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Friday, December 19, 2008

Loukoums And Other Treats

Is It Christmas Already?

I Don't Know But It Looks Like!
Here is A 2006 Promo exclusive Mix
Done By Dj Mehdi As A tribute to J.Dilla

Mehdi Middle East Version Of Donuts!
Just Bangin'
Thanks To Mehdi For This Treat

For Those Of You Who Don't Know Who Mehdi is
He Was Part Of The Hip Hop Duet Ideal J
who released "le combat continue"
which is a French Hip Hop Masterpiece
(If Not THE French Masterpiece)
He Then produced for Many Major Acts in French Hip Hop
Before Turning Slowly To Some More Abstract Stuff
And Finally Got Signed To Edbangerz records
on a more Electronical Bouncy Style
touring all over The World With Busy P And Justice

I'm Tellin Y'all Mehdi Can Rock Any Crowd

I'Ve Seen Him Rockin Two Stages Simultanously
And He Killed Everybody,
From Hardcore Backpack Hip-Hop Heads
To Clubbers Gettin' Loose On The Floor
Don't Sleep On His Loukoums

Then You Got Rhettmatic Who Hits Us

With Kick Ass Beats
By Khrysis From Justus League
Well Blended 
By The Beat Junkie Himself

And Then, Last But Not Least

Mr Supreme La Rock
Give Us
A Preview
(30 Minutes) 
Him Rocking The Club Live @The Trinity

Oh And By The Way
Did You Check
Supreme La Rock's Blog

Now Dance Suckaz
And Merry Christmas To All Y'All
You Got Not One But Three Santas Comin' To Town


Anonymous said...

Is there a trick here Mass?
Is it related to this parisian party thrown a little while ago now?
Tell me what's so special about this post.
Also, I am still waiting for Santa to deliver my christmas present...
Cheers and happy new year!

Mr Mass™ said...

Yo, Overspliffed my man
First things first, you got the loukoums way out of print mix
which happens to be D.O.P.E.

But you're right it's'not the super special christmass™ gift I was braggin' about

You and all others devoted MassReaders©
Can hit my mail :

You might receive a special delivery straight in your mail box

Holla to Santa!

Mr Mass™ said...

But You Have To Write A Nice Letter To Santa
To be blessed with this incredible gift

rokamic said...

J Dilla touched many lives. Proof is in the aftermath of tributes released. What is it that I can learn from Dilla? Compassion?

Anywayz, a new tribute is coming Feb 10th. This was just blogged about on No affiliation.

Anonymous said...

mass??? is everything ok ?? abandoning us?

Mr Mass™ said...

yeah yeah I'm Ok
Thanks For Caring
Just Super Extra Busy
So The Blog IS A Little Bit Left Out At The Present Moment
but that give lots of time to explore all the posts i did

and take some time to listen to some kick ass mixtapes

I'll Be Back

Anonymous said...

ok ok take your time and work to your succes ;-)...just worried you crashed yourself again against a wall ;-)

take care

Mr Mass™ said...

do we know each other from somewher anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Nope...but maybe someday. come back in shape

Mr Mass™ said...

i m always in shape
and hit my mail if you want your special christmas treat before it s too late

Anonymous said...

mail is in your inbox...hope Santa will respect her word this time


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