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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And You Say, Paris City
Too Many Parties, Are You Ready!

So After Seven Days Seven Mixes,
Which Happened To Be Six Days Six Mix...
I Know, I Know, My Bad
But If You Look Well There Is Actually Seven Mixes!
Just Click On Houseshoes Label On The MassCLoud™

You Got To Understand That If You Are Anywhere Close To Paris This Week

You Can See Legendary Dj Scratch (Ex-EPMD) 
This Friday With 
Solo And Uncle-O

I Hardly Recommend You To Get Your Tickets Now

Then Get A Little Rest During The Day
One Quick Shower,
And House Shoes
onra, Jazzefiq,
This Saturday At La Bellevilloise Will Finish To Please You For Sure

Where You Should Even More Get Your Tickets Now
You Wanna More 
And Maybe Get 
Some Little Extras 

Click NOW

So If We Speak Of Mr 
House Shoes 

And You Are iTunes User Familiar With The Concept Of Podcast
Then Hurry And Register For 
It's Dope And It's Free

For The French Fanatics Who Want To Get Their Hands On His Unbelievable Mixtape The King James Version
He Will Bring Me This Saturday 50 Copies Of This That I Will Put On Sell 
Hit My 
If You Want One
Cause I Think They Gonna Sell Like Fast

Dj Scratch
For Those Of You Who Don't Know (Ignorants)
He Was Part (They Recently Splitted) Of EPMD Since Day One
He's A Great Dj As Good As A Turntablist Than As A Party Mover
He Toured With Guys Like Jay-z Or Diddy (Small Undergrounds Artists)
He Also Happened To Produce Tracks For The Likes Of Busta,LL Cool J, DMX, Just To Name A Few

Here Is A Preview Of Mr Scratch

And A Mix He Did While He Was Touring With EPMD Back In 2006
And That Was For Sell Only On During This Tour
Just Bangin' Classics From Track One To 25

So See You Friday At Le Batofar for Scratch
And Saturday At La Bellevilloise for House shoes

I Love My City


Anonymous said...

j'y serai pour ton plus grand bonheur

Mr Mass™ said...

an anonymous girl lost in the middle of 1000 anonymous

wooh be my guest miss anonymous

Anonymous said...

I will no worries...but if you don't mind, I won't leave my boules at home ;-))

Mr Mass™ said...

it s an open party
means for everybody
evenn you
as long as you pay your entrance

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