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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blood And Honour

This Is My Personal Favorite Of 2008
Don't Sleep On The Drill Bra
Oh And You're Surely Wanna Test Those Finger's Sushi

Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Your Average Mc,
Well Maybe

Then Take A Quick Look At The Supposed "real side" of hip hop

And Let Me Know Who's The Funniest

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Megatron Is Blazin' Hot Into The Nineties
More Than Meets The Ears

Megatron Looks Like This
And is The Head Leader In Charge Of The Bad Ass Crew
But Do You Remember The Nineties
And The "More Than Meets The Eyes"Gimmick

Aaah The Nineties,
The Golden Years Of Hip Hop
Well Actually Today The Megatron Invite Us 
On A 51 Tracks Journey Into The 90's

You'll Get All The Classics You Need
And The Mic Yelling Exactly Like In The Nineties
Brucie B
Ron G
Kid Capri
You're Lucky To Get A Taste Of That Nineties Flava Again

Choose Your Side
Join The Decepticons
Let's Get Back
Way Back
Back Into Times

Don't Sleep
On This Super Limited Mix Made Last Year 
Japan release Only
"More Than Meets The Ears"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Theft Of The Thief
Aka This Is A Car Jackin'

You've Heard It Right
This Is A Car Jackin!
A Radio Car Jackin' To Be More Precise

Some Of You Might Have Heard
Of This Little Underground Video Game
"Grand Theft Auto 4"

Well While You're Drive By Shooting
Or On Your Way To Your Local Dealer
Or Just Meeting A Ho
You're Listening To The Radio
And Guess What They've Got Hell Of Radios
Hosted By Superstar Djs And Musicians
King Of What He Does

Here Are
Four Radio Stations
Four Flavors
Four Dope Mixes
Ripped For Your Listening Pleasure

Is A 30 Mn Long Mix By Dj Premier aka Primo
from The Classics Radio
The Name Tells It All I Guess

Is All About Jazz-Funk Fusion
Hosted By None Else Than Mr 'Legendary Vibes'
Roy Ayers

Is All About New Flavor Hip Hop
On The One And Twos You'll Find
The Evil Genius Green Lantern
and Ex-Big Daddy Kane Dj
Mister Cee

And Last
IF99 the channel Of International Funk
Hosted By 
Femi Kuti

Well, I guess It's Your Lucky Day
All Hail To Super Thief Mr Mass®
And Don't Park Your Car Near Home
You Might Get Robbed Fool

Monday, May 19, 2008

I Ain't No Lazy Bastard

Hell No, I'm More Of A Way Too Busy Bro
With A Fucked Up Life

But I Won't Let 
Falls Apart Like This

I took a Look In My Tapes Crates
and I've Found This Interesting Mixtape 
From The-Not-Usual-and-Surprising On This Genre 
Don Cannon
With The Help Of Jay cee
And Record collector Gene Brown

Here is This 2006 Mixtape "Sample Clearance"

Those Same Samples Again And Again
Well, With This Tape, I Think You Got Something Like 
150 + originals Samples,
So Go For It,

I Got Confess It's A Nice Tape,
But If You're Familiar With What I Post Here
Then You Won't Hear Nothing New

But 150 Samples On One Tape It Definitly Worth The Download

It's Clearance Time So Don't Sleep
Get The Two Parts As Usual

The Clearance Continue,

With Radio Shows Straight Outta 2005
Brought To You By 
Dj Shame,
Credited By Many As The First To Put A Golden Age Sample Mixtape In The Streets
 Traveling Through Sampleland
That You Should Find Here
And There

Here Are The First Three Shows Of The Vinyl Reanimation Show From Xm 65 Satelitte Radio
Three Shows
All Dope
Live Mix
One Hour Each
What Else Do You Need

In Case You Don't Know, Now You Know
Vinyl Reanimators Is The Shit 

Oh And Stay Tuned I'll Be Back 

Comin' Soon :
Fusion Unlimited Exclusive Interview And Mixtape

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Original Food For Your Soul

This Are Some Originals,

Always Originals,
Every Times Originals,
This Times Blended And Mixed By None Else Than The Great Notorious Jazzy Jeff
The Mixtape Is Named Soberly
And Is From 1997

This Forgotten Piece Was Brought To Me By The Grand Chief at Restaurant Sekizawa,
A Brand New Place You Should Bookmark For Sure.

Be Sure To Also Check  The Dj evil Dee's Podcasts
Hours And Hours Of Old School, New School, True School, Any School actually

I Will Do A Special Podcast Post Later On This Month

But For Now Hit Your Lunch 
And Don't Forget To Congrats The Chief At Restaurant Sekizawa
The Best Restaurant In All Japan

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