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Monday, June 04, 2007

Part Six:
In The Mix

The Year Is 1984,
I'm Eleven
And I'm So Much In Love With Hip Hop

A New Personal Computer Is Here
His Name Apple Macintosh

And In 1984 Who You Gonna Call?
'Cause They Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost
and They Will Make You Laugh

Brian de Palma Introduce The World
To Young & sexy
Melanie Griffith (At That Time!!!)
In The Great Body Double

Grace Jones
Don' t See La Vie En Rose Anymore
And She's Here For Trouble
Mister Bond,James Bond,
in A View To A Kill

Indi Is Back,
On His Way To The Temple Of Doom.

In 1984,
Robert De Niro
Let Us Know How Life Was,
Once Upon A time In America

Sony Crockett And Ricardo Tubbs
Put Miami On The Map,
Get all the Girls
And Wear Super Funky Flashy Suits

Sting Is Playing
In This Super Futuristic Underwear,
In The Crappy Dune

But The King Of 1984
is Definitly Governator...
Oops Sorry Terminator
And His Famous:" Hasta La Vista Baby"

The Hip Hop Game
Is Welcoming The New Young Sensation,
James Todd Smith Aka
L.L. (For Ladies Love) Cool J (For James),
He Needs A Beat
And Damn,
He definitly Looks Like Allen Iverson With A Kangol
Way Before The Botox Era

The Fat Boys Are Here,
And Beatbox Is
The Flavor Of The Year

Whodini Rules The World Askin' How Many Of us Have Their Friends

Run Dmc Are Still The King Of Rock

So Like T la Rock Would say on this brand new label called Def Jam Recordings:
It's Yours

Def Jam Is Born By The Meeting Of Russel Simmons And Rick Rubin
Who Where Introduced By Vincent Gallo At That Time
And A Third Man Who Goes By The Name Of Dj Jazzy Jay
T La Rock's It's Yours IS The First Dej Jam Single
But In 1984 They Also Released
I Need A Beat By LL
Rock Hard
By A Small White Punk Rock Band Called ...
Beastie Boys

Hip Hop Is About To Get Worldwide
Keep It Old School Fools

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1 comment:

Dart Adams said...

Woooow. It made me very uncomfortable to see Sting in those futuristic drawers....and Dune is one of my favorite movies. Keep on doing your thing, Mr. Mass! One.

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