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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello Lola ©

Welcome To The Mass Company™

My Little Sister Has Arrived Yesterday

All The Best In This World

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Just A Piano Man
It's The Remix Baby

When R&B Sensation
Ryan Leslie
Is Asked
By Satellite Radio Dj Sensation
Dj Green Lantern The Evil Genius
To Remix Live
Rap New Sensation
Lil' Wayne's
What Can You expect ?
Some Sensational Shit !
Live In Front Of Your Eyes

Worst Comes To Worst

And For Those Of You Didn't Before
Get That Tape

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tudo Bem
Bertholletia Excelsa

Dj Nuts Is One Of The Best Dj
 Comin' Straight Outta  Sao Paolo, Brasil
Nuts Is Brasil Best Kept Secret

His Art Of Diggin' Is To Be Taken Very Seriously
His Tapes, Most Especially Cultura Copia
Gave Him Credit From Worldwide Djs
From Chemist To Muro...

You Should Ask The Guys At Wax Poetics
Their Opinion About Nuts...

I Guess The Guy Deserves His Name
He Will Make You Go Nuts For Sure
With His Crates From Outer Space

So Here You Go With Nothing Less 
Includin' The Legendary Cultura Copia

This Is Not For Everybody
If You're Too Much Of A Hip Hop Head
You Might Not Feel This
(Then Learn And Come Back Again Later Fool)

The Weirdest Mix Should Be "Documentary"
With Only Ethnical Tribes Sounds
As I Told You Before From Outer Space

But If You're A Digger
A Music Lover
A Producer (You Got Samples For Days)
Or Just Curious
Run For Those Mixes

This Is Something Else
This is Something That You Never Heard Before

This Is Just 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THESE are the Breaks
Number One Competition Is None

This MUST Have Been Posted Here And There While I Was Away
But Hey Don't Sleep On This Mix

Now You Know Why They Invented The Term

This is not your average breaks cds
Just From Their Deepest Crates
DITC Blast You Off With This 45 mns Of Killer Breaks

And You Can Be Sure That Those Dudes Still Got 
Some Hidden Gems They Will Never Put On A Tape

Diggin' Is Endless
In Case You've ever Doubted It 
Well, Now You Know

Enjoy This As Much As I Do
Or Even More


Cover Time

Well Kids
I'm Back

Lots Of New Stuff Comin'

For Those Of You That Are In Paris France

On Friday Spinna Is Spinning 
Strictly Prince And Michael Jackson
At La Bellevilloise

Don't Sleep Be There Or Be Square
And Get There Early The Frist 100 Get A Free Cd 
Mass Education Mixed By Rev Shines

Lots Of Exclusive Interviews Comin'
Lots Of Mixes
Lots Of Dopeness

But Right Now It's Cover Time
(It Actually Makes Me Think That Mr O-Dub aka the Teacher Interview is Comin' Soon)

When You Dig You're Always On A Hunt For Covers
Sometimes They're Dope
Sometimes Not

Luckily Most Of The Times They Don't Make Videos

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm Goin' To Miami

Gone To Miami
Post Some New Interviews And Mixes When I'll Be Back

Right Now I'm Goin' To The Beach

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