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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Xtra Prolific Tribute

When An Extra Prolific Dee Jay
decides to pay His tribute
To An Extra Prolific Producer
The One and Only
J Dilla

He Puts Not One,
Not Two,
But Three Mixes

Around 200 Tracks Produced By Dilla
more than 4 Hours of dope tracks
all mixed live, no edit, no pro tools , no bullshit
just live mix by Dizle le Champion
so go and grab those

tracklisting for The Three Mixes is

X-Mass™ ain't over

Thank You Dizle

Thank You Mass

and most of all

See Y'all in 2010

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'll Be Back in 2010

New Design
New Pictures
New Stuff
New Mixes Of Course
I m SO Not Dead
I'm Just Mad Busy
Goin To Mad Parties
Shooting Mad People

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Been A Long Time
Maybe Too Long
But Let's Get Back Into Time
Back Into The 80's

Do You Remember The Sweet Time Of The 80's With Crappy Look
Anything Was Possible in The 80's
Bad Taste was a way of life at that time

Crap Music
Crap Commercials

But Dope Kicks

Well Today,

Sparkle Motion Is Here

To Take You Back Into Time

And Bringin' Back Sweet Memories

But Who The Hell is Sparkle Motion ?

Sparkle Motion are club AV pioneer DJ Yoda and 80s R&B connoisseur

and music editor TOBES.

They got together and plucked out selection of their favorite 80s R&B breaks -

no vocals, just an hour of raw 80s beats for the jacuzzi, the private jet, or the boom boom room.


I Love This Bangin' Mix

And Once Again It's Free

Just Click


and enjoy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Not Gone !
I'm Just Busy as You Wanna Be

I Have just Been Super Busy
Makin' Pictures
Lots Of Pictures
So I Have No Time Left For My Blog Right Now
But I'll Be BAck
From Now On You Can Check The Archives
There Are More Than 100 mixes to get for free
Dig diggers

and click on the link if you wanna experienced paris parties
Messin' With Capone

Chillin' With Nore
Trippin' With Tony Vegas And The Scratch Perverts
Rippin' The Stage With Rock And Ruck
Stayin' Focus With Peanut Butter
Dancin With Mayer
Hangin' Out With Dâm-Funk
Feelin' James Pant

Gettin' Blessed By The Dynamic Duo

Aka Medhi And Busy P

Payin' Tribute With House Shoes

Tippin' With Q-Tip
Goin' To Unbelievable Parties
Gettin' Million Dollar Shot

Deejayin' With Beat Torrent
On Some Tatoo Shit With Ugly Duckling

Ugly Ducklin' wit Da Crew

Diggin' With House Shoes

Wildin' With The Crowd

Spinnin' With Spinna
So To Make a Long Story Short

You Can see I've Been A Busy Boy

But I'll Be Back

Most Of My Pics

Can Be Seen On


The Only Website To Check If You're In Paris, Huntin' For The Perfect Party

Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's A Party
We're Gettin On Tonight !
Happy Birthday Dilla

That Was The French Party 
Dj House Shoes Last saturday In Paris

And Today It's Dilla Birthday
So Enjoy This Great Party

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

King James Version : The Holy Grail

This Is The Mixtape Of All Mixtape
The Holy Grail
The King James Version

As You Can See
I Got A Few Copies Straight Outta House Shoes Back Pack

Don't Sleep 
Hit My Mail

Check The Pictures Of The Party
Les Photos de La Soirée

I Was Lucky Enough To Get My Hand On The King James Version CD
The Unbelievable Mixtape House Shoes Did, Givin Props To Dilla,
Playin The Originals Sounds
Wanna Know More About This Tape...

The King James Version
A Tribute To The Great J Dilla

T3 (Slum Village) - "This king james shit is nutz. no homo."

Amir -"Mad people always talk about how much they love music but my man houseshoes is THE only one I know that consistently holds it down! His knowledge and skill cannot be questioned...basically he is the MAN! I am just the man siitin' next to the MAN!"

Rhettmatic - "The King James Version is a must for all you hardcore Dilla fans or for Sample Heads. Shoes is the only person besides J.Rocc who can put something together like this.....listening to this will make your head crack! Don't sleep!"

J-Rocc - "Houseshoes seems to have it isn't fair sometime. After listening to this you'll ask yourself how did Dilla do it. All Hail King James (both of em)"

Black Milk - "House Shoes just showed us how much of a genius dilla was even more with this cd and how crazy dillas record collection was im just now finding some of these samples...dilla was light years ahead of us..."

Seems Like Not Your Average Everyday Mixtape

Mixtape Disponible
en quantité ultra limitée

Envoyez moi un Mail

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And You Say, Paris City
Too Many Parties, Are You Ready!

So After Seven Days Seven Mixes,
Which Happened To Be Six Days Six Mix...
I Know, I Know, My Bad
But If You Look Well There Is Actually Seven Mixes!
Just Click On Houseshoes Label On The MassCLoud™

You Got To Understand That If You Are Anywhere Close To Paris This Week

You Can See Legendary Dj Scratch (Ex-EPMD) 
This Friday With 
Solo And Uncle-O

I Hardly Recommend You To Get Your Tickets Now

Then Get A Little Rest During The Day
One Quick Shower,
And House Shoes
onra, Jazzefiq,
This Saturday At La Bellevilloise Will Finish To Please You For Sure

Where You Should Even More Get Your Tickets Now
You Wanna More 
And Maybe Get 
Some Little Extras 

Click NOW

So If We Speak Of Mr 
House Shoes 

And You Are iTunes User Familiar With The Concept Of Podcast
Then Hurry And Register For 
It's Dope And It's Free

For The French Fanatics Who Want To Get Their Hands On His Unbelievable Mixtape The King James Version
He Will Bring Me This Saturday 50 Copies Of This That I Will Put On Sell 
Hit My 
If You Want One
Cause I Think They Gonna Sell Like Fast

Dj Scratch
For Those Of You Who Don't Know (Ignorants)
He Was Part (They Recently Splitted) Of EPMD Since Day One
He's A Great Dj As Good As A Turntablist Than As A Party Mover
He Toured With Guys Like Jay-z Or Diddy (Small Undergrounds Artists)
He Also Happened To Produce Tracks For The Likes Of Busta,LL Cool J, DMX, Just To Name A Few

Here Is A Preview Of Mr Scratch

And A Mix He Did While He Was Touring With EPMD Back In 2006
And That Was For Sell Only On During This Tour
Just Bangin' Classics From Track One To 25

So See You Friday At Le Batofar for Scratch
And Saturday At La Bellevilloise for House shoes

I Love My City

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day Six: From Detroit To L.A.
There Is A Riot Goin' On

Seven Days,
Seven Mixes

From Detroit To L.A
House Shoes Is Your Dj's Favorite Dj
Still In The Mix For Day Six

Here We Go, 
It's Saturday 
And I'm Still Psoting 
Mad Mixes From House Shoes

As Usual Lots Of Cdrs You Will Never Get Your Hands On
At Least You Can Listen To Those Gems 

Another Podcast Mix He Did For HVW8
Provided In 64kbps (!!!!!!)
But Don't Sleep
More Than One Hour Of Pure Dopeness From Beginning To End
House Shoes Will Make Your Head Nodge For Sure

Join Us Next Saturday
At La Bellevilloise
To Nodge Your Head And Shake Your Booty Live

Hurry And Get Your Ticket

Before It's Too Late

Stay Tuned For Day Seven

Friday, January 23, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day Five: We've Just Begun

Seven Days,
Seven Mixes
It's Already Day Five 
I Don't Know Why 
But I Feel Like 
We've Just Begun.

One Week Left Before The "Thank You Jay Dee" Party In Paris
You Still Got Times To Learn Your Lessons 
With Professor House Shoes
Detroit's Finest

Day Five

Here We Go With A Mix House Shoes Did For HVW8
Live From L.A.

Too Much CDR's,
White Labels,
Never Heard Before Bangin'Sounds,
For More Than One Hour!
Do I Really Need To Say More?

So Y all Should Jump On 
Whatever It Takes 
To Join Us Next Saturday
At La Bellevilloise

Hurry And Get Your Ticket

Before It's Too Late

Stay Tuned For Day Six

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day Four: The Shoes, It's Gotta Be The Shoes

Seven Days,
Seven Mixes

Day Four: It's A (Grown) Man's World

When I Listen To House Shoes Mixes, 
I Feel Like Mars With Michael Jordan
"The Shoes The Shoes It's Gotta be The Shoes"

Too Much Records
Too Much Taste
Too Much Style
It HAS To Be The Shoes

Anyway Here is A Mix He Did For
Back In 2007
I Personally Dig The 'Look Of Love' Cover On This Mix

For Your Parisian's Dudes 
That Still Don't Know What To Do Next Saturday

House Shoes Is Comin' At You To Move The Crowd,
Next Saturday,
Beside Onra And Jazzefiq,
Live At La Bellevilloise.

Hurry And Get Your Ticket


Before It's Too Late

Stay Tuned For Day Five

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day Three: Live Loungin'

Seven Days,
Seven Mixes
Must Be The Cognac From Last Night,
Yeah Must Be!
Anyway I Feel Like Loungin' Today
So Day Three And Here We Go Loungin' Live 

This Third Mix Is Not Hip Hop Oriented But Jazz And Classics
No Serato, Just Vinyls, Original Vinyls
It's A Live Mix Made By House Shoes In 2004
At The Buddha Lounge

And By Listening You Can Tell That House Shoes Has Definitely Learned His Lessons

So Sit Back, Relax And Let Yourself Go
===>Strictly Loungin'<===
For Your Listening Pleasure

Oh And Did I Told You That House Shoes Is Comin' To Paris Next Saturday ?
I'm Not Sure Of That.
In Case I Didn't,
If You're From Paris Or Somewhere Nearby,
House Shoes Is Comin' At You To Move The Crowd,
Next Saturday,
Beside Onra And Jazzefiq,
Live At La Bellevilloise.

Hurry And Get Your Ticket


Before It's Too Late

Stay Tuned For Day Four

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day Two: Random Shit

Seven Days
Seven Mixes

Is it The Cognac That I'm Sipping?
Nah, Must Be The Music !
Well, Maybe Both
I Feel Like I'm On Some Random Shit

===>Some Random Shit<===
That Will Give You A Huge Smile
Tracklist Included
Don't Sleep
And Enjoy This Delicious Liquor
Provided By Mr House Shoes Once Again

Oh And What The Hell Are You Doin' Next Saturday
If You're From Paris Or Somewhere Nearby,
House Shoes Is Comin' At You To Move The Crowd,
Next Saturday,
Beside Onra And Jazzefiq,
Live At La Bellevilloise.

Hurry And Get Your Ticket


 Before It's Too Late 

Stay Tuned For Day Three

Seven Days, Seven Mixes
Day One: Detroit Shit

Seven Days
Seven Mixes

Detroit Sound
By Detroit Number One Dj
(Even Though He's Now Livin' In L.A.)

Day One: 
Welcome To Detroit
Strictly Detroit Shit

This First One Is A 2006 Mix From Houseshoes And Dj Dez Of Slum Village
Listen To This Mix 
Feel How Detroit Is Creative
They Did Hit With Techno,
They're Doin' It With Hip-Hop!
Detroit Has Always Been On Something Else, 
When It Comes To Music

Creatin' A Whole New Sound
Just Amazing

Incredible Mix
By Two Top Notch Legendary Detroit Dj's
Representin' Detroit To The Fullest,

If You're From Paris Or Somewhere Nearby, 
House Shoes Is Comin' At You To Move The Crowd,
Next Saturday, 
Onra And Jazzefiq,
Live At La Bellevilloise.

Hurry And Get Your Ticket 


Before It's Too Late

Stay Tuned For Day Two 
It's Just Begun

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