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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Between A King And A Lord
Aka It's Gettin Cold In Here
So Put On All Your Clothes

It's Gettin So Cold Right Now You Need To Feel This Summer Heat Again And Again
Well All Hail To The King
Arthur King
The French Dj That Make Your Lady Wanna Dance All Night
He Recently Decided To Give Away His Summer Mixes Among Other Stuff
Those Summer Mixes Are what you should Expect
It's The Hits Of The Summer so Nothing Timeless
But So Well Blended By The King Himself, Super Skilled King
That You Want To Listen To Those over And Over Again
Even Though it's freezin' Outside And You're Trapped In Your Office
You Gonna Be Dancin' Like Naked On The Beach

Then You Got Slow Jamz
The Name Tells It All
I Love This One

The Recent And Amazin' Nunk
New Wave Funk Super Eighties Funk Incredibly Blended Again

And Don' t Forget To Listen To The Amazing "Je Suis Funky je Suis Frenchy " Podcast
arthur Hits us With French Super Hard To Find Funk Gems

So Here You Go For 8 free Mixes Provided By His Highness
If You Ask Me He Definitely Deserves To Be Crowned King

Right Click On The Covers

But Why Is This Post Entitled Between A King And A Lord????
Well Because
Lord Sear
Also Gave Away A Mix Entiled Caucasian Drunk Mix
Pretty Funny 
Hall And Oates, Inxs, Bowie
All Those White Dudes That Inspired Hip Hop Somehow Someway
Mixed By The Drunk Lord Himself

Stay Tuned For An Exclusive 90's Mix By Arthur King Comin Soon'
And An Interview With The Man To Introduce The World To Our French Secret Weapon

But For Now You Have 9 Free Mixes To Feel The Heat

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