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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Got To Check'em Out Vs Ecology
Aka The Parallel Post
Aka Sama Same But Different

Today's A Special Day
On One Side It's The BIrthday
Of Martini And Jopparelli's Blog
Check'Em Out
They've Got So Much Taste, So Much Crates
Here Or On The Too Many Links I've Posted On This Post

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So Mass Wants To Wish An Happy Blogday
To Two Kids With Great Taste
The Mighty Infamous

It's Been A Year Now
A Year Of Dope Music
A Year Of Diversity
A Year Of Nice Pictures
A Year Of Proper Education

You Got To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

It's Been A Great Year

So here's My Gift
But As Usual
I'm Gonna Do It The Mass™ Way
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A Surprise Package
A Fresh Brand New Mix
By One Of The Greatest New Yorican Dj
A Master...

1 Hour 15 mns Of Pure Food For Soul

This Man Got
So Much Style,
So Much Crates,
A Genius ...At Work

Oh And By The Way He's Givin Shoutouts
On The Forthcoming Release:
Mass Education For You Ears Volume.1
Preached By The Holy Reverend Shines

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday
We Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

So Come Fly With Us

Enjoy The Ride

Slept on That One

You Get Nuthin' You're Late

The Owner Of This Mix,
The Man,
The Genius,
Gently Ask Me To Take This Down,
So Since I'm A Gentleman
I Got It Made

But On The Other Side
The Blog Federation Ask Us To Post Anything About Ecology Today
So I'm Not A Talker Or A Writer
I Definitly Love The Power Of Images
And I'm One Hell Of A traveller

So Here Are Some Pictures
Of what You Miss
And Of What You Should Think Of Everyday
Preserve Earth
Do Somethin For Your Planet Everyday

Don't Forget The Auto-Promotion
But Be Careful Cause You're About To Get Done By The Forces Of Nature
One The Best Clever Hip Hop Album Ever
Straight Outta 1989
Back In The Day When Hip Hop Was Conscious,Funky And Way More Better Than Now

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