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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back In A Minute But For Now I'm Ghost Like Swayze

On My Way To India For Something Like A Month Or so
That's Why I'm Not Very  Blogific-prolific At The Time i guess
I will post some before leavin if I have time
But I'll Be Back With More And More Hits

But Today, Here are Two Break Mixes From Two Executioners 
That seems To Be Available Almost Everywhere 
But Maybe You Slept On Those Pearls
(Well if It's The Case You're Really Sleepin')

First One Is From The Latest And Youngest Members Of The x-Ecutioners:
Mr Boogie Blind Playing Nothing But Essential Breaks ,Super Classic Breaks

The Second One is From The Grand Master Adiar Cor Himself
Flippin the Original 52 Beats Tape From Kid Capri Flippin' The Ultimate Break And Beats
That Used To Be Just Here something like 2 Years ago
And That Spread On Too Many Blogs Just Like A Virus

It Seems To Be The New Thing Around 
Blogs That Publish what They Found On Other People Blogs
That's Deep
And Brag And Boast About The Numbers Of Visitors They Got 
Is It Actually About How MAny People Come
Or About The Quality Of Your Posts And The Originality 

I don't Really Understand The Meaning Of Those leechin' Blogs
Even Worst Some Don't even give you props for helping them providing their blogs with heavy materials
anyway who cares(not even me)it was just a reflection
and we're livin' in a Free World 
(are we?)
But Since I Also Don't Understand The Blogs Where You Get only 
Covers, Tracklistings 
And Download Link
I Guess I'm Gettin Old and Borrin'????

But For Now Get Your 2008 52 Beats
or Listen 
To The Original 1992 Version in two parts 
52 and Beats

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