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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Between A Rocc And A Hard Rocc
Hip Hop Hooray

Today Is Hooray Day
He Blessed Up
With Not One,
Not Two,
Not Three,
But Four Off The Hook mixtapes By Grandmaster

J and Rhettmatic Are The Dynamic Duo Of '97
J and Truly Odd Are
The Bum Rush Brothers Hit You With Their World Famous Joints
And Last But Not Least,
Least But Not Last
Get Deep, Deeper Into the Jazzy Grooves
With The Volume 6

Four Killers For Your Ears From Hooray Personal Tapes Box
And All Artworks Are Included High Definition

Do I Need To Say Something Else...

So You Got Enough Music For The Next Month
Thanks To Hooray
We Live And die For Hip Hop
This Is Hip Hop For Today
So Hip Hop Hooray


strangefellow said...

thanks mass, J-Rocc is truly a grand master

heeeth said...

Thanks Mass, Thanks Hooray.

Nat Turner said...

Word! I agree,
Do ya thing MASS


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Jazzy Grooves vol.6. The Jazzy Grooves series are extremely hard to come by. Classic. There were a few volumes released for the Drawls Clothing Company on cassette
(and If you know anything about The Hot weather in Los Angeles, CA)
Most cassettes didn’t survive the heat.

Mike said...

Greatest post ever? Maybe, all I know is I gota lot more J-Rocc than I had before!! Here's hoping for "Slaughter's Big Ripoff" and some obscure DJ cash Money tapes next!!!

Andyman187 said...

Damn I jus ripped my cassette of Dynamic Duo. Classic Shit Mass!

Marty aka Marty Mcfly said...

Mamma we say here in Italy :)

Olskool4real said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the tapes, I haven't checked them out yet but I will comment once I do so!!

Chris Ward said...

Thanks for the J Rocc feast. I'm now busy buying up the old jazz tracks used like Julia by ramsey lewis.
Cheers - Chris Ward

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