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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soon You'll See...

You'll See...

And You'll Hear

And A Lot More,
A Whole Lot More...

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Part Nine:
Just When You Thought It Was Safe

You Really Thought It Was Over
1987 The Year That Brings The Noise
Remember That Or What?

At That Time Young Joc would Have Probably Sung:
Hit Me In Wall Street,
It's Goin' Down Down Down Down Down,

Just Another Black Monday...

Who's The True Untouchable?
Kevin Costner
Al'De Niro' Capone?
Choose Your Side.

Don't Worry Mel Is Not Gonna Hurt You
He's Here To Serve And Protect.
Unless He's Drunk And You're Jew,
In That Case You Better Run...

There This New Fatty Guy, Named Peter Jackson
Who Introduce New Zealand To The World,
With This Super Gore Super Z Movie,
Who Is Properly Called Bad Taste.
I'm Tellin Ya,
I Don't See A Great Future For This Guy.

1987 Is All About Gettin Beefy And Shit,
This Is The Worst Piece Of Crap Of The Year.
Ivan Drago AKA Dolph Lundgren,
Is Now He-Man!

Still Beefy,
Sly He's Over The Top,
In The Ultimate Redneck Movie

Beef Beef Beef and More Beef,
Schwarzy Is Here On A Hunt.
If The Predator Knew That He Would Later
Have To Fight The Alien,
I Think He Would Have Stayed Home.

Lynch Is Still Making Movie
With A Bit Of A Story...
You Don't Have To Wait For A Dwarf To Come On The Set
To Ask Yourself Where Is The Dream And Where Is The Reality...

Is The Great Movie Of The Year.
Damn! Murphy Still Got His Soul
You Can't Make Us All Robots,
We're Human After All!

No Charles Bronson Is Not Dead!
He's Old,
But Not Dead.
He's Ridin' His MotorCycle
In Assassination.
If Anyone Saw This Movie
I Gotta Tell You somethin':
You're A True Geek!

Mickael Knight Is Not Yet An Alcoholic,
And Even If He Is,
No Problem
Kitt Is Drivin' Him Home Safe.

Now Let's Get Back To What We Call Hip Hop,
Mr Chocolate Lover Likes Wearing His Cameo HighTop Perfect.

Eric And Parish Are Here To Makes Dollars.
You Gots To Chill
It's Strictly Business.

Straight Out Of The Motherland,
Here Comes The Jungle Brothers.
And In Case You Don't Know Jim Browsky AKA Jimmy, Is Wearing A Hat.

Hottest Female Mc Of The Year Is Kickin' It For Brooklyn
Lyte As A rock

While Eazy E And The Niggaz With Attitude,
Let You Know Everything About
Jerry Curls,
Jerry Curls,
Jerry Curls
And Bitches.
Puttin' Definitly West Coast & Jerry Curls On The Map!

But The True Revolution Of 1987,
He's That Hip Hop Is Gettin Political, Controversial And Conscious..
The Revolution Has A Name:Public Enemy
They Bum Rush The Industry
With This Straight Hardcore First Album

Scott And Kris Are Gettin Criminal Minded,
They're Co Produced By This Guy Named Ced Gee.
Who Happens To Put Out
The Classic Ultramagnetic Mc's
The South Of Bronx,
Is Defintly In The House.

Eric And Rakim are Paid In Full,
Milk Is Chillin With Gizmo...Top Billin',
Nobody Beats The Biz,
LL Is eatin' Kanday,
Salt'n Pepa wanna Take Your Man,
And So On And So On...

I'm Fourteen And I Just Live For Hip Hop.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't Call It A Comeback

There Are Two Way To Party...
And Like Dres From Black sheep Would Say

You Can Get With This

Part One Of This
Part Two Of This
Wich Would Be Your Typical Trendy Club Mix

Or ...
You Can Get With That

Part One Of That
Part Two Of That
Wich Would Be Your Gloomy Party Mix

I Think I Go With That,
Cause This Is Where It's Fat

But Then Of Course,
The Choice Is Yours...

Please Don't Sleep On Those Incredible Mixes
I'm Tellin Ya Kids,Don't Sleep
Collect Them All...

And Don't Call It A Comeback

There Are Three More Lessons To Come 1987 1988 1989
It Seems That There Is Not That Much People Who Wanna Get Educated
Because There Is Not Many Download
Anyway I Will Finish My History Class
For The Best Students

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Part Eight:
Time To Set It straight

1986 Is A Great Year For Hip Hop
It's The Beginning Of A New Era
The Golden Years
That still Influence The Culture Now a day

The Haley's Comet Is Passing By

Challenger Got A Motor Malfunction

Tom Is The Sexyest Pilot Worldwide

Ferris Got His Day Off

The Hitcher Makes You Never Wanna Stop On The Road

Cronenberg Stick Everybody Up With The Fly

Cobra Is The Guy You Don't Wanna Mess With

Kim Bassinger And Mickey Rourke
Are Getting Hot Hot Hot
For Nine Weeks And A Half

The Name Of The Rose Is The Greatest Movie Of The Year

Howard The Duck Is The Worst Movie Of The Year

Robert De Niro Is On A Mission

Timothy dalton Is The Worst James Bond Ever

Tony Danza-Mitchelli Is The Boss Of The House

Spike Gotta Have It

Beasties Are Hittin' The Stage Worldwide

Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Are Live At Union Square

Ask Nas Who's The Greatest Mc Of All Time

Salt'n'Pepa Are Here

Scott La Rock And Krs Put South Bronx On The Map

Cool V And Biz Markie Are The New Funk Sensation Produced By Mc Marley Marl

Kool G Rap Is Also Here With Dj Polo and Marley Marl Got Their Back
Mc Shan Also And He Puts The Classic: The Bridge

Is Justice The Father Of Lil' Jon

Ultramagnetic Mcs Re-Invente Hip Hop
While They Smash Their Bitches Up,
Heavy D Is Mister Big stuff,
King Tee Is The West Coast Favorite
And So On And So On
Hip Hop Is BIG

Hear All This And Even More On This 1986 Lesson

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