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Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's A Party
We're Gettin On Tonight !
Happy Birthday Dilla

That Was The French Party 
Dj House Shoes Last saturday In Paris

And Today It's Dilla Birthday
So Enjoy This Great Party

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

King James Version : The Holy Grail

This Is The Mixtape Of All Mixtape
The Holy Grail
The King James Version

As You Can See
I Got A Few Copies Straight Outta House Shoes Back Pack

Don't Sleep 
Hit My Mail

Check The Pictures Of The Party
Les Photos de La Soirée

I Was Lucky Enough To Get My Hand On The King James Version CD
The Unbelievable Mixtape House Shoes Did, Givin Props To Dilla,
Playin The Originals Sounds
Wanna Know More About This Tape...

The King James Version
A Tribute To The Great J Dilla

T3 (Slum Village) - "This king james shit is nutz. no homo."

Amir -"Mad people always talk about how much they love music but my man houseshoes is THE only one I know that consistently holds it down! His knowledge and skill cannot be questioned...basically he is the MAN! I am just the man siitin' next to the MAN!"

Rhettmatic - "The King James Version is a must for all you hardcore Dilla fans or for Sample Heads. Shoes is the only person besides J.Rocc who can put something together like this.....listening to this will make your head crack! Don't sleep!"

J-Rocc - "Houseshoes seems to have it isn't fair sometime. After listening to this you'll ask yourself how did Dilla do it. All Hail King James (both of em)"

Black Milk - "House Shoes just showed us how much of a genius dilla was even more with this cd and how crazy dillas record collection was im just now finding some of these samples...dilla was light years ahead of us..."

Seems Like Not Your Average Everyday Mixtape

Mixtape Disponible
en quantité ultra limitée

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