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Monday, October 29, 2007

'Ken Sport' Week
Aka Mister Original

This whole entire week is dedicated to
Mr Ken Sport
Aka The Original Shogun Assassin
Aka Kenneth de Wolfe

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So You'll Get Blessed By One Of His Original Serie Tapes Every Day
And You'll Even Get Blessed with an exclusive interview by Mister misterious Sport himself
like I Say It's All About Education

Most Of You, Youngsters
don't know shit about Ken Sport
Damn Kids, You Got To Know Your Classics
Open Your Books
It's Time To Learn

The Man Is A True Underground Legend
And Definitly part of Hip Hop Culture
And original funk breaks Mixtape game

Stay Tuned For More Info About the original shogun assassin
The Man with way too many records
the Man who has never been about makin' money
but more about sellin' tapes to good peoples only

But For now Enjoy Original mixtape Number 24 release in 1998
(Yes 1998! where were you at that time?)
Part One
Part Two
You MUST Download The Two Parts To Get The Whole File

More than 90 minutes of incredible original funk, soul and jazz
for your listening pleasure

no tracklist, who need names anyway!
either you want to impress your friends
by doin' name dropping
or just enjoy dope music

The Choice Is Yours


Dirty Waters said...

Ken Sport tapes were my schit back in the day, good lookin out on this one- Mr Mass always blessing us with treats as usual

alley al said...

is this deja vu or you already ran a ken sport thing in the beginning of masscorp?

Mr Mass™ said...

i ve been postin mixes but not givin you info about who the man was and why i appreciate his hip hop so much
you ll see by readin the interview
plus those mixes i post now are like impossible to find dear alley
unless last year post was enough for you

i never post the same thing twice
got it

even though you seem sometimes a little disturbed by the mass way
you ll never get twice the same feeling that s a promise

alley al said...

no, i've downloaded some ken sport mixes on some blog with the same ken barbie doll pic i remember, so i thought maybe that was you.
i have to dig which one(s) i got.. i don't think it was 33 34 35 but i wanted to check first.

Mr Mass™ said...

it was here but some other ken sport mixes not those precious mixtapes
with that picture one year ago
clever inspector alley al on a mission

actually you wn t find lots of people to talk about ken sport
you got to be a mixtape geek like myself

alley al said...

ahhhhh lol clever inspector eye am aren't eye? so i did see the pic here before.
ok then. imma have to check out these mixtapes. thank you, mr. mass.

John said...

thanks for highlighting sport's contribution. cant wait for the next mixtape...

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