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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lesson 1 : Haven't You Learned Anything Today?

Read The Black Board
It's all Written There

So You Know what to Do
For The Next Sixteen Days

Oh And It's Not Wack Tape Transfer Quality
That You Find on Soul Seek

This Are All Originals
MassCorporation Provided

A Perfect Combination Of Soul,Funk,Disco And Classic Hip Hop

The Type Of Sh**
That I Could Listen Forever

Be Nice, Kids
Post Your Comments And Appreciations Here !

Here Is Lesson 1 !
Don't Forget To Do Your Homework
Class Dismissed

Monday, January 29, 2007

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Still Lookin' For That Perfect Mix...

Lookin' At My Stuff It Reminds Me Of These Two Dope Bangin' Mixes
Released By The Probably Most Famous Beat Digger went producer
In The Industry

If You ve Seen This Guy In Scratch
(Great Movie That You Should Definitly Have At Home)
Then you Went Crazy
He Just Has Two Many Records Spots

I don't Dig That Much his Work as A Producer
But As a Dj, Damn he's Hot !

Here He Teamed With Another Super Hero Of The Beat

First Mix Was Released In 1999
Brainfreeze (Sixty7 Recordings).
The CD is a recording as a practice session
for a show in February 1999
at the Future Primitive Soundsession (San Francisco)
mixing funk and soul 45's.
Initially 1000 copies were made and sold at the shows,
a further 1000 copies were made
and distributed to local records stores in LA and California and sold out very quickly .
A cease-and-desist letter from 7-11 Convenience stores
(The whole artwork and styling was based on their logos and uniforms)
meant that they stopped and moved on.

Freeze !

The Other One Is From 2001

Product Placement (One29 Recordings).
The follow-up to Brainfreeze with twice as many records in the mix.
After Brainfreeze; Product Placement had two additions
to the CD to distinguish it from bootlegs.
On the front is a sticker promoting "Accu Blend" technology
and on the back is an numbered Release Sticker.
None of the bootlegs out there have got these stickers on them.
6000 CDs were produced and this was written into the sleeve notes

Products !

MassSpace AKA Why Can't We Be Friends

Oh Yeah I'm About To Drop
The MassSpace Campaign
Aka Why Can't We Be Friends
Visit Me, Hit Me,Holla At Me!
Why Don't We All Become Friends?
Meet At My Space
Add Me
And Hit Me With A sweet Comment
I Want A Massive Registration and I DO Mean Massive
I count On You

See Ya

Saturday, January 27, 2007

East To West I'll Be Wearing A Vest

Be Prepared,
Those Sounds Are About
To Hit You Hard
It's A Coast To Coast Post
So Wear Your Vest

On The East Side
Straight From Nueva York
You've Got
The Part Two (AKA The Sequel)
Of The Part One
That I've Posted Not Too Long Ago
This Time
The Guy Got Introduced By None Other Than
Premier,Primo The Man
Don't You Think It's Enough
You Should
Bk To The Fullest !
High Quality

Then We Take The Plane To Go To L.A

Where I Introduce You To
another Kickin Ass Mix,
Straight Banger
So Give The Credit Where It's Due

It Was Originally Released In 2002
and It Combined With Ease
Mix,Scratch,Beat Diggin',
Highly Skilled Mix
Straight Genius
Credit Day !

And Last But Not Least
A Little Upper West Coast
Straight From The Suburb Of Portland

A 2006 Mix Playin' The Original Breaks You Love
Mixed With Soul and Skillz
By The Man On The Wheels Behind LifeSavas
Make It Shine And Go Buy The CD Here Soon!
You Don't Wanna Sleep On This One For Sure

Three Bombs For Your Ears
Get It All While You Can

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Ok So You Wanted to Hear Some More Turntablism
And You Have That Right
Infact What Could Better
Than Just Listenin' to
Some Ill Scratches,
Beat Jugglin'
and All Those Crazy Tricks
That A Contest Dj Can Hit You With

Well Better Than Listenin'
Would definitly be Watchin'It...

So There You Have it
C2C Are Back
But Televised This Time
Atom And Piel
Hit You Hard Durin' 52 Minutes
Recorded Live IN 2005 At Tm05 Base Festival In Romania

Cut !
Scratch !
Juggle !
=They Definitly Know Their Routines
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The FOUR Parts To Watch Those Kids On Video...)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

There Are Two Types Of Break Mix

Fisrt One Is
The I-GOT-CRATES Mix And I let You know about it

Then You Got The Second One:

and there are definitly less people who can pretend to reach this second category

I've Posted One of The Best Mix Ever (in My Opinion) a while ago
for those of you who slept on this one you should not
definitly not
so here is your second chance
Pro Celebrity Golf !
Don't Let It Pass By
This Is Definitly A Clever Mix

On That Same Level
Let Me Introduce YOU to

Diplo and Tripledouble are about to hit you
with some breaks you mostly never heard of
on some psyche weirdo shit

the volume 1 is Sweet and You Should Go For It
Freeze !

But The Volume 2
is that type of records that I play On And On and On and On and on and....
A Masterpiece of Intelligence
Clever Mix
Pure Genius
=when Intellect Meet Feelings
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Be Introduce To Another Level Of Highness...)

Zero and Rob C,You Guys Have Great Taste
The Bladerunners Mix
you requested is on The Same Level
I Will Post It Next Week
Be Prepared
But For Now
Pump up Your stereo
and Feel The High

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Massacre AKA Blood Bath AKA Impress Your Friends

Ok So Here We Go For Another Mega Post

Not ONE, Not TWO
But FIVE Original Samples Mixes To Impress Your Friends
Mixed By Jake One & Mr Supreme AKA The ConMen
Released Between 1997 and 2001


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The People's Choice, Aka How You Like Me Now, Aka The Mysterious Post

Will You Be Crazy Enough To Go For Those Two Crazy Mysterioso Posts

You Should...
Should You?

Deeper And Deeper (Link Removed By Dope Artist Demand...)
Run For Cover(Link Removed By Dope Artist Demand...)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Requests and Some Other Shit

OK So Here We Go For Some Requests
Hip Hop
Funk Breaks
And Even A Little Trip To Brazil

First Thing First,Here Are Some Spinbad Stuff requested By Zero

One Of The Official Rock Steady Crew Djs
and one of my favorite mixin' Dj With Dj Rev

The Guy beefed last Year with Funkmaster Flex and Slaughtered him on the one and two
If You Step Up You'll Get Beatdown!

Here Are Some Mixes That Kick some Ass
Megamix And Others Extras
God !+Damn !
=That Dj Made My Day
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Spin The Wheels...)

Dope Stuff

Then You Got The Hertz Request

In the works for what seems like an age,
this CD is the unofficial follow up to
Woody's UK hip hop history lesson "Bangers & Mash"
After a scene-setting introduction
we begin an excellent 45 minute excursion into many as yet unheard
modal jazz, dusted funk and fusion breaks,
all lovingly submitted and collected over many years by Sean Vinylment.
Mixed to perfection by Woody who also drops some sweet scratch sequences.
You'll already know recognise this if you've followed
this DJ's work more closely in recent times via DJ Vadim's One Self project.
"A Country Practice" is the downtempo mix joint to own.
It joins a very select batch of mix tape CDs.

Don't Let This Pass,Unless You're A Looser
Let Me Take A Ride On The Country Side!

Then You've Got Rob C Request

Mixes By C2C aka Coup 2 Crosse
The french Djs 5 Times World Champions,
Did You Doubt I Would Have Some for You Rob???
Common,You Know That Mr Mass Would Never Let You Down!

So Here Are Some Mixes

One Novamix On French Radio Nova from 2003
One Hell Of A Mix!

One BBC Radio 1,Essential Mix From 2005 One Hour Long
And Then Another One Hour Mix By IE Merg The DMC Individual Mix Champion From 2005
Dope !+Isn't it ?
=Those French Kids Are Supa Skilled
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Enjoy The Show...)

and Their Live Set From Dmc World Championship 2004
Enjoy The Skillz

And Last But Not Least
A Gift From The Man They Called Mishk

The Three Taster's Choice MIx
By J-Rocc (Again)
First Blend is from Brazil
If you haven't figured out already,
J-Rocc mixes are probably the finest in the mixtape game.
He's unparalleled when it comes to skills, track selection,
and overall listener satisfaction.
The Taster's Choice series is rather low budget in production
(slim-line with a color-copied covers), but who the hell cares?

This is volume one which focuses on Brazilian music.
He starts the mix with standards by
Sergio Mendes, Cal Tjader, and Jorge Ben.
Then with a track labeled simply "Hype Shit"
he gets deeper into his collection with
Kenyatta, Que 2, Tempo 70, Azymuth, and a track labeled "Classic Shit."
The 16 track selection ends with a unlisted 17th track,
a belly rumbling boogaloo ending.
Dictated by the music style (and probably the rareness of these records),
there's no Beat Junkie trick mixing or blends on this volume,
just simple mixes. 60 minutes.

Brazil !+Blend !
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Feel The Heat...)

The Two Others Are hip hop and soul orientated

The volume two gets into J-Rocc's soulful hip-hop set.
When he's in this mode, J-Rocc goes all-over to find his sound.
Within in the first 5 selections alone, he travels from J.Rawls
to Fela to Pete Rock protege INI to old school Tribe to classic J.Dilla era Slum Village.
He also sprinkles in some mean soul jazz from
Eddie Jefferson, Horace Silver, and Roy Ayers.
Extra bonus here is that you get four J-Rocc break edits
and a cool as hell Madvillain original.
16 tracks in all.

Mild !+Coffee !
=Hip Hop & Soul
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Ear The Choice...)

The volume three explores J-Rocc's specialty sweet spot:
old school hip-hop and classics.
As expected, he absolutely destroys it with mix tricks, blends, and flow.
Witness him kill doubles of Chuck Chill Out's "I'm Large" Instrumental
(mental note: see if it's available on 12")
or listen to him tease out the intros of "Juice" and "The Creator."
He then moves into a breaks section starting off with
2 cut and paste classics from Double Dee & Steinski
and Cut Chemist & Numark,
followed by classics such as "Melting Pot, Let A Woman Be A Man,
Tighten Up (a four minute doubled up cover version!),
Honey Bee (Wu Tang samples stretched to perfection),
DJ Shadow-sampled Buddy Miles break,
and finally ending with some mellow comedown tracks
(a wicked cover of Sunny and RAMP's "Sunshine").
17 tracks in all.

Caffe !+Latte !
=Know Your Classics
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get Proper Education...)

All Three Are Dope
So Thanx Mishk For Providing This
You're The Man

Lots Of Stuff For You To Discover And All Are High Quality
Sweet Post I Guess?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Give the Credit Where It's Due

When The Creme de la creme of Stones Throw Dj's:
Peanut Butter Wolf

Decide to Give A tribute To Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames Brown
You Got To Expect Something Sweet
Well,You Should Not Be Disapointed
At All
They Show How Influencal James Was To Hip Hop
and He Sure Was

James Brown Changed My Life!

Bling Bling, It's A Bad Boy Thing

Kid Grows Fast!

A Supreme Mixx By J-Rocc
For the brand of the same name (Supreme)
Japan Shop Opening On 9-16-06
J-rocc Definitly Kicks Ass On The Wheels Of steel
So Here is A Funk Break,old school mix
That you should definitly not miss
Unless You're Sleepin'

Get Supreme!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Got So Much Soul,I Don't Need No Music

Life Is Sweet,so sweet
Thanx For The Messages

Here Is A special One For you
Who Stole+The Soul!
=This Is The Express
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Give Power To The People...)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr And Ms Mass Are Proud To Present To You MiniMass

My Sun
My Son
Born Today At 1:30 PM

Damn It Feels Good

So It's My Only Post For Today
But What A Post

Apreciate The Little Wonder

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Night At The Action Movie

Another Soundtrack Breaks Comp
Since It Seems That You Dig This Type Of S*%§

This Time, It's My All Time Favorite
The Mysterious Ken Sport who came to pleased

It's Very Difficult To Know Stuff About This Guy

But This Is His Double Soundtrack Comp
Released A While Ago

As Usual Super-Ultra Underground Tracks
That You Wich You Have In Your Crates
But You Don't

The Volume 1 Is Real Bad Quality Sorry For The Inconvenience
The Volume 2 Is OK

If Anyone Has The Volume 1 In Better Quality You're Highly Welcome

But For Now
=One Great Action Movie Night
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Feel The Impact...)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Night At The Movie

The King Of Diggin' Himself
Hit You With 60 Minutes Of Mostly Blaxploitation Breaks
No Tracklisting
But A Sweet Mix
As Usual With The KOD

From King's Bin released As A Tape In 2002

And If Anyone Has The OST breaks
as Requested By Rob C
Let Me Know I'm Lookin' For It

But For Now Let's Go To The Movie
Sit Back, Relax, The Show Is About To Begin'
Don't Forget The Pop-Corn!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Axiom And Mr Mass Are Here To Please You

First Thing First Is The Lettuce Propelled Rockets
Provided By Axiom

This mix lets you dip into Vadim's insane rare record collection
and of course shows off Woody's pioneering scratch techniques
All this to be brought even closer to us later in 2005 with their supergroup collective 'One Self'.
'LPR' is a crazy pot pouri of future Vadim (exclusive here for now),
crazed psych funk rock like the immense & nuff rare
'Chains and Black Exhaust' comp,
(That I will Post Later On)
electric lounge jazz, eastern percussive freak outs and any and all points inbetween.
Nuff comedic seventies adverts drop including personal health instructionals
and even the ad that launched diet seven up on the world.

=Explosive Salad
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Eat The Roquetta...)

Then You Have The irRegular I Mix By Bay Area Dj Fuse-One

Mixtape king DJ FUSE ONE follows-up his acclaimed Metamorphosis
(That I will post Later On)
with one of the most intricate and intriguing mix albums ever made.
An intense musical journey that develops, progresses, and changes shape,
as Fuse seamlessly meshes multiple layers to create a cohesive,
groove-loaded audio landscape.

A compelling ride created with over 150 different records from 20 different musical genres.
Includes contributions from turntable heroes

=An irRegular Joy
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To be In Heaven...)

Not Requested
But Introduced To Me By Axiom
Here Is Funkvergnügen 2 A German Breaks Mix

Marc Hype aka Dj Hype and Katmando
present amazing funkhitters,
weird rockbreaks and rare jazzgrooves from germany...

And You ll Hear Some Sweet Breaks
and You ll See that even in N.Y
they Don't Sleep on German Crates
Ask D.I.T.C...
A Nice Mix To Get If You're a Deep Crate Digger

Deutsch Breaks!

So Now You Know...
Requests Are Taken !
Don't Hesitate

and Don't Forget To Give Props To Axiom For His Contribution On This Post
Hit The C-Box For Him
He's The Man

I Still Got My Personal Request
It's "In 12's We Trust (INSTRUMENTAL Version) By Dj Revolution"

Give The Drummer Some

If You're A Funky Drummer Addict
Old School Hip Hop
Like P.E.,Ultra And Others
Plus Original James And Stuff

Then Don't Sleep
On This Kickin' Ass 54 Tracks Mix
Made In 2003, By The Minneapolis King

One, Two, Three, Breakdown!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Heavy Ammunition

An Ultra Clever Mix From The Minneapolis King...
No Not Prince aka Love Symbol
But Mike The 2600 King

The Guy Deserve his name
He is a true king at what he's Doin'

This Guy Does It All
Sweet As It Can Be

This is a mixtape the likes of which
you're unlikely to have experienced before
or likely to in the future.

Mikes sense of humour and approach to crafting mixes
is as devilish as his use of the fader.

This is a man schooled in the formative sounds of
80s Rap soul jazz R&B and pop
and a man whos not afraid to use every sound at his disposal
from the sublime to the ridiculous.

A mixtape that both entertains and educates
without seeming insular nor throwaway.

Quite an achievement!

Mike excels where many scratch DJs fall by the way side
in that he keeps the entire hour or more of this mix free flowing and coherent.

His approach is perfectly balanced between
the avid scratch fan and record collector, whilst appreciating
not everyone owns 20 thousand records or thinks crabbing is a good thing.

(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Be Blown Away...)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

3 Strikes in a Row


Once Again It's The Man They Call Nice
Paul Hits You On This Mix
With soundBytes,Music and Sample
from Movies and Tv Shows
Classics And Obscure Hard To Find Tracks

As Usual An Intelligent mix
41 Tracks That Kick Ass
From Beginning To The End

MassProduction!+Proudly Presents!
=A Night At The Movie
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Enjoy The Show...)

Brooklyn Bridge Is Fallin' Down

Dj Riz Mix The Originals
Sampled In Hip Hop Classics
Almost Like 50 Breaks On Each 15 mns Part

It's A Classic
and It's a Request From My Man ZERO

Bk Is On The Mix!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Old School Flava For 2007

Once Again Ladies And Gentlemen
It's The Lord Finesse On the Wheels Of Steel
On This 1998 Japan Exclusive Mix
Old School Flava!

Live hip hop party mix!
Compilation of tracks put together by Lord Finesse
that includes both old school hip hop classics
and classic breakbeat tracks that were used in old school grooves!

Finesse DJ's live on the One And Two
and plays tracks from his own vinyl collection,
while sending shout outs, and keeping up a general party feel.

There's a huge amount of tracks, and titles include
"Body Rock" by Treacherous Three,
"Funk Box Party" by Masterdon Committee,
"I'm Afraid The Masquerade is Over" by David Porter,
"The Breakdown (part 2)" by Rufus Thomas,
"Catch The Beat" by T-Ski Valley,
"New Rap Language" by Spoonie G,
"Hard To Handle" by Otis Redding,
"I'll Never Grow Old" by The Charmells,
"Just Having Fun" by Doug E Fresh & Chill Will

What A Good Way To Start The Year
Old School Is A Must!

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