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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Live On The Wheels Of Steel

In 2001, Scratch Perverts –
now a settled line up of Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts,
and an Edinburgh-based DJ they’d first met at the age of 15, Plus One,
won the DMC World title.

To Scratch Perverts, hip hop is a melting pot of styles -
The Neptunes, Dillinja, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Squarepusher,
Radiohead, Aphex Twin, and far more.

That’s what ‘FABRICLIVE 22’ is all about.
Listen out for the best UK talent, a run through some eclectic electronica,
and a crazy throwdown of Clipz’ ‘Slippery Slope’, played at three different speeds.
Find three brand new tracks from the trio, including a remix of last year’s Beatdown hero Ian Brown.
London’s Scratch Perverts are all about invention, humour, progression, entertainment,
generosity, and mind-blowing, jaw-dropping talent.

Part One!
Part Two!

Hail three of the greatest DJs the UK has ever produced.
And the best turntablists hip hop has ever known.

DJ Spinbad:
“Music was something that I fell into. It was a way to keep myself off the street:
I saw some of my friends get into trouble and I think it was my escape.
When I first heard Jazzy Jeff I got straight into scratching,
I just tried to mimic all the things on the records.
I collected tracks from school age: for some reason I ended up with this huge collection of 7”s;
a lot of 80s pop, cheesy stuff that was out at the time.”

‘Fabric 14’ is a hip hop mix in the classic style: blasting with energy,
packed-full of hooks, bursting with bass, smooth, fast and fun.
You may have some of these grooves but there’s no mistaking the moves:
this is sunshine funk that you can’t stop smiling at and nodding your head to,
outrageously pieced together as only NYC’s hottest scratch DJ could.

Part One!
Part Two!

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