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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kenny Is The Dope

Talk about digging in the crates! This mix from Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez has rarely seen the light of day, but the waiting is now over. Showcasing the who's who of the roller boogaloo movement, Kenny Dope mixes it up in his own unique way that is guaranteed to get any party started right.
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Kenny Dope selects and mixes 29 of his all time favourite tracks.
When a man with a pedigree like Kenny Dope lays down a selection of his favourite tracks we should all listen - these are the cuts that have influenced one half of the worlds most in demand remixes and producers. Mostly 70s tackle from the time he was growing up, soul funk and jazz all feature heavily and a little dash of latin. Includes many tracks the Masters At Work have gone on the cover or sample themselves, and he aint too bad a DJ either....
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Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez runs down a laundry list of classic and not-exactly-classic disco cuts for Disco Heat, a pleasing hourlong mix that shines a light on the dance music underground of the late '70s and early '80s. Apart from the occasional reminders that this is a Kenny Dope mix, it all but places you in another time and place -- specifically a New York club like the Paradise Garage or the Gallery on a hot night in the early '80s. Norman Harris-produced Gold Mind gems from Love Committee ("Just as Long as I Got You") and First Choice ("Double Cross") rub shoulders with Patrick Adams-produced blazers from Clyde Alexander ("Got to Have Your Love") and Musique ("In the Bush"). Altogether, the mix roams through 20 tracks, so Gonzalez keeps things moving, rarely allowing a track to stretch out for more than four minutes. Selection-wise, the included cuts could only be obvious or played-out to the most frequent clubgoer or DJ. The most customer-friendly aspect of this release is the fact that the label, Urban Theory, provides most of the tracks from the mix on two extra discs without jacking up the price. How many mix albums have sent you on a wild goose chase for the full versions of favorite moments? Since this retails for the price of a single disc, the second and third discs can be seen as the icing on the cake. Most importantly, Disco Heat is also another valuable point of proof that disco was so much more than what the pop charts and mainstream media advertised
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Kenny Is Trippin On Soul Music
Flippin' It Only Like Kenny Does
Rippin' It Up
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Last But Not Least
Kenny Rockin' The Breaks
The second of Kenny Dopes mix series returns to the roots of hip hop - the breaks. 37 classic tracks on here from the funk godfathers of James Brown, Jackson 5, Jimmy Castor, Booker T etc to the disco breaks of William Stuckey and Trouble Funk to the pioneers of hip hop The Cold Crush Brothers and Grand Wizard Theodore. More Excellent DJing skills on show from one of the most influential producers around paying tribute to the past.
Go For It
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