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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Know Your Classics

Afrika Bambaataa's Death Mix.
Kid Capri's 52 Beats.
Various recorded performances at the T-Connection.
All of them, among ones infinitely more obscure,
are revered and fetishized among obsessive hip-hop mixtape connoisseurs.
While a few of these tapes sound fresh and relevant today,
the vast majority are trumpeted solely
for their historical significance and collectible nature,
furthering one's credibility in the never-ending authenticity debate.
None of these mixtapes are ones you would, in good conscience, give to your curious friend and say,
"If you still don't care for hip-hop mixtapes after this, I doubt anything would change your mind."
Enter DJ Q-Bert...

It's Time To Look At The Classics
when It Comes To Mixtapes
You Must Have Those Three

First is the Death Mix By Afrika Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay

Issued on 1981 on Paul Winley Records
and recorded Live @ James Monroe High School, Bronx

Afrika Bambaataa isThe Founder of The Mighty Zulu Nation
And Dj Jazzy Jay Is One of The Pioneer Of The bronx
Who Inspired Showbiz,Lord Finesse And The All DITC

You Got Two Mixes From Those Cats,
It's All About Education!

Then You Got This "52 Beats" Tapes from 1988

90 Minutes Of Classics Breaks
(All Taken From The Ultimate Breaks and Beats Series)
Flipped ,Scratched and Cut By The King of Mixtapes, Kid Capri

Almost Made 20 Years Ago And Still A Bomb
Timeless! + Breaks!
=90 minutes For 52 Beats
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get The Mix...)

And Then In 1999

Q Bert Came Out With The Unforgettable
Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik/A Preskool Breakmix
Wich Is A Kind of new definition of The Kid Capri Tape
by the True Hip Hop revolutionary Q-Bert
Killin' The Classics!

Those Three Tapes(well The First One Is Not a Tape But...)
Are major parts of the Hip Hop History

You Got To Give The Credit
Where The Credit is due


BH said...

Three wonderful selections of pure hip hop classics! Thanks for bringing these back for us!!

alley al said...

yeah man, thanks. i'm taking the death mix.
btw, jazzy jay is also responisible for tla rock's it's yours along with rick rubin.

travis said...

great stuff man!

I'll fire you off an email now that I'm back to a regular schedule

Andyman187 said...

Thanks. The Q-Bert Pre Skool Break Mix is a classic. Think it came out in 93. Fuck i need to start ripping my tapes. Got a bunch of Q-Bert & ISP Skratch practice tapes, all the Shiggar fragger shows. Mass do you have any stretch & bobbito radio shows? I fiend for that shit...

Otzerl said...

I´m oldschooler to death, so i still digg tapes en masse. For Xmas i got an Mp3 Player...NO WAY 4 me!
But ur website and the mixes made me love it ;) Please go on - Thx a lot once again.

s.M.c. said...

very nice...

i love this...

visit my site to hear some selfmade
music by me... peacze out headz, ya german undaground dj , s.M.c. =)

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