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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arigato You Crazy Japanese Digger

Let Me Introduce You To Dj Muro

For those who don't know this guy is a legend in Japan

K.O.D. Motherfu*ker! The mighty mighty 'King Of Diggin'
alias Muro was born in Saitama area, Tokyo in the year 1970.
Often referred as to being one of the pioneers of hip-hop in the late 1980's
and early 1990's, Muro first got into hip-hop at the age of 12
after hearing the works of the legendary Afrika Bambaata on 'Planet Rock' (released in 1981)
which had a huge impact on the young Muro.
Upon discovering his love for funk and hip-hop at the same time,
Muro started experimenting with the turntables influenced by the godfather of hip-hop (Bambaata) b
efore meeting his 'Turntable Mentor' DJ Krush at local hip-hop parties in 1986.
Muro move from his 'turntable education' to being an MC
and he went on to combine forces with DJ Krush
to form his first hip-hop group Krush Posse the year after.
Nowadays The Two Guys Went Separate Ways

This Guy Claim to be the King of Digger
Well I don't know if he is but he sure got some ill Crates
and He represent The Essence of Hip-Hop Culture
he did tons of mixtape
This One Is The Fifth Part Of The King Of Diggin' Serie

One Side By Muro
The Other Side By none other than Lord Finesse

As Usual You Have To Download The Two Parts To Get It All!!!

Dead Link,You Slept On This One!


BHM225 said...

Great post here....real hip hop is represented by the mixing skillz of both artist....Lord Finesse is one of the all time greats!!! Hope to get some new work out of him sometime soon...been waiting for the "Funky Technician" Remix LP for some time now....

BF said...

Thanks MC, I've been looking for this for a while. It's impossible to get. Do you have King of Diggin' Vol. 4?

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