Man AKA It's Spring Again

Sorry Kids,But I've Been A Real Busy Man Lately

But I'll Be Back Soon, The Mass Way

For Now You'll Get Not One
Not Two
But Three Incredible Mixes

Even Though The Third One Is More A Comp Than A Mix
But Who Cares Anyway

First Thing First
Here Is An Incredible (Again!) Break Mixes
It's The Volume 3 Of An Incredible Serie
That Some of You Might Already Love...

It Will Take You To Your Inner Mind Soul

Feelin' Peaceful,Don't You

This CD contains mad rare LIBRARY,
NONE which are featured on Conmen series Volumes 1-5!!
This cd is incredible!!
you KNOW the stuff is RARE!
This cd will stay in constant rotation!

Dope Sounds, Again?

Then The Second One Will Take You To Brazil

this picture is to let you know
that g string is definitly for girls (not all girls Though...)
Even If You're In Brazil,or Feel Brazil
Forget About It

This One Is Absolutely INCREDIBLE

“This has to come out, it's the sh*t…” Cut Chemist (Jurrassic5)

“How can I get a dub?” Muro (King of Digging Productions)

His skills mixed with the depth of his crates makes him unique in his home country.
As a youngster in the late eighties he became fascinated by the burgeoning Sao Paulo hiphop scene.
Graduating from the school of “Yo MTV Raps”
he began Djing under the tutelage of Macello 2the Bone (producer of Racionais MCs) in 1991.
In 2000 he became the tuntablist champion of Brasil.
As a producer he was done albums for Marcello D2 (Sony Music)
as well as working with Brasilian music legends
Gilberto Gil, Planet Hemp, Joao Donato, Trio Mocoto, O Rappa and Dom Um Romao.
He decided to pay tribute to the music that has inspired him most made in his country and then turntablise it..
Filled with obscure Brasilian funk, jazz, soul, as well as samba, bossa and sambarock
it is the perfect introduction to Brasilian music
for those who have never experienced its diversity
or for those who think they have but have never heard a Brasilian perspective.
At fifty four tracks in 79 minutes This Mix is a romp through funky Brasil,
perhaps the first Brainfreeze from a third world perspective.

Thong and Sounds ?
=Num Pais Tropica
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Feel The Sunshine...)

OOPS,Three Missing Tracks

And Last But Not Least
It's A request That Used To Be Here And Then Was Not...

Incredible Sounds
Incredible Comp
It's Like You Know This But You Don't...
Tracks That Will Make You Nodge Your Head
What is That One?

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Day,Another Mixtape

"Damn,I Wonder Where Mr Mass Get All Those Ill Mixes,he keeps providing us on and on and on?"

Well Kids,
Sometimes I ve Got To Go To Secret Places you've never heard of,
to always hit you with the best sounds...

Sometimes it even can be dangerous.

But What Wouldn't I do to Please You With The Hottest Sounds Around?


I Thought I Told You That I Won't Stop

Enjoy This One
It's A Sick
Way Out Of Print
Can't Get It Anywhere But Here

Breaks & Skillz That Will Give You Hope Again

Breaks Mixes Will Never Die Just Multiply

But This One Here...
Is The One You Got To Get For Sure

This Underground Dj
Who's Now Turning Producer
Seems To Have More and More Fans
From around The World

Another Mix,Damn,When This Madness Will Stop?

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How To Make A Tribute Properly

When The Greatest Hip Hop Dj Of The Golden Years,
The Ichiban Son Himself,
Decides To Pay Tribute
To The GodFather Of Soul,
You Gotta Expect Something Great

You Won't Be Disapointed
64 Trax
On Two Discs
The First One Is All James Classics
The Second One Is All Hip Hop Classics

A Must Have Definitly

Don't Sleep On This One

Waht A Way
To Pay Tribute!
=Ain't No Other Way
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts
To Feel The Dynamite...)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are You Futuristic By Any Chance?

So Here Is The Freestyle Mix
You've Requested Mr Coffey

It's Some
Futuristic Funk
Type Of Sh**

When It Comes To Funk By Any Means
Andy Is Definitly On Another Level
19 Tracks To Make You Rock From Head To Toes

Ain't It Funky Now?
Even The Future Should Sound Vintage Funked To Death

Funk Is The Future

So How Was Your Day On The Moon ?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On Your Mark, Get Set, Pump

Another Incredible-Maple Leafed-Rock Steady till Death-Mix

41 Tracks So Strong
That You're About To run The Marathon Of Breaks And Beats
Skilled Mix As Usual With Mr Pump

Run, Mother F*****, Run

Give Me A Break

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Mr Mass's Wall Of Fame
aka Sorry for Bein' Busy

You've Heard The First,
Now Here Is The Second One
Even Better!
Don't Sleep
I'll Be Back Soon
I m A Very Busy Man Right Now ...

Brick In The Wall!
=Smash The Wall For Instant Fame
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts
To Break It Down...)

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Man Behind The Mask : A True Legend

Here Is What You Can Find On The web
About This Unbelievable Mix:

"This CD contains
mad rare BREAKS,

Drops by Tripledouble,
gENSu dEAn,
DJ Biscuit,
Stacy Epps,
Nonnie, Sene, and more!!

This cd will stay in constant rotation!"

Incredibly Amazing

Legend Of The Beats

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Lesson 23 : Cuttin' & Scratchin' Are the actions of this game

This Mix Is From 2001
Way Out Of Print

It Will Hit You Off With Some Breaks
And You'll Hear What A Real Dj Is

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A Truly Essential Lesson
'Maple Leafed' To Death

If You Ain't Skilled,
Step Off
Or You're About
To Be Beated To Death

Should I Say More...

Lesson 23 : What Is A Dj If He Can't Scratch

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Lesson 22: The Definition Of Being NICE

Paul Is Really My All Time Favorite
He got Mixin' Skillz
He's a Reknown Crate Digger
Permantly Droppin' Bombs On The Production
He Is The Man!

He's A True Oldtimer
Who Have Work With Many mcs
From Lord Finesse To The Beastie Boys

This Album Is Crazy
He Kills It Everytime

you can feel a great sense of humor in the way he flip the script

Much Respect Due
He's Definitly Hip Hop by himself

Lesson 22 : So You Really Think You're A Beatmaker...
Well Try This At Home!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Being At The Right Place At The Wrong Speed: Slow Down

Hits You Off Again
with breaks played at the wrong speed

Some Sick Funk Breaks
This Time Played Slow
Real Sloooooow
Sippin' On Some Syrup

Smoothly Chopped
And A Little Bit Screwed
Funk Bangers For Your Ears

Now You Know You've Got To Drive Slow Homie

Drive Slow, Drive Safe !

Know How To Drive?
Hit Me Here !

Wanna Learn,
Mr Mass Driving School,
Wants You To
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Lesson 21 : The Sweetest Taboo

With This Lesson,
We Have To Face A Touchy Point.
We, Hip Hop Heads,
Sometimes We Get sensitive
And Some Of Us Even Cries

Let It All Out.
Release Yo Self.
This Mix Is The Perfect Combination
between Smoothness
And Raw Hip Hop Beats

So Let's All Be Pussy
But Still
With A True B-Boy Attitude

If You're Feelin' Lonely,Wanna Cry
Or You wanna Get smooth With A Girl
This One Is DEFINITLY For You

Lesson 21 : Tears Without Fear !

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Need Support,
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