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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Part Seven:
Welcome To The Thunderdome

The Year Is Nineteen Eighty Five,
Hip Hop Is Gettin' Bigger And
The World is Fascinating By This Incredible Culture
With A True Positive Energy

I'm 12
I'm Writing My Name On Walls And Trains,
I Wear My Name Plate
And I Don't Like School At All

Is Also The Year Where Everybody Can
And A Lot Do Get Wellfare

Rocky Balboa Is Here
To Kick The Evil Russian Out Of America
Ivan Drago Is The Devil

Get Him Rocky
Go On And Put Your Gloves On

At The End There Can Be Only One,
Unfortunatly For All Of Us
Russel Mulcahy
Decides That It Will Be Christopher Lambert

You're Welcome To The Thunderdome,
While Tina And Mel Unite To Kick Some Asses
Wearing Tasty Outfits

Your Wishes Become True
Charles Bronson
Is Back To Make Justice His Own Way,
The Way Of The Gun!

Deathwish 3
Is The 1985 Crap Movie
For Sure

Run Dmc
Are The Crowned King Of Rock

Jazzy Jay Is Cold Chillin' In The Studio
Diamond D Is Here,
With A Little Kid Also Chillin',
And Who Will Later Go By The Name Of Showbiz

Schooly D Hit The Stage with A Brand New genre
The Hardcore Gangster Shit Story Tellin'.
He Is The One Who Starts It All

Doug E Fresh Is Wearing Jerry Curls...
But he's definitly The Crowd Mover
With His Incredible Beat Box Style

He Combines Skills With The Greatest Story Teller Of All Time,
Slick Rick The Ruler,
The King Of Bling Bling.
They Give Us The Show
And Will Inspire Many From Snoop To Nas
Includin' ... Everyone

Steady B Is The True B-Boy
Buffalo Stance Attitude

Roxanne Shanté
And A Brooklyn producer Named Marley Marl
Put Brooklyn On The Map Again

The Stets Are The True Hip Hop Band.
Many Mcs
And One Dj:
Prince Paul
It's History Baby

Well 85 Is A Great Year For Hip Hop,
LL can't Live Without His Radio,
Cutmaster Dc Also Puts Brooklyn in the house,
whistle are only Buggin',
The Korner Boyz introduce us To An Amazin' Dj Named Jazzy Jeff.

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