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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Three Slices Of Old School Pizza

Kid Capri The King Of Mixtapes

In the early 70's, within the urban enclave known as the South Bronx,
rap music was just getting noticed by its disenfranchised citizens.
It was during this same time,
that an 8-year-old by the name of
David Anthony Love
received his first mixer.

With youth on his side coupled with the determination to succeed,
he began to hone his skills
by DJ'ing at block parties and hitting the local club circuit.

It wasn't long before others took notice.
Relying on his entrepreneurial skills to keep up with the demand,
led him to record his live sets on tape and sell them on 145th Street in Harlem.

Thus began one of the pioneers of the modern day mixtape.

This Kid Was Kid Capri
Here Are Three Classics Mixtapes From 1989
that he is still Selling Nowadays!!!

Old! + School!
=Old School Volume 1
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Old! + school!
=Old School Volume 2
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

Old! + School!
=Old School Volume 3
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

This Are Cd reissues Version So It Only Goes 74 Mns Long instead Of The Original Tapes
(If Anyone Has The Tape Versions Feel Free To Holla At Me)
Volume 1 & 2 Are Funk orientated
Volume 3 Is Old School Hip Hop
By The Way on Volume 3
The Track 19 Is interpreted by the Cold Crush Brothers (My Mistake)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Know Your Classics

Afrika Bambaataa's Death Mix.
Kid Capri's 52 Beats.
Various recorded performances at the T-Connection.
All of them, among ones infinitely more obscure,
are revered and fetishized among obsessive hip-hop mixtape connoisseurs.
While a few of these tapes sound fresh and relevant today,
the vast majority are trumpeted solely
for their historical significance and collectible nature,
furthering one's credibility in the never-ending authenticity debate.
None of these mixtapes are ones you would, in good conscience, give to your curious friend and say,
"If you still don't care for hip-hop mixtapes after this, I doubt anything would change your mind."
Enter DJ Q-Bert...

It's Time To Look At The Classics
when It Comes To Mixtapes
You Must Have Those Three

First is the Death Mix By Afrika Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay

Issued on 1981 on Paul Winley Records
and recorded Live @ James Monroe High School, Bronx

Afrika Bambaataa isThe Founder of The Mighty Zulu Nation
And Dj Jazzy Jay Is One of The Pioneer Of The bronx
Who Inspired Showbiz,Lord Finesse And The All DITC

You Got Two Mixes From Those Cats,
It's All About Education!

Then You Got This "52 Beats" Tapes from 1988

90 Minutes Of Classics Breaks
(All Taken From The Ultimate Breaks and Beats Series)
Flipped ,Scratched and Cut By The King of Mixtapes, Kid Capri

Almost Made 20 Years Ago And Still A Bomb
Timeless! + Breaks!
=90 minutes For 52 Beats
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

And Then In 1999

Q Bert Came Out With The Unforgettable
Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik/A Preskool Breakmix
Wich Is A Kind of new definition of The Kid Capri Tape
by the True Hip Hop revolutionary Q-Bert
Killin' The Classics!

Those Three Tapes(well The First One Is Not a Tape But...)
Are major parts of the Hip Hop History

You Got To Give The Credit
Where The Credit is due

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Do You Know How To Make A Nice Mayonnaise

Here Is The World Reknown Mixtape/Concept Album From 1999
"55 Stories"
From Dj Mayonnaise Of The 1200 Hobos/Anticon Crews
Abstract Hip Hop,
Ill Scratchin' & Dirty Beats
One of My All Time Favorite Go for It
Nuff Said

Way Better Than Ketchup!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Easy Education For Your Ears

2/28/04 DJ Easy Mo Bee Kicks in The Door Of
The WBAI Underground RailRoad Show
The legendary producer of everyone
from Biggie to Miles Davis
drops 52 minutes of his favorite breaks.

And The Man Sure Got Great Taste
If you think of all the bomb tracks he produced through all these years
you can be sure that Mo Bee got deeper crates than you

Now, When it Comes To Dj Skills,
He's Not Killing It (definitly not!)
On The One And Two

But For Those Of You Who Still Doubt
that Good hip hop
is all about samplin'
Now You Know

Easy As It Is!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Diggin' In The Crates

NY Theory - Classic Hip Hop and Breaks
For those that don't know Lord Finesse as a DJ...
One of New York's most respected figures in Hip Hop
graced the decks at WBAI Underground Railroad Show

aired on the 1/14/06
with an absolute classic run of true NY-style Breaks & Beats,
cut up with nothing less than finesse.
Class is now in session...

It's The Bomb!

Meet John Doe

OOOOH isn't He Cute Little Dj John Doe From The 1200 Hobos

Ok Here Are Some Mixtapes From Him
Posted By My Man Peleliu AKA The Fox From Berlin
You Got No cover and No Password
But You Got A Bunch Of Dope Mixtapes
Here You Go

Introducing Reuben StarBucks!
Bedroom Empires! (not a john doe mix though,if anyone knows who did it?)
A.M. Sessions(While You Were Sleeping)!
Kjeldahl Determinations:1200 Hamburgers!

All Those Links Are Dope Mixtapes
And If Anyone Feel Like Contribuing
by postin' links
for the covers of those mixes
You're Highly Welcome

Mad Props For Those... Mr Fox The Berliner

and for those who slept on the
breakin codes post you should go after
the illest mix by my man john doe
"Popullar Fallacies"
Here Is The Link
On Another Level!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

You Won't Find It Anywhere... It's Already Christmas For Turntable Junkies

This Are Live Sets From
Rob Swift
Prime Cuts
Dj Noize
And The 3 Together

They Went On The ITF French championship For Demo Sets
It Was On The First Of June 2000
I Was The Sound Engineer
So I Got This "Straight From Console" Rip Mix
That I Swear You Won't Find Anywhere But Here

Those Guys Know How To Rock The Bells

Plus The First Track Is A Stupid 30" Intro Beat
That I Did For The Show At That Time

World Premiere Exclusive!

Shame On You... Again

Shame is Back for this Second Part of his Travelin' Through Sampleland

The First Side was Made On february 98
The Second One On March 2004

This Dude Got Crates
and Still Loves To Play Original Samples

As Good As It Gets

Ain't No Shame In My Game!

Friday, November 17, 2006

At The Beginning There Was Shame

The Crate Diggin'-I Play Original samples-Mixtape Type Of S***t
Which seems To Be Everywhere right now,
Began with Kid Capri "52 beats" MixTape
Where He Flip The Ultimate Breaks & Beats Serie
Who've Been Sampled So Many Time
That it Feels Like He's Playin Original Sample
But I Think He Was Just Mixing Breaks

But Then There Was Dj Shame
Who Gave Birth On April 93
To A new kind Of Tape
My Favorite Kind By The Way
Playin short Part Of Original Records
That Make You Instantly Think
Of The Hip Hop Song
Who Ripped The Sound
And In 93'
It Was All About Samplin'

Ken Sport
Kon & Amir...

Before all of them
There Was This
Travelin' Through+Sampleland!
= 'The Beginning Of Learnin'


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mad Scientist

Mista Sinista (Ex X-Ecutioners) Again!!!
and DJ CrossPhader from the Photosynthesis crew
mix Extra P's album:First Class
with old school classics
Main Source,
Kool G Rap,
Roxanne Shante,
Leaders of the New School,
Slick Rick
And Many More

This Mix Is Way Better Than Extra P's Album By The Way

As Usual Get It All Or Get Nothing

=The Bomb

Comin' To Break You Off

On Break U Off,
the world renown DJ Mista Sinista (Ex X-Ecutioners) cooks up
a classic mix compilation of some of the most influential breaks on the planet.
On this one hour mix compilation,

Sinista invites you into his world of doing what he does best
straight killing a pair of 1200’s.

Including guest appearances from DP-1, Precision and Boom Bip,

Break U Off delivers the perfect balance of hip-hop break essentials
and raw DJ skills.

This Guy Got Skills Fo'sure

Sinister Break It Down Like This!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Your Chance To Please Me

I've been Postin' Lots And Lots In One Month
But Now I Need Some
So Please Help Me on It

I'm Lookin For :
-Dj Revolution: In 12's We Trust Instrumental Lp
-Ras-T: Six Million Dollar Man Vls
-Soulman Mixtapes archeologic Tapes 1 to 80
-Ken Sport Mixtapes
-Fusion Unltd Mixtapes
-Kid Capri Mixtapes
-Any Breaks Mixes That Kicks Ass

If You Have Any Of These (Or All)
Then Post A Comment Or Holla At Me In The C-Box
Please make My day

And Feel Free To Post Your Requests As Well

Pain Killerz

When You've Got None Others
Than The Incredible X-Men
That Decide To Kill The Breaks

You Know what You're Up To:
Somethin' Dangerous For Your Ears

The Title Of This Tape Says It all
"Murder The Classix"

It's Murder!

Here Comes The Pitch And It Comes In Wild

Kensei Diggin' In The Wild Pitch Collection
For This Tape Released 10 Years ago

You Know The Quality Of This Label

You Know The Quality Of This Dj

You Know It All

= Homerun

Props Goes To My Man Dj Grass
My swedish Homeboy For Sharing This With Me

P.E Crazy, Crazy P.E

Summer Slammer Back in 1990
Damn I Remember goin insane to
The Enemy Assault Vehicle Mixx
This Medley Type Of Sh*** is Just Insane
and The PowerSaxx Version Of Fight The Power
With Brandford Marsalis Is A Killer
Plus The Long Version Of Anti-N**** Machine who was more a skit type of song on the Lp Version

How Long Can You Go ?

P.E Used To Rule The World Back In The Dayz

Bring The Noise (1987 Damn Just Check The Beat!!!)
And The Entire It Takes A Nation Of Millions
are timeless
Raw Hip-Hop With Consciousness and
One Phat Mother F****'Funky Groove
That Will Make Any Crowd Go Crazy

Bring No Noise !

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let's Speak,Not Just Leech

Ok I've Got A Request
This Blog Is Not Just For People To come,grab downloads and Disappear
I've Been Opening This Blog For One Month
and There have been lots of lots of lots of download
but very few comments on both posts and c-box
So Please Make My Day, Be Nice Gentle Boys
Post Me One comment or One message
So I Will Be Happy To Know
That I don't on a peer 2 Peer For Leechers

Common, Just Be Nice

Deeper and Deeper

Deeper Concentration is the second installment
of underground hip hop compilations featuring
and dope shit!

Here You Go Now With The Complete Series
And Don't Forget To Dig In The Archives

Don't Sleep
2 Deeper!

Friday, November 10, 2006

In The Beginning There Was Deep

Deep Concentration reinforces what you fundamentally love about hip-hop
and then proceeds to flip your brain into hyperspace
with some of the more progressive DJ compositions
from some of the most respected turntablists around.

Cut Chemist reaches extra deep into the archives to build "Lesson 6,"
while DJs Swingsett and Wally find a hook in a loop of dripping water
for the trippy "Centaurius Space Bass.

" Hip-hop purists will appreciate the X-Ecutioners' assault "A Turntable Experience"
and the only MC cut, "Say What," by the lyrical marvels Latyrx.

Some of the routines on Deep Concentration are sonically experimental while others,
such as Prince Paul's ego trip, "DJ Prince Paul vs. the World," simply excel with excess

In Deep!

Breakin' Dogs

Way more than just a Blue Note mix

A seriously wicked batch of beats, breaks, and grooves
Pulled from titles on Blue Note and a whole bunch of other EMI-related labels!

The set's served up by DJ Muro, with a chopped-up beat-heavy approach
that's different than his previous Incredible Blue Note set
Much more hard and funky, with a focus on the best bits of the tunes,
and a cut-up funky mixtape sort of feel overall!

There's 29 tracks stuffed into one great set
With bits from tracks that include
"A Day In The Life" by Les DeMerle,
"I'm Just Not Ready For Love" by The Ikettes,
"Deep Night" by Kokee Band,
"Gotta Be Funky" by Monk Higgins,
"It's Your Thing" by Lou Donaldson,
"The Landlord" by Al Kooper,
"I'm On My Way" by Candido,
"Urizen" by David Axelrod,
"In The Middle" by Grant Green,
"Underground Railroad" by Gonzalez,
"Tanga" by Som Tres,
"Soul Symphony" by Three Sounds,
"Oblighetto" by Jack McDuff,
"Gotta Take It With You" by The Trend,
and "Howlin For Judy" by Jeremy Steig.

One Sausage!
A Piece of Warm Bread!
=A Nice Phat Hot-Dog

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Breakin' Codes

What makes a good mix CD?

It depends on the listener,
but one thing I enjoy is when the DJ knows their music inside and out,
to where they're playing puzzles with the songs they play
and the records they scratch within.
The cover art, a play on the infamous DaVinci code,
suggests that perhaps there are codes and puzzles within.
In other words, one has to dig deeper than the surface to find the code.
Perhaps in this case, one has to go past the clever cover to see
if there is any trickery involved.

Let's get this out of the way right now,
John Doe of the 1200 Hobos is a master at what he does.
"Popular Fallacies (True Lies)" is a very intelligent mix CD
that not only shows his skills on the turntables,
but also shows how skilled you can be simply by knowing the music you play.
By doing this, he sets himself apart from the competition
and into a world that has been explored by a select few.

"Popular Fallacies (True Lies)" is the perfect example of how all mixes should be done,
but not everyone is going to go out of their way to add mental skill to their music.

This is on a much higher level.

On Another Level!

We've Got Evidence

Evidence from Dilated Peoples brings forth a mix featuring self-produced tracks, solo material as well as the like from Defari, Alchemist, Supernatural, Plantet Asia, and more...


01 To the Top - Big Twins & Evidence (exclusive)
02 Los Angelinos - Defari feat. Evidence
03 Hold You Down - Alchemist feat. Nina Sky, Prodigy, & Evidence
04 For the Record - Alchemist feat. Dilated Peoples
05 4th of July - Alchemist, Big Twins, Prodigy & Evidence
06 Dark Clouds - Swollen Members feat. Evidence
07 Get Dead - Big Twins & NOYD
08 Off Top - Supernatural
09 G's Like Us - Red Rock
10 Look 4 The Evidence Interlude
11 Peace & Gangsta - Defari
12 Strength in Numbers - Likwit Junkies feat. Evidence
13 Medicine - Planet Asia

Get Dilated! PW is The Same as Usual
But It Goes Out With a M and a C
sorry for the inconvenience!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fear Nothing

As Requested by My Man Ringo
(whom i don't know nothing about
the fact that he is called ringo)
Here is One Of My Favorite Mix Ever

Fear Nothing:
A Rough Mix

By The World Reknown Dj Steinski
Run For It
Dope From Beginning To The End
=Steinski Made My Day

Back By Dope Demand

For those of you who start wondering if i turn a little bit jazzy,smooth
Well it's written in the title of my blog "it's all about music,music i love"
but don't get me wrong my first love is hip hop
and today i'm in a philly mood

and you all know thatTuff Crew is The Mythic Hip Hop Crew From Philly
With Dj 2 Tuff, one of my favorite djs ever

First post is their first single back in 85 where they sampled Get Smart Theme

Get Smart!

Then you got this Ep From 87 Phanjam

with the new york crew affiliated "Krown Rulers" On Two Tracks

and Ced Gee On productions and boards
Tuff Krown!

and last but not least the 12": "She rides the pony/what you don't know" from 1989 with dub and house versions that guarantee to make the crowd jumpin

Ride On!

Pete Rock: Jazz Brother n°1

First of the Diggin'On Blue Series
this one is mixed by Pete Rock aka Soul Brother N°1

Track Listings
1. Sittin Duck - Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
2. Summer Song - Ronnie Foster
3. Little Green Apples - Stanley Turrentine
4. Were In Love - Reuben Wilson
5. Olliloqui Valley - Herbie Hancock
6. I Remember Summer - Gene Harris
7. In What Direction Are You - Lee Morgan
8. Repeat After Me - The Three Sounds
9. Hunk O Funk - Jack Mcduff
10. Summertime - Lou Donaldson
11. Mystic Brew - Ronnie Foster
12. Dont Want Nobody - Grant Green
13. Turning Piont - Lonnie Smith
14. Wrong Or Right - Bobby Hutcherson
15. Samsung Faces Sometimes - Bobbi Humphrey

A (Little) Bit Too Much Shout out From pete on the mic

The Best mix of the trilogy is coming soon... The Lord Finesse one

Nuff Said
So Blue!

Burning Out Of Control (RE-UP & WORKIN')

Steinski from the lengendary Duo Double Dee & Steinski
Mixed the very Best of Sugar Hill Records
If you're Diggin Old School This Record is For You
and if you're not Download It and GET EDUCATED
the mixing part are just def
and this guy inspired people like:
Fatboy Slim,Dj Shadow,Cut Chemist,and many others

on the record you will hear voice appearance by
DJ Milo, Prince Paul, and Cut Chemist.

It's All About Education
And Pleasure For your Ears
Get It and...


Monday, November 06, 2006

Japanese Blue

BLUE NOTE DJ MIX BY MURO features 19 hot tracks
Blue Note tracks mixed by Japanese DJ Muro.

1. Afrodisia - Kenny Dorham Septet
2. Fiesta - Stanley Turrentine
3. On The Street Where You Live - Peggy Lee
4. Deus Brasileiro - Jackie Cain & Roy Kral
5. Recado Bossa Nova - Hank Mobley
6. I've Had A Little Talk - Horace Silver
7. Avila & Tequila - Jazz Messengers
8. Love For Sale - Kokee Band
9. It Was A Very Good Year - The Three Sounds
10. Nica's Dream - Horace Silver Quintet
11. I'm Related To You - Willie Tee
12. Space Spiritual - Cannonball Adderley
13. Stormy - Duke Pearson
14. Gospel Truth - Les McCann
15. Brother Isaac - Charlie Byrd
16. Thre Will Never Be Another You - Sandler & Young
17. Sampaguita - Moacir Santos
18. Soul Searchin - Horace Silver
19. Theme From Electric Surfboard - Brother Jack McDuff

Diggin' Blue Part 1+
Diggin' Blue Part 2=Muro Dig THe Blue

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Feelin' Blue

Although this disc is in mono sound,
this has the feel of a mixtape by the Diabolical Biz markie.
Unlike the Pete Rock & Lord Finesse on the same series,
this dude freestyles perfectly and goes nuts on the tables.

Seriously, you could get scared that he scratch up his own record collection into oblivion.
The number of tracks here are mind boggling

Biz Blue

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Smooth Like Butter

Peanut Butter Wolf on the Mix This time
Quality as Always in The Badmeaninggood Series

Below is a track list with PBWolf's own liner notes, which are not included in the album.

1-Grandmaster Flash-"New Adventures of Grandmaster Flash"
The original version of the song is broken up into two parts that have nothing to do with each other. I love the second part, which is what I used here. It's a take off on Run DMC's "Sucker MCs". There were so many takes on that beat after it came out. Before that, everybody's music was happy and cluttered and "Sucker MCs" was so stripped down and aggressive. But back to THIS song, the chanting in it is a perfect party vibe. I also decided to use the first part of it in my intro since it has a lot of character, with the slap bass and Woody Woodpecker laugh (which was first used on "Techno Scratch" by Knights of the Turntable).

2-Lord Alibaski-"Top Gun"
Anything produced by 45 King circa the late '80's is gold. He was the leader of that era. I had him remix my first single "Run The Line" in '97. I felt like I was talking to God when I called him, but his lack of any ego helped me get over my nerves real quick. He gave me a remix and I rejected it, telling him the beat was already used my X-Clan. Then he told me he did their first single, which I couldn't believe until I went back and looked at the record. I said I wanted a classic, simple bassline/ drumbeat track like his "Microphone Fiend" remix and he went back and gave me one. He did the remix for $1500. A couple of months later, he did "Hard Knock Life" for Jay Z (whom I opened for at a 300 capacity club a year earlier) and "Stan" for Eminem and I thought, good thing I grabbed him while he was affordable.

3-45 King-"Funk Box"
This is a cover of the Master Dom Committee's record, but I like the production on this one much more. This is one of those album cuts I happened across from a 45 King breakbeat that gets the crowd every time. Really similar to "The 900 Number". I love the singer cuz he sounds like an older, gospel trained vocalist, but over the raw drums, it sounds unlike anything else.

4-Iron Butterfly-"Soul Experience"
I'm a sucker for '60's psychedelic music. I love the confidence in his voice and wish I could work with a vocalist who sounds like this (or like Steve Arrington). Iron Butterfly is one of those groups reached millions due to the success of "In A Gadda Da Vida". Their other stuff is really good as well, yet you can always find all of their albums in the dollar bin.

5-Johnny Hammond-"Fantasy"
Classic Mizel Brothers production. This one puts you in a good mood, no matter what you're going through at the time. I remember playing this at a small bar in LA and Rich Medina from Philly came up to me and asked what it was. I admire him as a DJ and felt like I must have been on the right track doing that to him. When I showed him what it was, he said, "Oh, I got this album, but slept on this cut." Even better.

6-Roy Ayers-"Cant You See Me"
Everyone loves "Runnin Away", but not too many people check for this one. It's an album cut from the late '70's, but a British label reissued it as a 12" in the mid-'80's. I bought the 12" in Japan last year for an offensive price, then came back to the US and found one later for a fraction of it. I played it out that trip and have been playing it ever since.

7-Alicia Meyers-"Don't Stop What You're Doin"
I first heard this sampled by Jay Dee for the Slum Village song with Busta Ryhmes. I always wanted to know where they got it, and one day I bought the album with "I Wanna Thank You" on it", and coincidentally this was the first track on it. That intro is such a strong hook that it could be it's own song. And the synthesizers that come in later crack me up because they're SOOOOOO OFF BEAT. Either the person playing them was in the other room or they just didn't care.

8-Bernard Wright-"The Master Rocker"
Another strong groove. This song sounds EXACTLY like "Chic Cheer" from Chic. They both came out at the same time. Somebody had to "borrow" the groove from the other. Not sure who. The girl talking nasty is pretty funny. I decided to add my own synths at the end to make it fit with the next track.

9-B Beat Girls-“Jungle Swing"
I bought this when it came out back in '83. It's produced by Matt Noble, who I buy anything with his name attached to. The scratching absolutely cracks me up. First of all, no crossfader was used. Secondly, at one point, you can actually hear the record they're scratching skip and they keep going. They must have not had much money for studio time. The drum sounds and programming are what do it for me though. There are 3 versions of this song on the 12" and I took my favorite elements of each one. The vocals are over the top, but "when the club's hoppin", it only adds to the excitement.

10-Human League-"Hard Times"
This is when hip hop, breakdancing, electro, and new wave were all interchangeable. Another record I bought when it came out. I first heard it at a Flea Market by a group of Cholos gathered around a boom box, popping to it. It was on a mix tape, but played twice as fast for people to pop to. Back then, they'd speed everything up twice as fast, "Planet Rock", "Numbers", everything.

11-Joe Jackson-"Steppin Out"
I love the sound of this rhythm machine. It gives it a Soft Cell feel. But, over all, the song writing is the strong point. Not necessarily the lyrics, but the chords and arrangements. Joe Jackson is so funky. Probably my favorite song on the whole CD. It's one of those strong emotional songs that makes you feel happy and sad at the same time.

12-Cold Crush Brothers-"Punk Rock Rap"
The precursor to "Push It". The whole feeling of it. This song is way too fast to try to rap over, but I love all the chanting they do. Kinda reminds me of the B52's stuff. Super catchy. I decided to leave out the "Oh My God" sample. Sorry, Doug E Fresh fans.

13-Michael White-"Let Love Be Your Magic Carpet"
Brazilian influenced, disco/jazz album cut. This is another one where the intro groove could practically be a song in it's own. Overall, this song sounds like a weird dream. I bought this album looking for samples to make hip hop with, but ended up playing it out when I DJ. Usually over the dancefloor's head when I play, but fuck it. I guess it's tempo makes it intimidating to dance to. I know I'd look funny dancing to it (or dancing to anything for that matter).

14-Prince Far I-"Blackmon"
If 45 King is God in the production sense, Prince Far I is what He'd sound like. I love the call and response between the singing and rapping. Such a good, dirty recording overall. I wish I could record drums like that now. How'd they get the high hats to sound like that? I decided to loop the rhythm at the end.

15-Jungle Brothers-"I'm Gonna Do You"
When they first came out, they changed hip hop. They had such deep crates, but more importantly knew how to put songs together. They integrated singing without making it corny. They used elements of jazz, reggae, soul, rock, etc. It's bold to compare yourself to Bambattaa, but Baby Bam deserves the title because they really upheld the concepts of hip hop origins, while changing it. When people talk about "forward thinking" and "genre bending" today, I think, go back to '88 and listen to them. Every song on this album influenced the future of music.

16-Charizma & PB Wolf-"My World Premiere"
The production I'm most proud of, even though musically, it's not much more than a half bar loop and some scratching. We were at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley recording our album for Hollywood Basics in '92 and had finished our other songs in a shorter time than anticipated. We decided to mess around and this is what came out. In '97, I asked Kenny Parker to play over the loud speakers at the end of the "Step Into A World" video shoot. KRS One started nodding his head, and asked Kenny what it was. I told him it was me and he begged me for a copy. I said I had just given my last copy to his brother/DJ, Kenny. The next day I gave him a copy and he introduced me to Red Alert and told me to give him one.

17-Kenny Burke-"Rising to the Top" (Snowboy remix)
Another British record I bought in Japan. Why he was a one hit wonder that nobody has tried to resurrect yet, I'll never understand. This one freaks people out because everyone knows the song, but nobody's ever heard this version. It says it's a remix, but it sounds like they actually re-did the song from scratch. Snowboy has some great stuff on the Acid Jazz label that reminds me of Marvin Gaye with the chord progressions and all that. This one is definitely last song of the night music. Good night.

"...Wolf clearly sees himself as an evangelist,
preaching the word of rap's neglected forebears,
and his mix is valuable both musically and musicologically..."

Bad Butta

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yo! Mtv Rep

A Revolutionary Broken Alphabet

You Know What It is
And If You Don't...
Run, Go For It


And All In High Fidelity Of Course!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Let's Get Back Into Time: The 80'S Nice Music,Nice Fashion,Nice Tv Shows.The Sweetest Years

Dj Yoda mash the 80's On This Funny Mix from Europe to A-HA passing bt Slick Rick & GrandMaster Flash
Funny Stuff to remind you of your nice outfits from back in the days

And Then You Got My Man Dj Retthmatic Of The World Famous Beat Junkies
That Gonna Make You Party Like it's 1985

The Wedding Mixer Was Released In 2002
He definitly got more skills than Dj Yoda
Get Nostalgic,A Must Have
So 80's!

Back To The Back To The Back To The Hip-Hop

Those are The Remixes of The Infamous troubleneck Brothers"Back To The Hip-Hop"
A Straight Underground Hit from This Obscure New york Band
Those Remixes were released in 1994, The Single was released a Year Before

I like this Song So much

Troubleneck This!

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