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Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Like Butter Baby
Nah More Like Cream Cheese!


Now That You've Read The Interview
(What? You didn't! Then Just Scroll Down And Get Your Dose Of True Hip Hop For Today)
It's Time For you To Feel The Real Soul Of Phill Most Chill

For This Time You Will Be Lucky Enough
To Get Your Hands On One Of My Favorite Mixtape Of The Soulman
Philladelphia Beat Mission

Take A Good Listen At This Tape
And You Will Understand Why Phill Is Named The Soulman
He Got Breaks For Days and Weeks
And Learn Why He 's An Original Beatminer

Get Ready For Your Mission:
The Philladelphia Beat Mission
Get The Two Parts To Complete Your Mission

Oh And You Might Be Able To Find Some Other Soulman's Mixes Up In Here
If You're A True Digger
And Get Some More For Sure At My Man Phill Most Chill Real Schitt Blog

Philly Week All Week At Masscorporation

So Get Ready For More Dope Sounds
From Philly's Finests


soulsonic said...

great interview! great site!
but for some reason i can't open the mix.
i'm still used to tapes...

Mr Mass™ said...

OK Soulsonic
For One Reason Only You Can't Open The mix
YouNeed To Find the Password
But The Clue Is that It's Super Easy To Find
And It's In Front Of You
If Really You're Too Much Of An Old Timer
Hit My Mail

Dirty Waters said...

one of my favorite mixes

Anonymous said...

enjoying the mix. thanks mass. it's freezing cold here and winding my day down with these sunny philadelphia sounds.

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