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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing Less Than Jake

The other Half Of The Legendary Conmen
Mr Jake One Himself,
One Of My Favorite Producer
Brings His Truth To The Table

The Digger Turned Super Producer who produced tracks for too many mcs
from Andre The Giant To Curtis and HIs GGGGGG Unit
Passin' By De La Soul, El Da Sensei, Freeway, SuperNat, Doom, Dilated And Many Others
Is A True Underground Artist
Who Can Hit You With A Smooth Layback West Coast Sound
As Well As A Raw Dirty New York Hip Hop Beat
Jake Is Versatile
Jake Is The Man Considered By Many
As One Of The Next Super Hot Producer To Watch This Year

You Want To Know All About
His Inner View Of The Industry
His Undefeatable Love For Music
His Album Comin' This Summer

Open Your Ears Wide.

You Got To Let 'Em Know Jake!

First Thing First Can You Introduce yourself to the ignorant kids?

Jake One
great collectro
from Seattle, WA.

How Long Have You Been A Hip Hop Activist?

Probably since kindergarten

Whenever the Furious Five album with "the message" came out.

What's your point of view on hip-hop culture,our culture, nowadays?
and on hip hop production? (it s all about keyboards,they gettin scared to sample)

I think the kids are still super into it but the music has changed into something most people in my generation can't really fuck with. 
There is still good records being made but you gotta search for it.

When Did You Start Diggin?

91 is when I even became aware of it.
1991 Total Eclipse

Probably didn't really go super hard until I met Preme in 95 and he put me up on game.
Jordan 95/45

Who Made You First Became a vinyl Junkie?

I've been a music fiend my entire life. My dad would take me to the stores on the Ave and he would get me a couple records when I was like 5 or 6. I remember him getting me Rick James "Street Songs" at a store on Union because I didn't cry at the dentist one time. lol

Did Supreme got you hooked on diggin?

I was already making my little beats and blindly buying records before I met him but he definitely took me under his wing and showed me a lot about diggin.

Would You Be Able To Count Your Collections?

Maybe 10K. I'm not even sure. I have em scattered in different places. I've been starting to get rid of some stuff over the years though. Running out of room.

Your favorite diggin story?

Probably driving down the bay with Moss and Attic
two super hot canadian producers
and getting stuck in a flood.

Your ugliest diggin story?

I don't think I ever take it that seriously.
Maybe making some dumb ass trades when I was younger.

Do You Still Dig Or Is It Over?

I dig if I go to a different city or country but for the most part its all about ebay,
record mania and place like that on the net these days.

Apart form records do you collect any othe stuff sneakers, whatever?

I collect sneakers but I'm trying to stop.

definitly looks like you're trying!!!

The Conmen serie which is almost ten years old (yeah we're gettin old) is still bangin in heavy rotation at home what made you decide to do this serie with supreme? what was the idea of those tapes?

I think Muro had come out with a tape and we basically wanted to do something as good as his.
I did a lot of the first one on a 4 track and burned out a lot of rare records in the process unfortunately.

I haven't heard them in years. I gotta find my copies.
well Get Them Here!!

Who Are Your Favorite Break Mix Djs?

My favorite break mix dj's are


Rev. Shines.

J Rocc

is the best I've seen playing that type of stuff live though.

And Get J-Rocc Last Tribute Mix To Dilla Here

You're still makin dope ass crates mixes like the one you did for baghat and the next one you GOT to do for masscorporation... is it your favorite type of mixes?

Its fun to go through all the records you've bought and compile em. Every record I have has some sort of memory attatched to it and the mix is like a collage of that for me.

Any chance of a conmen reunion los veteranos back in business?

I would do it. Just would have to find time to do it. I'm pretty busy working on various stuff and Preme dj's 6 nights a week.

How does it feel to be the super producer that name seems to be on everybody's lips this year? (i mean this,even non hip hop people from paris know jake one)

Its cool. I've been at it for a long time and its cool to get the accolades. Its actually not as exciting as I thought it would be. I'm more exciting about doin something from the ground up at this point after working with all these established artists.
My album that is dropping this summer
is the most complete work I've done in my career and it will be cool to stand on my own with it.

Did it changes anything in your life, I mean you're still someone easy to reach
You're still a low profile/Humble type of guy

What's up with the bling bling and bitches?

lol. I buy stupid records like Placebo instead of jewelry. I'm pretty much doin the same things that I've been doin my entire life. Playing basketball, hanging out with my friends. Lots of regular stuff. Every once in a while I go into the studio with big artists and its cool to see how the other half lives.

What Is Your Studio Configuration?

Pretty much
the ASR 10,
Pro Toolsand a bunch of vintage keyboards.

Is The Asr 10 your favorite tool for makin beats?


You've been producin for many sides of hip hop from young buck/50 Ggggggggg Unit

To The Unbelievable master piece rock KoKane Flow

How is it to work with a superstar like curtis/50?

It's cool to have my music exposed to the masses because of him.
I haven't actually worked side by side in the studio with him yet.

How did he get in touch with you?

Thru my manager Sha Money (xl)

After producing tracks for curtis do you sell Your beats more expensive?

Unfortunately the industry is kinda tanking right now so it's getting harder to get any money out of labels right now.

Most Of The Time, Do the Artists want something special or you make them listening to tons of beats and they pick up one?

Depends on who it is. Sometimes I make stuff specifically for a artist but for the most part I make what I feel and then figure out where it goes after.

Is it the same approach to produce for a major act like curtis
and for a more underground act like evidence weatherman lp?

Evidence choose from the same beats as 50 did for his record. I don't really think in major or underground terms. I think all my stuff sounds pretty underground even if I'm working with a mainstream artist.

Do you prefer workin with mainstream hip hop superstars or feel more comfortable with underground acts ?

It all kinda depends on the artist. I've worked with underground guys who were dickheads and mainstream artists who were cool. I just want to make something that's dope to me at this point. All the rest of it will take care of itself.

You're workin on new de la album right now am i right? What are The Other Projects You're workin' on actually? If it s not classified of course?

I've done two for the new record but they are just starting so we'll see what happens.
I don't like putting stuff out there about stuff I'm working out because you can jinx yourself.

I did two songs on the new G Unit mixtape Bodysnatchers, "Like a Dog" and "Baby Come Back".

Can You Named us your major influences in music as a producer/digger

Producer wise
Jay Dee,


Denaun Porter,


Pete Rock,


Sir Jinx

Bomb Squad,


I could go on forever.

What's the future of Jake one?

Putting out the "White Van Music" album this summer.
Its pretty much a big advertisement for what I do.

I got songs with

Here Is A Track Of The Last Freeway Album Produced By Jake

MF Doom,

Little Brother
and many others.

One last word for the kids?

AR 5 coming soon. 100 dollar plus records only! lol

One Last For The Road
Supreme Got A Question For You:

Are You gonna take him as the dj for the Red Bull "Big Tune" beat battle tour this year?

lol. Big Tune already has a dj DV One.

Ok, So Now That You Know More About Jake
You Got To Hear More About Jake

So Here Is A Mass™ Best Of Jake Tracks

The Old To The New,The New To The Old All Classics
It's In Two Parts You Got To Get Both To Get It All

Plus His Dope Instrumental Lp From 2003

Tale Of The Tape

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