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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bloggin' Fusion

Just To Let You Know That My Man 
The Great 
Dj Fusion
Just Opened 
Be Sure To Bookmark It.

While He Is Still Working On It
You'll Find Links About Producin' Usin' Logic...

You Can Hear The Tracks 
He Recently Did On The Skillz Album
If You Slept On Those Tracks,
Wooh You're retarted

Listen To 
And Don't Forget To Tell Fusion
How You Feel His Work?
Common' Hate It Or Love It
But Post A Comment

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Old To The New,
The New To The Old

Some Of You Might Remember
That Magnificent Italian Cartoon From The Seventies
La Linéa

if You Don't
It Seems That
Lil X
One Of The Hip Hop Video's Top Notch Directors
Remember It Quite Well

He Put A Little Hip Hop Twist In It
(Too Much Hipster Flavored Maybe?)
For This New Common Video

Hopefully Common will Get The Success
He's Been Strugglin' For This Last Decade
And Will Get The Chance To Have His Own Tour
And Not Opening Young Kanye Show,

After No ID, Dilla, Kanye,
It's Pharrell On The Board This Time,
The Tracks That Have Leaked Here And There
Give A Preview Of What Could Be A great Album
Better Than "BE"

I'm Sure At Least
Martini And Jopparelli
Music Selections Blog Extraodinaire
Do Remember
La Linéa
Don't You?

Play That beat Why Don't You Play For Me

You Might Have Read Here Or There
That Travis Barker And Dj Am
Decided To Combine Forces 
To Give Us An Incredible New Style Of Performing
A Dj But Mostly A Real Live Drummer
Gettin Busy On The Beats
They Did A Little Promo Tour
Well Now They Decide To Give Us More:

Prince, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, Jay- Z, Timbaland...
Whatever AM Play
Travis Is Freakin' With The Drums
(Really Freakin')
This Are The Breaks, For Real...

This Have Never Been Done Before!
I Gotta Confess I really Dig That Concept

Even Though I Don't Feel Either AM or Travis
The Combination Is Definitely A Deadly Duo

Don't Sleep On That Tape
It's Free
And If You Ask Me It's Already A Classic
The Only Problem Is That This Tape Is Too Short
Give Me Some More

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What More Can I Say?

A Genius At Work
Before It's Too Late
Rest In Peace

Props To Who Ever Have Post Those Gems
(Too Lazy To do It Myself)
Keep Great Music Alive


And What The Fuck Is Wrong With 08/08

I Mean, 
Damn 50 That's Young
A Funny Man Is Gone

Monday, August 04, 2008

Can You Dig It?

A Few Weeks Ago Mr I-Got-a-Great -Taste AKA Janko
Woke Up Took His Most Beautiful Shovel
And Decided To Go Diggin' In Legendary Muro's Crates
For Our Listening Pleasure
This Is An Almost Non Mixed 36 Tracks Long
Of The Breaks Used By Mr King Of Diggin'

Don't Know Nothing About This 
Except That It's Dope
And You Definitely Need To Go For This One
I've Seen It Nowhere Else
So 1nce Again It's
Remember Where You Get First

Mad Props To Janko For This One

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who The Fuck Is Squeak The Mouse?

Black Cat,
The Mouse Trainer?
This mysterious Entity Comin' Straight Out Of Nowhere
Should Be Taken Very Seriously!!!

Their Doom's Project Is Just Sick
Yo Betta Watch Out

They're Fully Armed
Willing To Harm

I Think Doom Should Hurry The Hell Up
To Get In Touch With Squeak The Mysterious Mouse
Raw Gritty Dusty Underground Beats
That Fit Perfect With His Off Beat/On Beat Flow

But Who The Fuck Is Squeak The Mouse
I Think I Have My Little Idea
Anyway The E.P is Comin' Anytime Soon

Here Is
Their Youtube Link
Their Myspace
As Well
with some exta tracks to Listen To

Post Comments
You Lazy Bastards

So You Think You Can Scratch?

Dj Rafik,
DMC World Champion 2007,
Makes Scratchin' Seems So Easy...
(I Say 'Seems')
I Don't Think I 've Ever Seen Someone That Precise On The Turntables
Even Q-Bert Recruit This Young Sensation For His Last DVD
Scratchlopedia Breaktannica

Definitely A Good Teacher
The Best You Can Find So Far

Be Sure To Check This Video 'Till The End
I'm Sure You Have 7 mn 24 To Waist Today
The Nirvana Routine Is Just Unbelievable

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just Be Megalomaniac

New Commercial
From Mr I-Love-Myself So-Much
I Love This Commercial
And I Definitly Love ABSOLUT

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