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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


it seems that some of you don't know how to read...
or just don't read at all
just leech leech leech
So For Those Guys,in order to leech properly


oh and for those who are still wondering what's the password
because GUESS WHAT there are some


Mitsu Got The Blue...

'DJ Mitsu the Beats' is a japanese hip-hop DJ, but this album is
in almost 100% filled with jazz, or maybe rather its fusion with soul and funk of the ‘70s.

It’s a mix of Blue Note’s artists, and because it was made in ‘modern times’,
some places have a hip-hop rhythm and feel added to fit the mix

More Blue Note Mixes To Come, Get Ready...

Blwo!= Mitsu

Monday, October 30, 2006

New York Abstract Hip Hop Meets Japanese Underground Dj

The artists of Shaman Work Recordings
are not afraid to push the boundaries of creativity and music.

Their goal is to not only fill a void in hip-hop,
but also a music world lacking in originality.

You Got Artists Like
Chris Craft
MF Doom
Wale Oyejide
Sol Uprising
CL Smooth
Scienz Of Life

And You Got This Ill Compilation Mixed By Jazzy Sport Brooklyn

Nuff Said!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

From The Land Of The Rising Sun...

Incredible 60+ tracks of obscure Japanese breaks, spun and cut and segued
with style and precision by the hitherto-unknown DJ XXXL,
rumored to be taking over the Tokyo rare groove market single-handedly
with this unmatched display of deep crates & deft cuts.

Is DJ XXXL better than DJ Muro? Possibly...

but you’ll never see them in a battle in the same room (hint hint).

Highly recommended to all breaks & beats & funk & rock & folk & jazz & soul turntable junkies.
Part One!
Part Two!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Live On The Wheels Of Steel

In 2001, Scratch Perverts –
now a settled line up of Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts,
and an Edinburgh-based DJ they’d first met at the age of 15, Plus One,
won the DMC World title.

To Scratch Perverts, hip hop is a melting pot of styles -
The Neptunes, Dillinja, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Squarepusher,
Radiohead, Aphex Twin, and far more.

That’s what ‘FABRICLIVE 22’ is all about.
Listen out for the best UK talent, a run through some eclectic electronica,
and a crazy throwdown of Clipz’ ‘Slippery Slope’, played at three different speeds.
Find three brand new tracks from the trio, including a remix of last year’s Beatdown hero Ian Brown.
London’s Scratch Perverts are all about invention, humour, progression, entertainment,
generosity, and mind-blowing, jaw-dropping talent.

Part One!
Part Two!

Hail three of the greatest DJs the UK has ever produced.
And the best turntablists hip hop has ever known.

DJ Spinbad:
“Music was something that I fell into. It was a way to keep myself off the street:
I saw some of my friends get into trouble and I think it was my escape.
When I first heard Jazzy Jeff I got straight into scratching,
I just tried to mimic all the things on the records.
I collected tracks from school age: for some reason I ended up with this huge collection of 7”s;
a lot of 80s pop, cheesy stuff that was out at the time.”

‘Fabric 14’ is a hip hop mix in the classic style: blasting with energy,
packed-full of hooks, bursting with bass, smooth, fast and fun.
You may have some of these grooves but there’s no mistaking the moves:
this is sunshine funk that you can’t stop smiling at and nodding your head to,
outrageously pieced together as only NYC’s hottest scratch DJ could.

Part One!
Part Two!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Talkin bout one of the greatest musical genius of our times, the man called Madlib.
i think u guys know him,

if not,
he is one of those artist that keeps alive the free spirit of black music,
he's a logorroic producer:

he was, with DjRomes and WildChild, inside the legendary project called LOOTPACK,
the autors of an underground hiphop masterpiece such as "Soundpieces: Da Antidote";

he's a mad mc called Quasimoto a.k.a. Lord Quas a.k.a.
the Bad Character, his "Unseen" is full of killa tune,
beats made with jazz samples always one step far from the perfection,
and the last quastimoto LP, "The Further Adventure Of Lord Quas" is an explosion of mad skillz.

he also collaborated with trojan, making the mix cd "Blunted In the Bomb Shelter",
he waves high the hip-hop jazz flag with project like Yesterdays New Quintet, that is him split in five,
always droppin top tunes.

there is a mix made by DjTroubl'(ITF 2 Times World Champ) called "A Journey Into Fresh Diggin",
1hour of rarities, remixes and original madlib's tune,
with also the songs he had cutted the samples for his beats, 1hour of crucial sound

Go Quaz!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's Take a Trip From N.Y to Tokyo

Don't Sleep...
It's Christmas On This Blog!!!

First Class Flight
For Your Listening Pleasure

The Captain Paul Nice
Commandant Muro
Welcome You On This Flight From JFK To Narita

Those Guys Got Crates That You Dream Of Havin'
and they mix it and flip it like few does

Something Like 90 Minutes Of Funk And Soul Gems
From Two of my favorite Diggers
Enjoy Your Flight and Get Ready For Take Off

First Class Flight Part 1!
First Class Flight Part 2!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Old Timers Get On the Wheels Of Steel

The B.I.Z get Diabolical and The Jazz Got Soul

When Old Timers Get On the Wheels Of Steel

On One Side,
Here is a Japan Only compilation Mixed by the Diabolical
For those who don't Know this guy is a mad mad crate Digger
his Dj Skills can be contested but he got soul for sure

1. My Automobie
2. Which Way
3. I Like It
4. L.A. Jazz Song
5. I'Ll Play The Blues For Y
6. The 24 Carat Black Theme
7. Skin Valley Serenade
8. Nasty Soul
9. Gheto: Misfortune's Wealt
10. I'Ll Never Grow Old
11. Do Me
12. Memphis B-K
13. I'Ll Take You There
14. Mr. Big Stuff
15. Mama's Gone
16. Saginaw County Line
17. Do The Funky Penguin Part
18. I Don'T See Me In Your Ey
19. Sister Sanctified
20. All We Need Is Understand
21. Don'T Send Me An Invitati
22. Tramp
23. Aquarius
24. Free Your Mind

Japanese Compilation With Classic Tracks From The Staxx, Invictus, & Hot Wax Labels Mixed By Biz Markie.

Make The Music Biz!

On The Other Side,
Jazzy Jeff Got Soul and ... Skills

Featuring 16 lustrous tracks hand picked by DJ Jazzy Jeff
and the Groovin Records crew,
the disc mixes familiar faces (Dwele, Martin Luther, Pete Rock)
with the freshman class of soul (Valencia Robinson, Michael Bohannon, Leela James),
making for a best of both worlds listening experience.
U.K. acid jazz renaissance man Omar duets with U.S. soul matriarch Angie Stone
on a remake of the classic 1974 William DeVaughn hit Be Thankful
while former Incognito vocalist Kellie Sae revamps Aretha Franklins 70s gem Daydreamin.
The disc also contains two exclusive tracks from ATOJ artist V
(She Wants 2 Be, Broken Dreams) not available anywhere else.
DJ Jazzy Jeff blends these tracks with extreme care,
exemplifying his passion and love for the genre.

He Got Soul Part 1!
He Got Soul Part 2!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wreckin' The Floor

Om Records returns with the 4th volume of
the legendary hip hop series "Deep Concentration".
While many of the tempos, rhymes and antics of hip hop
have changed since the release of volume 3 in 2000,
Deep Con brings back its own brand of innovation
with the emphasis on rocking the party,
no matter where it is!

From Planet Asia to DJ Format to J Boogie,
People Under the Stairs and The Nextmen,
there is no hip hop comp as funky and fresh as this.
Bust out the cardboard.
Drop that ghetto blaster.

Turn it up and bob your head!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bad Perverts Meaning Good Scratching

Bad Meaning Good Volume 4 Is A Compilation
Mixed By The Diabolical Scratch Perverts
They Give You A taste Of Their Favorite Songs
From Soul to Hip-Hop, And Even Electronic Stuff
Mixing it Like No one else
Scratching It, Rippin It

This Combination of all kind of music perfectly mixed together
is the definition of what all mixtape should sound like

Lalo Schiffrin,24 Carat Black,Kool G Rap,London Posse
Schooly D,Show And A.g,Gang Starr,Minnie Ripperton
and the list goes on

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Battle's On, This Is History

Back In 1989 Live From The PJ's
This is an Incredible Document
Young Lord Finesse Battling Percee P
One Ghetto Blaster Playing the beat
and those kids are tearing each other apart
For 19 Minutes
The Video Quality is poor but Think For A Minute
there have been a guy, in the bronx, who own a camera... in 1989!
Those Kids Got Mad Skillz Lots of Mcs Nowaday Don't Have 10% of those rhymes
Just Run For It!
And As Usual (because it seems that some of you don't know how to read)
you must download All The Parts to get the complete file
It's called Split Archives

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arigato You Crazy Japanese Digger

Let Me Introduce You To Dj Muro

For those who don't know this guy is a legend in Japan

K.O.D. Motherfu*ker! The mighty mighty 'King Of Diggin'
alias Muro was born in Saitama area, Tokyo in the year 1970.
Often referred as to being one of the pioneers of hip-hop in the late 1980's
and early 1990's, Muro first got into hip-hop at the age of 12
after hearing the works of the legendary Afrika Bambaata on 'Planet Rock' (released in 1981)
which had a huge impact on the young Muro.
Upon discovering his love for funk and hip-hop at the same time,
Muro started experimenting with the turntables influenced by the godfather of hip-hop (Bambaata) b
efore meeting his 'Turntable Mentor' DJ Krush at local hip-hop parties in 1986.
Muro move from his 'turntable education' to being an MC
and he went on to combine forces with DJ Krush
to form his first hip-hop group Krush Posse the year after.
Nowadays The Two Guys Went Separate Ways

This Guy Claim to be the King of Digger
Well I don't know if he is but he sure got some ill Crates
and He represent The Essence of Hip-Hop Culture
he did tons of mixtape
This One Is The Fifth Part Of The King Of Diggin' Serie

One Side By Muro
The Other Side By none other than Lord Finesse

As Usual You Have To Download The Two Parts To Get It All!!!

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

South Bronx, The South Of Bronx

It's The Original Soundtrack From This Half an Hour Movie featuring
A.g, The Ghetto Dwellas,Lord Finesse and Percee P
named SBX Holdin' Down The Tradition

The Tracks are short but bangin'
all produced by Paul Nice

It's Unfindable,Out Of Print,and very few copy were pressed

And You Should Go and Seek For The Dvd They Got Extra Bonuses
Mad Footage of the freestyle battle of lord finesse against percee p in 1989
maybe i ll post it one day
but you better buy it support SBX
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Monday, October 16, 2006


There have been a Malfunction with my Links since the past two Days
It's All Fixed
and The NWA Link Wich was (my mistake) a bad link to the Unbound project
Is Fixed as well

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!
So You Know What To do
and If Anything Goes Wrong C-Box Me
Like That Kid GPC did

Goddamn That Dj Made My Day

The first mix album from the Last member of the X-ECUTIONERS crew
and actual dj of pharoah Monch

A fantastic collection of smoking, old-school tracks,
expertly mixed, cut and rocked to perfection.
Includes source material from
Don't Sleep
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Paul Nice The Most Underrated Producer Of Hip Hop History
This Guy is one of my favorite producer
On This Record He Produce tracks,
mix Others, even Mash-Up some SH**

I will Post More From him Later On
He Did A EP With AG and The GD that kills everything

But right now on this album
you will find unreleased material by
Lord Finesse,Talib Kweli,Black Thought & Percee P
And The Remix of Grand Master Flash Message is UNBELIEVABLE
Just Go for It
Take a Journey to the Centre of The Beats
Let's Take A trip!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kenny Is The Dope

Talk about digging in the crates! This mix from Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez has rarely seen the light of day, but the waiting is now over. Showcasing the who's who of the roller boogaloo movement, Kenny Dope mixes it up in his own unique way that is guaranteed to get any party started right.
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Kenny Dope selects and mixes 29 of his all time favourite tracks.
When a man with a pedigree like Kenny Dope lays down a selection of his favourite tracks we should all listen - these are the cuts that have influenced one half of the worlds most in demand remixes and producers. Mostly 70s tackle from the time he was growing up, soul funk and jazz all feature heavily and a little dash of latin. Includes many tracks the Masters At Work have gone on the cover or sample themselves, and he aint too bad a DJ either....
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez runs down a laundry list of classic and not-exactly-classic disco cuts for Disco Heat, a pleasing hourlong mix that shines a light on the dance music underground of the late '70s and early '80s. Apart from the occasional reminders that this is a Kenny Dope mix, it all but places you in another time and place -- specifically a New York club like the Paradise Garage or the Gallery on a hot night in the early '80s. Norman Harris-produced Gold Mind gems from Love Committee ("Just as Long as I Got You") and First Choice ("Double Cross") rub shoulders with Patrick Adams-produced blazers from Clyde Alexander ("Got to Have Your Love") and Musique ("In the Bush"). Altogether, the mix roams through 20 tracks, so Gonzalez keeps things moving, rarely allowing a track to stretch out for more than four minutes. Selection-wise, the included cuts could only be obvious or played-out to the most frequent clubgoer or DJ. The most customer-friendly aspect of this release is the fact that the label, Urban Theory, provides most of the tracks from the mix on two extra discs without jacking up the price. How many mix albums have sent you on a wild goose chase for the full versions of favorite moments? Since this retails for the price of a single disc, the second and third discs can be seen as the icing on the cake. Most importantly, Disco Heat is also another valuable point of proof that disco was so much more than what the pop charts and mainstream media advertised
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Kenny Is Trippin On Soul Music
Flippin' It Only Like Kenny Does
Rippin' It Up
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Last But Not Least
Kenny Rockin' The Breaks
The second of Kenny Dopes mix series returns to the roots of hip hop - the breaks. 37 classic tracks on here from the funk godfathers of James Brown, Jackson 5, Jimmy Castor, Booker T etc to the disco breaks of William Stuckey and Trouble Funk to the pioneers of hip hop The Cold Crush Brothers and Grand Wizard Theodore. More Excellent DJing skills on show from one of the most influential producers around paying tribute to the past.
Go For It
Dead Link,You Slept On This One!
Wow That's What I Call A Good Post

Lessons On Hip Hop

Doug DiFranco and Steve Stein were Hip-Hop producers
who achieved notoriety in the early 1980's for a series of sample-based collages known as
the Lessons,
which are still well-regarded today as early underground Hip-Hop classics.

Although they never had a hit record,
they proved highly influentual for subsequent artists such as
Coldcut, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and the Avalanches.

Their music has never been widely available on CD due to their use of copyrighted material,

but there have been occasional illegal re-issues

This Is One of them

The Three Lessons Plus Others Tracks With Shadow, Cut Chemist,Coldcut And Others

More To come

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Time To Get P-Funky

Parlet was a female spinoff group from P-Funk
formed by veteran background vocalists
Mallia Franklin, Jeanette Washington and Debbie Wright.

Washington and Wright were the first female members in Parliament-Funkadelic in 1975.

The trio recorded the first of 3 albums for Casablanca,
Pleasure Principle in 1978.

Debbie Wright was replaced by Shirley Hayden in the spring of 1978.

Parlet toured with Bootsy's Rubber Band in the summer of 1978 and with P-Funk and The Brides of Funkenstein in Europe in the winter of 1978.

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Mallia Franklin was replaced by Janice Evans in 1979.

Their second album Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers was released in April, 1979, recorded half by Franklin, half by Evans.
Parlet toured the massive Funk Festivals in the summer of 1979.

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

When Electronics And Hip Hop Shift

TEKTONICS teams up electonic artists with turntablist DJs.
Performers include: Howie B., Propellerheads, Freestylers, Tim Love Lee,
Cold Fusion, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mocean Worker, Apollo, DJ Craze,
Z-Trip, Disk, Vin Roc, Herbaliser, Eddie Def.

Om Records has released a refreshing piece of work,
stating that "Tektonics is the symbol adopted to represent the inevitable shifting of...
hip-hop and electronic music..."
The concept, ambitious in its approach, may seem like an obvious step,
but has not been visualized before now.

Everyone from Photek to Meat Beat Manifesto,
The Propellerheads, and The Freestylers
are paired with the likes of DJ Rob Swift, Herbalizer, The Scratch Perverts, and DJ Craze.

Taking classic tracks by these electronica artists,
the hip-hop turntablists scratch, remix, and throw beats around,
almost making them their own.

In their attempt to liberate these preconceived notions of what music is about,
they bring together two genres that fit seamlessly together and flow so well that,
whether bumping in your jeep, reclining in your living room,
or lounging in a smoky bar,
this will surely have your head bobbing and your feet moving.

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Mole People Lives In Chicago

Molemen is an Underground Collective From The Chi-Town
This Album was Released In 2001
they made a re-issue Remastered
but this one is the original

Raw Undergrounds Beats

And Appearances from An All Stars CAst
and not chicago only

To name a few:
Rhymefest,Percee P
Rasco,Mr Metaphor,Breeze Evahflowin
C-Ray Walz,Slug,M.F.Doom
Grand Daddy I.U,Aesop Rock

For Those of you who thought Chi-Town Was Only About
Guess What,You Loose!

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Mental Tracks

Instrumental Tracks From Daddy Kev The Underground L.A. Producer
who produced tracks for many people including Supernatural, D Styles, Freestyle Fellowship, Bus Driver
All Tracks Are Dope Raw Underground Beats For Your Listening Pleasure

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

The Instrumental Versions Of Kidnappervan from Foreign Legion
All Tracks Produced By Dj Design
Nuff Said

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Talk About Bass

In addition to being the a very successful club night,
Raw Fusion is an highly rated label

This selection is all about Bass and Beats.


Up Hygh - Bass-ment Theme
Roots Manuva - Witness Dub
Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat - Game Over
Melo - Moody Melo
Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish
Jay Dee feat. Frank-n-Dank - Take Dem Clothes Off
Caural - I Won’t Race You
Break Reform - When It Came (Attica Blues Remix)
DJ Vadim feat. Demolition Man - Til Suns In Your Eye
Linn - Available (Hearin’ Aid Remix)
Detroit Experiment - Highest
André feat. Emma - I’ll Do That (The Booty Mix)
Hearin Aid - Fwyip (The Club Banga)
DJ Mitsu - Negative Ion (Sa-Ra Remix)

The Tracks are Very "Jay dee Type Of Sound When He was Flippin With The Electronic Stuff"

One Of The Best Compilation Ever
You Just Got To Listen To It On And On and On And On And...

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Drop A Gem On 'Em

BEAT THIS: A HIP HOP HISTORY' also known as 'Hip Hop A Street History' Originally shown as part of the BBC's 'Arena' series in 1984, 'Beat This: a Hip Hop History' is one of the first glimpses into the nascent hip hop culture of the Bronx.

Looking at all of the arts of hip hop as practised by such legends as The Cold Crush Brothers, Jazzy Jay,  Brim and The Dynamic Rockers, as  well as the musical and social revolutionary Afrika Bambaataa and hip hop's godfather DJ Kool Herc.

Dick Fontaine's seminal film captures the main progenitors of the scene as it evolves from a tiny street movement into an internationally disseminated culture. 'Beat This: A Hip Hop History' features in-depth interviews as well as footage from Kool Herc's original block parties.

This is unmissable breaking, graffiti, rapping and DJing from back in the day, in all its crazy-costumed glory!

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Jazz And Hip-Hop

San Jose, California

Enter 10BASS T, a multi-ethnic trio representing the Bay Area.

MC Slim Daddy Milo kicks an original blend of dance-hall and West Coast patois,
while Solrac commands attention with his rugged Brooklyn style rhymes.
with Selector G providing the musical framework.

The combination of melodic rhymes and funked out jazz, provide a direct path to hip-hop enlightenment.

For a genre-specific comparison, 10BASS T would be called a cross between
the Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, and GangStarr.

This Afro-Latin, Asian trio has had much local success in the Bay Area.

Second Album From This Much too much slept on, Bay area Trio

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


New York City Breaker used to be considered a rival crew of Rock Steady Crew back in the days.
The guy named Michael Holman picked up good breakers from different crews such as Floormasters
and put them into one group and named it "New York City Breakers".

The group consited of KID NICE, MR. WAVE, ACTION, LIL LEP,

The movie "Beat Street" featured their battle against Rock Steady Crew and the scene is legendary.
This battle scene inspired so many people and made them crazy about breaking.

New York City Breakers also appeared on a hip hop TV program "Grafitti Rock" and also "Soul Train"
They even performed at Lincoln Center in front of Ronald Reagan.

This Are A Compilation of their Appearance
even in an 80's Gladys knight Video
It Goes on For 17 minutes

And Yes...
They Do Look Dumb On Their Slim Suits
But The Kids Got Mad Skillz

That's A Perfect Representation of what it looks like
when the media try to represent a culture they don't know nothing about

You won't Find The Rock Steady Crew Wearing This Type Of Suit

Anyway Very Old School Very Funny to Watch
and if this footage get popular in terms of download
i will post a rarissim gem hip hop documentary
so go for it

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We Are At War

Virtuoso is the Much Slept On Mc Ever
This Guy Rhymes with the consciousness of Immortal technique
The Skills Of Jedi Mind Tricks(by the way he features on violent By Design)
And The Beats Are Explosives Violon Hardcore Bangin'

This Guy is From Boston
I post his 2 LPs
featuring Appearances from
Del,Akrobatik,Jaz-O,Torch,Slaine,Rise & Shine,
Casual,Jedi Mind Tricks,Esoteric,Mr Lif,Reks
And More
You Must Have This Two Lps
Don't Sleep

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Boriqua On The Floor

A sublime variation on one of the most brilliant albums of the past decade
the groundbreaking Nuyorican Soul project, headed by Masters At Work,
and featuring a range of players from house, jazz, and Latin,
all coming together to forge a rich new sound!
This remix CD features many of the excellent titles
that were on the now out of print singles issued with the album
all brought together in one album, with a special bonus mix not out before.
There's a total of 9 tracks in all, and titles include
"I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" in the Maw Remix with Q-Tip and the 4 Hero Remix,
"It's Alright, I Feel It" in the Mood II Swing Remix and the Roni Size Remix,
"Runaway" in the Armand Rascal Edit and Spanish Underground Mix,
"You Can Do It Baby" in the Nuyorican Style Mix,
"The Nervous Track (horny mix)", and
"Pienso En Ti" in the Nuyorican Mix by MAW with Luis Salinas.

It's Definitly Not Hip Hop
but I told You It's About The Music I Love
To Me The Nuyorican Soul is One Of The Best Album Of Groovy Bouncy Music
Kenny Dope and Louie Vega Are Just Sick Producers

If You're A Hip Hop Only Type Of Guy
you might dig The Black Gold Of The Sun Remix Featuring Q Tip
or Just Pass This Download

by the Way More Kenny Dope MIxes To Come
This Guy Mix Old School Breaks,Funk And Disco Like No one Else

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Turntablism is definitely an Art

Like its predecessor,
this installment in the Live at the Future Primitive Soundsession series
features two DJs on five turntables in a live performance at a San Francisco club.
Z-Trip and Radar might not be quite as well-known
as Cut Chemist (Ozomatli, Jurassic 5)
or Shortkut (Invisibl Skratch Piklz),
but that doesn't make them any less impressive on the turntables.
In fact, their set--built around a lot of classic rock (Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," Rush's "Tom Sawyer")
and hip-hop (Black Sheep's "This or That," LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells," and many more) is,
if anything, more fun than their counterparts' effort.
Listening to favorites like the Beastie Boys' "Hey Ladies,"
Queen's "Flash's Theme," and Eric B & Rakim's "Paid in Full"
reimagined in this setting gives the songs a whole new life.

An instant party.

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Turntablism is an Art

This is the one that started it all!
The first officially released recordings
from the legendary Future Primitive sessions in San Francisco,
which later gave birth to 'Brainfreeze' & everything that followed.

Here Cut Chemist battles Shortkut in a ferocious non-stop attack of
vintage 45 funk, hip hop classics & undiscovered breaks, beats & dialogue
(much of which was later to find it's way onto
Jurassic 5's early releases via Cut's production,
particularly in the monumental 'Lesson 5').

This is a landmark recording in the history of turntablism.
70 minutes, 23 tracks.

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday,We Gonna Party Like...

Eh Oui Coco, Vieille Branche Pour Ton Birthday il s'imposait que tu es une parution sur mon blog

Avec Des Jolis Images Directement venu des states

Attention Ca y est 32 Ans

L'annee Prochaine Deux Options de Carrieres S'offrent a toi

Soit Devenir vraiment le king des chroniqueurs mondains et enfin detroner ton maitre,ton mentor

Ou Bien ...

Ben Oui 33 L'age du Christ

alors tu sais ce qu'il te reste a faire
Click Here and Relax. This One Is For You

Prends soin de toi Bijou

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