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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lesson 20 : Blendin' Terror aka Mash It Up

I'm About To Introduces You
To The Ultimate Blendin' Level

The Most
Blendin' Mix,
You've Ever Heard

Aristocat Is Known For Bein'
One Of The Most Creative Blender Ever

"This Guy isn't your average mixtape DJ
and this ain't your average mixtape.
For those with an ear for the creative,
ground-breaking sound,
this mixtape features
crazy hip-hop/rock/soul/classic
mash-ups & blends
featuring everybody from
Prince to Jay-Z
to Metallica to Sir Mix-A-Lot."

This Mix Is Definitly My Favorite

Be Prepared To Learn
Some Real Bad Ass,Mother Fuckin'
Truly Dangerous Combo

Lesson 20 : Blendin' Aces !

You're Feelin The Flava?
Hit Me Here !

Wanna Join,
Become A Hitman,
Be Part Of The Squad,
Register Here !

Lesson 19 : Pump It Up Homeboy...

Brand New Kickin' Ass Mix
Featuring Hip Hop Bangers,
Raw Funk Joints,Party Bangers

Scratchin and Mixin' Like No One Else
Pump Brings You One Hell Of A Mix.

Feel The Adrenaline Rush.
Funky Fresh To Death

Get It Now Or Die Soon!

Lesson 19 : Neva Die,Just Multiply !

You're Part Of The Gang?
Holla At Me Here !

Wanna Join,
Register Here !

Lesson 18 : The Spanish Fly

With This Lesson
You're About To Get It All :

You're Unstoppable

Learn Well And You'll May
Have A Chance To Be
The Next Julio Iglesias
Also Known As
The Universal Voice

Be Prepared!

Lesson 18 : Instant Fame: Support The Djs Go Buy Maleet Papi Chulo !

So Know Everybody's Loves You?
Let me Know Here !

You Want To Know More and
Maybe Make Some Friends,
Register Here !

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lesson 17 : The Art Of Flipping Channels

I Take You Out!

We're Going To The Movie:

It's All About Blendin' and Flippin'

Ever Heard Of This Crazy Guy
Who Also Did A 10 Mns Tracks Blendin'
The Intro Of Tons Of Song Of Any Styles
Called Intro Inspection

This Guy Blend Any
(And I Do Mean Any)
Type Of Sounds
And Make Them Match Perfectly

From Hitchcock,
to Buck Rogers
passing by Ghostbusters
With Even A Little Touch Of Kojak

Lesson 17 : A Night At The Movie !

Wanna Say Two Thumbs Up,
Feel Like Speakin'
You're Welcome Here !

You Want To Know More and
Maybe Make Some Friends,
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Lesson 16 : This Shit Ain't Never Gonna Stop

On This Lesson You Will Learn Two Things:

Some Guys Have Much More Crates Than Others
Some Guys Have Much More Sensitivity Than Others

Well, Mo Majid Have Both
Deep Crates And High Creativity

Those Mixes Were Initially
Made For Listening In His Car

But Luckily For All Of Us
It Went Another Way
And They Were Released

The Rest Is History
The Guy Got His Props
From The Soulman Himself

And Those Wall Of Fame
Are Just Part Of The Sickest
Crate Mixes I've Ever Heard

So Here Is Your Part One,Kids

Lesson 16 : Mr Mass,We're Tired Of Gettin' Well Educated !

Tired Of Being Well Educated, Report Here !
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lesson 15 : On And On And On And On And...


The Problem With Beat Diggin
Is That Just When You Thought It Was Over
There Is Always Someone That Dig Deeper Than You
And Introduce You To Some New Breaks
That You Never Heard Before

This Mix IS The Illest,
Brand New Vintage Breaks,
Crazy Loop Diggin'
You Ever Dreamed Of

I Mean,Common,
Where Does This Guy Get His Records From,

Mad Props To My Man William For Sendin' Me This Crazy One

Beat Diggin' Is Definitly a Never Ending Story

That Gives You Lots Of Homework To Do

But Be Careful There Is More (A Whole Lot More) Lessons To Come

Lesson 15 : The Never Ending Story !

All Registered Mass Space Friends, Post A Comment Here !
All The Other, Hurry Up, Register Here !

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lesson 14 : It's Time To Reveal All My Secrets

I've Been Posting Many Many Many Original Breaks
But You Never Got Any Names

Now It's Time For An Assault on Your Local Record Store
The Name Are About To Be Revealed

It's A 50 Mns Long Samples Lesson
The Sound Is Quite Poor
It's A Live Mix From BBC Radio One
But You Got All The Names Of The Originals Tracks

So It's Time For You To Reach Another Level Of Education
And Dig Deeper

Class Dismissed

Lesson 14 : Now You Know The Names !

Report Your Feelings About Gettin' To An Upper Playground Here !
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Don't You Think Good Hip Hop Is Dead ?

There Are Three Styles Of Hip Hop Mixtape Dj's

First One Keeps Yellin' His Name on the mic
on and on and on
(Too Many To Be Named,
Does This Guys Ever Touched A Turntable Anyway,
Or Are They Just Playing Cds)

The Second One Just Playin' You Exclusive Blends
(You Really Need A Clue??
Does This Guys Ever Touched A Turntable Anyway,
Or Are They Just Playing Cds)

And Then There IS The Third One
That mix it ,Flip it,Scratch It,Transform,Blend...
Get Creative

I Let You Guess Which one is My Favorite

Get This Tape,
It's From 1998
And it's a Straight Banger
I Love Hip Hop,
and To Me
That's What A Mixtape
Should Always Sounds Like

Back To The Hip Hop!

And Here Are The 5 Missing Trax (24 To 28) Sorry!

Tell Me How Much You Love Hip Hop Here !
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lesson 13 : You Ain't Ready

It's The One You've All Been Waitin' For

Lesson 13 : Thrill For The Funkster !

Tell Me How Funky You Think You Can Get Here !
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Will It Blend. Part One

There Are Guys Who Mix
But Some Of Them Blend
And Some Even Blend Anything

That's Those One I'm Interested In Today
I Will Post Two Historical Blendin'Mixes

First One Is From 1995
And Is Considered An All Time Classic

It's Straight Turntablism
Top Notch Quality

He Shows Us That A Dj Doesn't Only Mix Records
But Can Flip Any Style With Another
From Heavy Metal To Jazz To ... Whatever

You Gotta Go For This One
Turntable Terror !

The Second One Is My All Time Favorite On The Blendin' Level
Those Guys REALLY means The Terms Blend

Back In 2001 this cd was originally released at 500 Copies Only
Now It has been Reissued Many Times
And Considered A Classic

To Me They Invented
The Mash Up Blendin' Style
They're just Unbelievable

=it WILL Blend!!!
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts
To Feel The Fine Blend...)

on The Same Level You Can Find Mike Relm Crazy Mix Here !
and look out for some other turntablism post on this blog as well

Tell Me What You Think and if you would like more of those weirdos Here !
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Lesson 12 : Being Funky ? A Way Of Living !

Everybody Can Be Funky
And I DO mean Everybody

The World Gotta Be Funky

So If You Study Well Your Lesson Twelve
Even You,
Yeaah you Mr Redneck
Laying On Your Dirty Couch,
Stomach Full Of Beer,
In Your Creepy Camping Car
Can Become Funkier Than The Funkiest

And Finally,
Get A Little Bit Of Respect From Your Friends

So 1,2,3
Be Funky

Lesson 12 : Funk For Everybody,
Even My New Best Friend, Harry Got The Right To Be Funky !

Report How Funk Changed Your Life Here !

And see You Tomorrow
For Another Classics Lesson

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lesson 11 : Teach Me How To Be Funky

Funky Funky Funky Funky Hit Records

Learn How To Be Funky
And Get All The Girls
You're About To Be The School Superstar

With This Lesson
You're Gonna Be DYNAMITE

This Post Definitly Goes Out To The One Who Got The Guts
To Call Himself Anonymous And Who Talk Here And There About Me (As The Frenchy!)
Claimin' That He Knows Me And My Poor Social Life

Even Though You're Not Part Of My 'Social Life'
Doesn't Mean This Blog Is All I Have

Since You Know Me,
Like Jodeci Would Say 'Come And Talk To Me'
I Would Love To Know You Better...
It's All About Fun,Punk

But Thanx Anyway
To Worry About Me
I'm About To Cry...

Lesson 11 : Your Poor Life Is About To Change !

Report How You Became Sexy Here !

Lesson 10 : School Is Never Over, Funk Class

You Really Thought It Was Over
Well Kids,
Learning Is A Never Ending Story

So,Here Is The New Class : Funk Class
As Usual, In High Quality

So Lean Your Lesson
Do Your Homework
The School Is On...

Lesson 10 : Ain't It Funky Now !

Tell Us What You Think About Your New Teacher Here !

Friday, February 09, 2007

Let's Get Down To The Real Pimps And Hustlerz

All Your Bloggers And Bloggets,
Get Ready To Feel The Pimp Juice

This Time We Go West Coast
Playing The Original Gangsta Trax

The Sounds That Create Dre,Snoop,Pac,Atl,Luniz And Many Many More

54 Tracks To Be Precise

So You Better Surrender

The Mix (As Usual) Is Truly Macaroni
Don't Sleep On This Straight Westide-Who's-Your-Daddy Crates Diggin

This Should Be Definitly Played At High Volume
And Probably In A Residential Area

But Beware Of Your Local Pigs

Feel The Funk, But Remember we're all in The Same Gang

Go Buy Arthur King And Unkle T Gangsta Boogie,Support French Djs

Show Love To Your Suga Daddy Here !
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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Soldiers,We Are At War
MassCorporation is Planning to Invade The Blogosphere,
I Need All Of You For This.
Promote By Any Means:
Talk To Friends,Family
Over The Net ,Forums,
Soulseek,My Space,
Even Spam Your Friends.

We Need The World
To Stop Listening To Some BullSh*t Music
And Feel The Beats
Mass Beats

There's A War Going On Outside

For A Better World,
Spread The Word:
MassCorporation IS The Best Blog Around

We Shall Overcome
By Any Means Necessary!

All Newcomers
Hit the C-Box
Or Even Better Post A Comment
Or Even Better Join Us On Mass Space !

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pop Goes The Weasel Cause The Weasel Goes Pop

Do You Remember The Time...

Rap Is Not Pop If You Call It That Then Stop...
But Since Producers Dig Everywhere For Beats and Loops
Here is The Perfect Illustration Of It

And The Mixing Skill Are Extremely High Leveled

I Love This Mix
My Sister Loves This Mix
Your Family Is Gonna Lovin' It

Support French Djs Go Buy Arthur King's Pop Shit

Pop Pop PopHere !
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Being At The Right Place At The Wrong Speed

Try This At Home:
Dig In Your Parents 45 rpm Crates
Play Them At Wrong Speed
and Then Pretend To Be The New Kanye West

Results Can Be Be Truly Interesting
Don't Sleep On This,Please!

Speed Limit,What Is This ?

Or Drive Slow and Show Respect To Your Favorite Officer Here !

Your Favorite Teacher will Be Back
With More Lessons, Soon.
Stay Aware, Kids...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lesson 9 : Now Let's Get Back To What We Call Hip Hop

There Will be Only
One Lesson
In This New Class

Look At The Illustration
And You Will Find
What It's All About

Blended and Mixed
With The High Quality
You're Gettin' Used to

B-Side Vs. B-Side!
=Learnin' is Livin'
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts
To Go To The Upper Class...)

Show Me That You Have Learned Your Lesson Here !
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100% Tasty : Original Recipe

Lunch Time:
For Everybody

100% MassCorporation
Original Recipe
Great Taste
As Always

Try Them,
You'll love Them
Without A Doubt

They Inspired
A Musical Genius

So Eat 'Em All
And Get Fat...

Yummy !+Groovy ?
=Those Doughnuts Are So Sweet
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Feel The Taste...)

Congrat The Chief Here ! Or Post A Comment

And Zero Hit My Mail I've Got A special Gift For You

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lesson 8 : Just When You Thought It Was Over

You Really Thought It Was Over
Well it Is NOT

OK So For Now Anybody Can Post A Comment
you Don't Have To Be registered

Oh And A Guy Who Called Himself "Anonymous"
Told Me That My 'descriptions' are not descriptive enough for His tastes.
Just some constructive criticism.
Maybe He'll be back in a couple of months, good luck.

Well Mr Anonymous Why Don't You Go F*%£ Yourself
and Feel Free NOT To Come Back Ever

I Mean, What's The Point?
Isn't Music All About Feelings

Damn,Sorry I Didn't Know

Are You Guys Not Mature Enough
To Appreciate Music By Yourself?

Would It Change A Thing If I Explain
What I Think Of This or That Part Of A Mix?

I Don't Think It Will...
At All

Oh And What's The Subtitle Of My Blog Anyway
It's All About The Music That I Love

I Think It Describes Well Enough
The Music I Post Here

Anyway For Now
Here Is The World Famous Lesson 8 !
That I Would Describe In Term Of Musicology As ...
Just Kiddin'

This Is The End Of The 'D' Session
Since You Graduate

Next Week I ll Be Back With Some More Lessons

Don't Forget To Show Appreciation And Support Here !

Friday, February 02, 2007

Forty Mother F*ù%!#g Thousands

40 000 Thousands Visits
and .... 91 Comments

I'm lovin' It

What If It Brings Me One Dollar Each Time I Got A Visit
I Guess I would Be Quite Rich By Now

See Ya At 50000

Lesson 7 : Graduation Day

It Seems That
You've Been Good Students
You Study Well

It's Graduation Day
But Don't Forget Your Homework,It's Lesson 7 !

Sign The Class Book Here !

Lesson 6 : Go Home Santas

Wasn't Christmas In December?

That's How We Are
At MassCorporation School of Breaks And Beats
We Keep Droppin Gifts All Around The World

Those Santas Didn't Study Hard
To Only Work One Month A Year

Our Mission Here
At MassCorporation School of Breaks And Beats
Is To Provide You
With All The Good Sounds You Need
And This 365 Days A Year

Alleluiah It's Lesson 6 !

Come And Say Hi To Our Santas Here !

Lesson 5 : This Should Be Devasting To Your Ears

Be Careful With This one

Lesson Five needs to be handle with extreme care !

Stay Quiet
Damn,Give Props Here !

Lesson 4 : School is Cool

Hey Kids, Guess What, Here Is Lesson Four !

Go Home
Don't Forget To Do You Homework
See You Tomorrow For A Brand New Lesson
Show Me Love Here !

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lesson 3 : Never Judge A Book By His Cover

The Title Of This Post
Should Definitly Be The Title Of My Blog
But That's The Way I Like It

I don't Want To Post
An Album Cover
A TrackList
and Feed You Like Little Pigs

I Like People to be Curious
And I Hope You Like It Too

There is (almost) always a meaning
between my abstract post
and the album or mix that is hide behind

So Damn,
Be Curious

Even though there are way more downloads than comments.
Anyway, That's how it is

Most people leech
but don't show their appreciation
for the time (A Lot,you should ask My Wife)
you spend providing them good stuff

I will Keep On
For The Few People Who Show me love and Support
Until I ll Get Bored

Life Goes On

For Now Here Is Lesson Three !

Oh and Zero Don't Worry You'll Get What You Want Soon

Y'all Don't Forget To Show Me Love Here !

Class Dismissed

Lesson 2 : Since It seems That You've Been Nice Kids

Post Your Comments And Appreciations Here !

Here Is Lesson 2 !
Learn Your Lessons
See You tomorrow Same Time
For Another Classic

With Maybe A Little Extra
If You Show Some Love

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