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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lesson 8 : Just When You Thought It Was Over

You Really Thought It Was Over
Well it Is NOT

OK So For Now Anybody Can Post A Comment
you Don't Have To Be registered

Oh And A Guy Who Called Himself "Anonymous"
Told Me That My 'descriptions' are not descriptive enough for His tastes.
Just some constructive criticism.
Maybe He'll be back in a couple of months, good luck.

Well Mr Anonymous Why Don't You Go F*%£ Yourself
and Feel Free NOT To Come Back Ever

I Mean, What's The Point?
Isn't Music All About Feelings

Damn,Sorry I Didn't Know

Are You Guys Not Mature Enough
To Appreciate Music By Yourself?

Would It Change A Thing If I Explain
What I Think Of This or That Part Of A Mix?

I Don't Think It Will...
At All

Oh And What's The Subtitle Of My Blog Anyway
It's All About The Music That I Love

I Think It Describes Well Enough
The Music I Post Here

Anyway For Now
Here Is The World Famous Lesson 8 !
That I Would Describe In Term Of Musicology As ...
Just Kiddin'

This Is The End Of The 'D' Session
Since You Graduate

Next Week I ll Be Back With Some More Lessons

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Anonymous said...

this is easily the best blog on the net when it comes to mixes!damn man, how many do you have, it seems neverending!

wanted to make a request for dj spinbad's "rock tha casbah pt.1" mix. i used to have it on tape when it came out, but my player chewed it up. definitly one of the nicest non-hiphop mixes i've heard.

keep up the good work mass!

Otzerl said...

I find it very interesting what the next mix is about. Of course I read the text, but I leech it automaticly.
Always curious to know what will come out of my GoGear :D
Thx to you I found "John Doe" (awesome!) or the funny Battle between FLex + Spin (spin kicked 100000 times a**).
I heard bout some rumour bout an old Ztrip tape, maybe u´ll have it one day around he he

Lookin forward for more...everday ;)

junky said...

Thanks for all this rare shit your putting up here much appreciated. Would have dropped a comment earlier but not a blogger.

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