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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Randomness From Here And There

Here Are Few Things
Free Thing That Is
That I've Founded Travellin' On The Internet

The First One
Is A Dj Soul/OK Player Wonderful Mix
To Pay Tribute To The Regretted Dilla

Where He Actually Blend Classics Dilla Killer Beats
With Of The Hook Acapellas From
Notorious Big, Nas, Ghostface, Jay-Z,M.O.P.
and Others
I'm Tellin You This Is Super Dope
Dilla's Beats Are Timeless.

And Don't Forget To Visit Dj Soul Blog
To Get Your Weekly Dose of Raw Dopness

Second One
Is A Collaboration
Between One Of The Best Actual Producer
Mr MArk Ronson
And The Chicago's Eight Wonder Mc

They Decided To Pay Their Tribute
To The Man In MirrorMichael Jackson
This Album Is Huge
They Flip MJ's Beats So Nicely
Even Though To Me Every Mirror Should React Like This
When They Cross Mj's Face

Mj and Ronson Are Definitly Musical Geniuses
And Since It's Free You Should Run For It


And The Last One
Is Definitly My Favorite Surprise
You've Seen It Everywhere
But Damn I Got To Confess It's Huge
The Man Behind LOTUG 1st Lp
The Man Behind One Of The Most Underrated Hip Hop Album Ever
"Real Live The Turnaround"
Mr Willie Boo-Boo
Decides To Do His Own Version Of The
Not-so-great American Gangster Album

Like The Black Album
(If You Except The Fact That The Black Album Was Dope)
You'll Find Tons Of Remixes Albums
Most Of Them Are Jokes
This Is Not Just One Of Them
It's Not About Blending Whatever With Jay Acapella
It s More Produced Like A Real Studio Album
And In My Opinion
Way better Than The Original
The Only Bad Point Is That It 's 96 Kbps Encoded

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Merci bien pr cette mixtape!

Jay dee est un légende !!!!! RIP

Bonne continuation


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