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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Part Eight:
Time To Set It straight

1986 Is A Great Year For Hip Hop
It's The Beginning Of A New Era
The Golden Years
That still Influence The Culture Now a day

The Haley's Comet Is Passing By

Challenger Got A Motor Malfunction

Tom Is The Sexyest Pilot Worldwide

Ferris Got His Day Off

The Hitcher Makes You Never Wanna Stop On The Road

Cronenberg Stick Everybody Up With The Fly

Cobra Is The Guy You Don't Wanna Mess With

Kim Bassinger And Mickey Rourke
Are Getting Hot Hot Hot
For Nine Weeks And A Half

The Name Of The Rose Is The Greatest Movie Of The Year

Howard The Duck Is The Worst Movie Of The Year

Robert De Niro Is On A Mission

Timothy dalton Is The Worst James Bond Ever

Tony Danza-Mitchelli Is The Boss Of The House

Spike Gotta Have It

Beasties Are Hittin' The Stage Worldwide

Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince Are Live At Union Square

Ask Nas Who's The Greatest Mc Of All Time

Salt'n'Pepa Are Here

Scott La Rock And Krs Put South Bronx On The Map

Cool V And Biz Markie Are The New Funk Sensation Produced By Mc Marley Marl

Kool G Rap Is Also Here With Dj Polo and Marley Marl Got Their Back
Mc Shan Also And He Puts The Classic: The Bridge

Is Justice The Father Of Lil' Jon

Ultramagnetic Mcs Re-Invente Hip Hop
While They Smash Their Bitches Up,
Heavy D Is Mister Big stuff,
King Tee Is The West Coast Favorite
And So On And So On
Hip Hop Is BIG

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