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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Requests and Some Other Shit

OK So Here We Go For Some Requests
Hip Hop
Funk Breaks
And Even A Little Trip To Brazil

First Thing First,Here Are Some Spinbad Stuff requested By Zero

One Of The Official Rock Steady Crew Djs
and one of my favorite mixin' Dj With Dj Rev

The Guy beefed last Year with Funkmaster Flex and Slaughtered him on the one and two
If You Step Up You'll Get Beatdown!

Here Are Some Mixes That Kick some Ass
Megamix And Others Extras
God !+Damn !
=That Dj Made My Day
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Spin The Wheels...)

Dope Stuff

Then You Got The Hertz Request

In the works for what seems like an age,
this CD is the unofficial follow up to
Woody's UK hip hop history lesson "Bangers & Mash"
After a scene-setting introduction
we begin an excellent 45 minute excursion into many as yet unheard
modal jazz, dusted funk and fusion breaks,
all lovingly submitted and collected over many years by Sean Vinylment.
Mixed to perfection by Woody who also drops some sweet scratch sequences.
You'll already know recognise this if you've followed
this DJ's work more closely in recent times via DJ Vadim's One Self project.
"A Country Practice" is the downtempo mix joint to own.
It joins a very select batch of mix tape CDs.

Don't Let This Pass,Unless You're A Looser
Let Me Take A Ride On The Country Side!

Then You've Got Rob C Request

Mixes By C2C aka Coup 2 Crosse
The french Djs 5 Times World Champions,
Did You Doubt I Would Have Some for You Rob???
Common,You Know That Mr Mass Would Never Let You Down!

So Here Are Some Mixes

One Novamix On French Radio Nova from 2003
One Hell Of A Mix!

One BBC Radio 1,Essential Mix From 2005 One Hour Long
And Then Another One Hour Mix By IE Merg The DMC Individual Mix Champion From 2005
Dope !+Isn't it ?
=Those French Kids Are Supa Skilled
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Enjoy The Show...)

and Their Live Set From Dmc World Championship 2004
Enjoy The Skillz

And Last But Not Least
A Gift From The Man They Called Mishk

The Three Taster's Choice MIx
By J-Rocc (Again)
First Blend is from Brazil
If you haven't figured out already,
J-Rocc mixes are probably the finest in the mixtape game.
He's unparalleled when it comes to skills, track selection,
and overall listener satisfaction.
The Taster's Choice series is rather low budget in production
(slim-line with a color-copied covers), but who the hell cares?

This is volume one which focuses on Brazilian music.
He starts the mix with standards by
Sergio Mendes, Cal Tjader, and Jorge Ben.
Then with a track labeled simply "Hype Shit"
he gets deeper into his collection with
Kenyatta, Que 2, Tempo 70, Azymuth, and a track labeled "Classic Shit."
The 16 track selection ends with a unlisted 17th track,
a belly rumbling boogaloo ending.
Dictated by the music style (and probably the rareness of these records),
there's no Beat Junkie trick mixing or blends on this volume,
just simple mixes. 60 minutes.

Brazil !+Blend !
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Feel The Heat...)

The Two Others Are hip hop and soul orientated

The volume two gets into J-Rocc's soulful hip-hop set.
When he's in this mode, J-Rocc goes all-over to find his sound.
Within in the first 5 selections alone, he travels from J.Rawls
to Fela to Pete Rock protege INI to old school Tribe to classic J.Dilla era Slum Village.
He also sprinkles in some mean soul jazz from
Eddie Jefferson, Horace Silver, and Roy Ayers.
Extra bonus here is that you get four J-Rocc break edits
and a cool as hell Madvillain original.
16 tracks in all.

Mild !+Coffee !
=Hip Hop & Soul
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Ear The Choice...)

The volume three explores J-Rocc's specialty sweet spot:
old school hip-hop and classics.
As expected, he absolutely destroys it with mix tricks, blends, and flow.
Witness him kill doubles of Chuck Chill Out's "I'm Large" Instrumental
(mental note: see if it's available on 12")
or listen to him tease out the intros of "Juice" and "The Creator."
He then moves into a breaks section starting off with
2 cut and paste classics from Double Dee & Steinski
and Cut Chemist & Numark,
followed by classics such as "Melting Pot, Let A Woman Be A Man,
Tighten Up (a four minute doubled up cover version!),
Honey Bee (Wu Tang samples stretched to perfection),
DJ Shadow-sampled Buddy Miles break,
and finally ending with some mellow comedown tracks
(a wicked cover of Sunny and RAMP's "Sunshine").
17 tracks in all.

Caffe !+Latte !
=Know Your Classics
(For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get It,
You Must Download The Two Parts To Get Proper Education...)

All Three Are Dope
So Thanx Mishk For Providing This
You're The Man

Lots Of Stuff For You To Discover And All Are High Quality
Sweet Post I Guess?


Bryan said...

Jrocc the Funky President does his thing everytime!

Rob said...

Hey, the shout box isn't working and Im not sure this is gonna work either but here goes!! Thanks so much for the C2C stuff!! One of my mates introduced me to them over and xmas and Ive been fiending for them since, so you've made me a happy man. Hope all is well with the little man and I hope the sleepless nights aren't getting to you and your lady...


Rob C

alley al said...

hey mass. how's the baby?

dude, i was wondering where you get your info from.
the bit about funk flex & spinbad is local news here, and i don't even know that people know or care, but how do you know about it?

thanks for the goodies!

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