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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Syndromes Of A Classic

A Long Time Request By This Guy Named Guess What: Net 19 Raida
That's His Name, He Choose It, Don't Blame Him...
Anyway, Kid Got Taste And Request A Great Mixtape,
Syndrome From None Else Than Incredible J-Rocc from Beat Junkies Fame
Raw Classic...

You All Know How Much I'm A Mixtape Lover
And To Me, J-Rocc Got The Perfect Class
Technical But Supa Smooth as The Same Time
Here Is The Follow Up To The 1995 Supa Classic"syndromes" 
That You Might Get Your Hands On Later On
"Syndromes Remix" 
Quality To Get You High

Comes In Three Parts This Time

The Crew Is Called Beat Junkies

And If You Wanna Test ...


Anonymous said...

yo mass, thanks for this and all the other dope posts.
I've been rocking the syndromes remix cd and sex machine for years but hadn't heard this one yet.

Anonymous said...

yo just realised that this is actually the syndromes remix one I already got!! damn..
hope you have and can post the first one for us!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics, really enjoying your photography (plus the music of course!)

heeeth said...

Welcome back and thanks for the drop.

mizzerrk said...

Oh hell yeah! I think I requested this ages ago - and not just from this site - but had goven up hope. Syndromes 2 has been rocking my world for teh last couple years, but I never got a chance to hear Syndromes Remix (and from what I understand this is J-Rocc's re-doing of the original "Syndromes" mixtape for sound quality and updating skills purposes), so very happy to finally hear this!!!

Now maybe we can dig out more J-Rocc old mixes like "Slaughter;s Big Ripoff" "Thugged Out", "Forcee the Future" and the Bum Rush Brothers tapes. Anybody got those?

As someone from TTL once said, J-Rocc makes the best tapes. Period.

hooray said...

J.Rocc is definitly the best when it comes to mixtapes, no doubt

I got The Bum Rush Brothers - World Famous Joints Vol. 2 and also a few others like Jazzy Grooves Vol. 6, Heavyweights, Dynamic Duo,...

mizzerrk said...

Hooray, any way you could post those?

hooray said...

for shure, I'll upload them at the weekend and post the link here, aight?

Olskool4real said...

Another one I gotta get around to checking out!!! I just wanted to say Thanks!!!

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