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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

Here Is The First Request 
From My Man Supa Dupa Dj Nes 
From Dirty Waters Fame

The Classic Mixtape From 1995 
Which Will Take You Back Into Time
Way Back, When We Were All Nerds

The Legend Says That ThisMixtape Has Been So Much Bootleged 
That It Should Be Wriitten Somewhere On Guinness Book

Anyway Get This Incredible 80's Feeling
Mixed By Razor Sharped Dj Spinbad
 Timeless Mix Who ll Get The Older Of Y'all A Bit Nostalgic
Get Your Mullet On And Enjoy The Gem

Go 80's And Rock That Motherfuckin' Casbah


Dirty Waters said...

good lookin Mass! this mix brings me back, I have part 2 if you need that one..

Dirty Waters said...

check the mass mail I sent some mixes for you bro

Olskool4real said...

Which DJ Spinbad is this!! i get so confused since I am from Philly and remeber the original Spinbad being a G-Town DJ who once beat Jazzy Jeff and was the first to hit the transformer scratch, over the years I have downloaded mixes of Spinbads but I am not sure if they are the same guy cause the Spinbad I know was wicked but not much of a Mixer there was also a New york Spinbad that spinned for BVD back in the day so which Spinbad is this?

Olskool4real said...

Correction BBD Bell Biv Divoe my bad!!

Dirty Waters said...

this is Spinbad from NYC

Olskool4real said...

Thanks there has been this huge diparity, when cats say Spinbad because I go back to the Legendary Philly Spinbad the original creator of the transformer scratch, who battled Jazzy Jeff a couple of times back somewhere in the mid 80's I get both excited and confused. The one on the mixtape circuit I believe is DJ Spinbad of NYC!! Then when i went on line I found several Spinbads so I'm not sure who is who!! Maybe we should have a real DJ Spinbad contest huh!!!Thanks!!LOL

Maca said...

First of all,this Blog is da ish!!period!!
Ohhhhhh..i´ve been looking for this one for years...still got one of the original Tapes,but couldn´t transfer it to my PC..
Now i´m sittin here for like 2(!) hours to get that d**n Password..i tried every single line on this site..
Could anyone be so kind and give me at least a hint?!
i would REALLY appreciate it!!
..and yes i´ve read the text on the righthand corner...but i still don´t get it :-(

THANX in advance!!
ahh..and btw i will be here more often from now on..

MACA said...

Dear Mr Mass...
Just forget about my last Post,asking for the Password...
It was REALLY the last f*****g word i wanted to try..and it worked!!

SO,keep up the good ish..Love your Blog!!
Keep on rockin,one luv&blesses all the way from Germany!!

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