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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let's Speak,Not Just Leech

Ok I've Got A Request
This Blog Is Not Just For People To come,grab downloads and Disappear
I've Been Opening This Blog For One Month
and There have been lots of lots of lots of download
but very few comments on both posts and c-box
So Please Make My Day, Be Nice Gentle Boys
Post Me One comment or One message
So I Will Be Happy To Know
That I don't on a peer 2 Peer For Leechers

Common, Just Be Nice


Antonio said...

I have to admit sometimes I am too distracted to leave comments... my bad!
Anyway, props. The downloads are always good shit!


Gjames said...

you've got a nice site,ive downloaded a couple of the mixes you've had up, mostly the blue note ones. I had a site for about a year, no longer tho. i know the feeling but begging for feedback doesnt work. Apprecitation isnt the reason you should have a site, ,sharing good music people wouldnt otherwise hear is. The fun part of your own site is you have a say on what that is. If people want to coment they will. Anyway i'll be returning and do like some of the finds youve got on offer, keep it up!

acidjazzy said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been running my blog over three months now, and the ratio of downloads to comments , at a guess, would be about 1 to 200.

I have a list of about 70 music blogs I'm check on a regular basis, and yours is in the top five. I'm loving the stuff you're posting, most of which I would have never heard of if not for your site.

So keep up the great work and don't let the lack of love get you down. Unfortunately, it's the nature of the beast.

Ernesto said...

I'm definitely guilty of this myself. Thanks for all the hard work and sharing great music with us. I am hooked on the 80's and 90's hip hop. Thanks for the Tuff Crew Singles!

Great BLOG!!


Abigail said...

keep up the work. sorry for not posting, most times wouldn't leave much but a PROPS!

Jaybilla said...

Hey, mass

The dl activity proves that your site is of interest.
I particularly appreciated the Shaman mix.

Bref, ton site cartonne bien.


fosterakahunter said...

Great site, fella. I dig the layout, the design, and much of the music. Just please, don't show a foto such as the one shown; It makes my feet ache. Peace.

travis said...

I see both sides of the fence. I mean, I want to know people are feeling what I'm doing, but I also do it just to share and try to keep some of the music alive that would otherwise have been forgotten about.

None the less, don't sweat it man, your blog is getting major props. Just keep doing what you're doing. It takes people time to warm up to certain blogs as well. Hell, WYDU was around for almost 8 months before we got much shine.

imperfect said...

sorry for not leaving a comment before, just too lazy I guess

your blog has the highest consistent level of quality that I visit regularly

keep up the good work!

alley al said...

peace nigga stay up

Jason said...

Yo, thanks, props and mad appreciation for all the great music...

cryptotron said...

Thanks for the blog.

eric said...

proud to say i am a leech! as if you are a saint. but thanks anyway. cry baby.

Mr Mass™ said...

I definitly Ain't No Cry BAby
But I Can Surely Stab A Mother F******
but thanx for saying thanx anyway

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