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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 2 :
Do You Know What Is A Mixtape?

In The Term Mixtape
You Can Find the term MIX which means it's mixed
most often by a Disc Jockey

and the Word TAPE
which means it's on tape, on cassette
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yes before cds there was tape,
everywhere tapes tapes tapes,
even before people start thinkin "i could get money out of this tape",
Djs Used to do tapes for their friends,
Friends who may spread them to their block
then their friend's block copy those tapes to other friend's block and so on
so some tapes could spread real fast like virus
no proper artwork or design
just an old recordable tape with
sometimes something written on it
sometimes a graffiti from a friend of the dj
but definitly no cover
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and at that time nobody was concerned about
what's the name of this track
who's playing this one
it was just for listening pleasure
enjoying music with your ears
cause you don't have enough money to buy records
or you don't know which records to buy

so a good mixtape is all about the taste
of the dj who precisely made that tape

Ken Sport is a man of great taste for sure
this guy loves to play the originals
strictly the originals
only the originals
and he got tons of originals

so like anyone else he used to do tapes for his friends only
who copy them to some friends ...
then everybody was asking him tapes
more tapes,
we need your tapes,
we want your tapes!

that's when he hooked up
with the legendary Union shop in SoHo,
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The Now Closed 'bobbito's footwork' in the East Village
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Cisco Records In Shibuya
the district of tokyo where you can get all the records you re dreamin' of
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and Staple design
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where he will later produce a serie of mixtape and cds
for the super hype brand

Some Places definitly affiliated with hip hop
those shops are HIP HOP actually

then others shops wanted to get their hands on those precious tapes
but ken didn't do this for the love of cash like many others
so he gently said something like
'fuck off I'm Only Selllin' to my people'

Limited is the best way
I mean,Hip Hop Is All About limited edition
limited sneakers
limited gears
limited give you the feeling that you're part of something

That's Why Those Tapes Are in a way Legendary...

So Now That You Know A Little Bit more about the Original Shogun Assassin
You get blessed with original number 33 released in 2002
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Part Two
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