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Monday, January 29, 2007

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Still Lookin' For That Perfect Mix...

Lookin' At My Stuff It Reminds Me Of These Two Dope Bangin' Mixes
Released By The Probably Most Famous Beat Digger went producer
In The Industry

If You ve Seen This Guy In Scratch
(Great Movie That You Should Definitly Have At Home)
Then you Went Crazy
He Just Has Two Many Records Spots

I don't Dig That Much his Work as A Producer
But As a Dj, Damn he's Hot !

Here He Teamed With Another Super Hero Of The Beat

First Mix Was Released In 1999
Brainfreeze (Sixty7 Recordings).
The CD is a recording as a practice session
for a show in February 1999
at the Future Primitive Soundsession (San Francisco)
mixing funk and soul 45's.
Initially 1000 copies were made and sold at the shows,
a further 1000 copies were made
and distributed to local records stores in LA and California and sold out very quickly .
A cease-and-desist letter from 7-11 Convenience stores
(The whole artwork and styling was based on their logos and uniforms)
meant that they stopped and moved on.

Freeze !

The Other One Is From 2001

Product Placement (One29 Recordings).
The follow-up to Brainfreeze with twice as many records in the mix.
After Brainfreeze; Product Placement had two additions
to the CD to distinguish it from bootlegs.
On the front is a sticker promoting "Accu Blend" technology
and on the back is an numbered Release Sticker.
None of the bootlegs out there have got these stickers on them.
6000 CDs were produced and this was written into the sleeve notes

Products !

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ballistic_bro said...

Hello Bruv,

quality site, feelin' the mixes,
any chance of reposting the product placement download, looks like the file has been deleted?


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